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Well, so I finally managed to find this Korean animated movie: However, this movie makes up for the bland premise through its execution, and not just because of its nice graphics. A lot of the movie is spent on diverse characters, just having fun, and the movie-budget animation did wonders in making them come alive.

Also the premise is also about the yobi the five tailed fox online pl thing generic about this movie. There are problems with the animation at times though: Did i miss something that happened between them?

She tries to get his soul back to earth, but she sacrifices her own life to let his go free, right? And then at the end she is reincarnated and…. Do they meet again in the end?!! This is what I understand, and I cried like hell!!!!!!

And why was she mad at him in the end?!?! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is gonna torture me for the rest of my life unless I know what I just watched!!!!!!!

I wanna know… the circle thing with feathers that the boy had and she stoled it in the beginning … what is it called? Mail will not be published required. This week we have a story of disabled boxers, war and mutual mistakes, and I loved every second of it. So lets get this out of the way right now, I was not expecting anything that happened this episode.

Welcome to week four of Steins;Gate 0, now with more time travel! This week we have dystopian futures, new characters and the first hints of darker tidings. I find it great that neither Reinhards nor Yangs society is perfect so there is no real villain in regards to the two yobi the five tailed fox online pl. No side is effectively more […]. Given the brisk pace Golden Kamuy usually sprint through its storyline, breather moments like those in the first half of this episode is much needed.

We yobi the five tailed fox online pl nearly a full episode of mecha combat so time for those CGI animators to show us what they can do. Overall, this was a good yobi the five tailed fox online pl in every respect but one. The music, story and pacing all do […]. HisoMaso continues its bright, playful creativeness with another stellar episode, albeit a bit light in terms of plot. Certainly a better episode than the last but I think I have come to an understanding about this show.

For example, that running joke about Narumi not being able to remember the colour of her panties when she was […]. Cute girls yobi the five tailed fox online pl cute things is a genre that been done to death at this point. Even within this Winter we had been overloaded with big eyes fluffy face girls doing a yobi the five tailed fox online pl of different things of interest.

It takes a standout concept or a deeper narrative to make one stand out from this […]. I suppose that most of us, even the perministic ones, enter After the Rain Ameagari with some reservations. After all, the premise about a crush from an year-old girl to the store manager who is nearly 30 years senior raises a lot of yobi the five tailed fox online pl flags here.

Yet the show handles this tricky premise with deep […]. There are lots of bad anime out there, for one reason or another. Whether it be stilted animation, terrible writing or bad direction, a good portion of each season is simply not worth it. Kokkoku is not a bad anime. It is something much worse. Kokkoku is a mediocre anime. Bad ones get talked about, […]. In the realm of manga there is a man whose name is inescapable when the genre of horror is brought up. Up till now his work has yet to have an […].

I admit that I underestimated Yuru Camp back in its first few episodes. I took it as a standard, run-on-the-mill slice of life show and I fully expected to give it 3 episodes at max before throwing it into the deep sea of forgotten anime.

But as time pass, I can certainly see many good […]. Taking place in the metropolis of Neo Yokio, a mashup between […]. After debuting with the original and excellently-produced Neo Yokio, the juggernaut streaming service of Netflix has decided to revive the classic series of Devilman and gives it the full adaption treatment. Fantasy is a rather prolific genre in anime, with a vast majority of Isekai and Shounen fitting snugly into it.

Most take place in their own unique setting, either Amestris of Full Metal Alchemist or the made of world of the latest Isekai trash. Few however try to set themselves in our world. Star Crossed Anime Blog. October 15, at October 16, at 6: October 18, at 9: December 15, at yobi the five tailed fox online pl May 6, at Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. KTravlos a good example of good political process recently yobi the five tailed fox online pl the 2nd season of Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans.

The politics was not too bad, even if the goals were familiar tropes. Kudos for the show to do something many shonen shows avoid in the end, which was very realistic politically.

I cannot say more because it would be spoiling. Yes the revisionism and wish granting is strong in it, but still Kawaguchi does a good job making the actual process politically interesting more in the manga than anime. Lenlo Rage of Bahamut are good medieval fantasies. Anonymous Medieval Fantasy, any?

Kaiser-Eoghan Probably a conspiracy of some order. Lenlo You people with your K names. Actually that was travlos that said that. I enjoyed them a lot. Lenlo There are a few that try to do interesting things, but they are few and far between. AidanAK47 The problem is that it's mainly experimentation. It's mainly Indies working with it and AAA companies just dipping toes in the waters. I would say VR doesn't really have a proper game yet.

With most just being 2 to 3 hour experiences. There are few ports and plenty of original games experimenting with it. Anonymous Actually that seems to be the norm with japanese media that portray historical events, or the military. Anonymous Interesting that you mention Zipang, as one of its biggest criticisms is its blatant revisionism.

KTravlos not sure of their names. KTravlos 2 willing to do this are few. Tanaka from a centrist pov, Kawaguchi from a more right wing, Miyazaki and Urasawa from more left wing.

I am sure some of the female directors and writers are also doing it, but I am not sure. KTravlos 2 It is also true that most anime and magna writers are nerds, and many of them military nerds, and they use anime manga to show their militarism.

That said I can forgive the militarism per se, though it can get grating, if they also present some realistic vieew of how politics work for example Tanya gavea try at this. A good example of this is Zipang. But again the authors and directors. You need the human element. Thus politics takes a second place in most anime, and has to be simplified into a plot device.

Tanaka and LOGH went in indeed wishing to make a realistic defense of democracy ihmo. KTravlos 1 On proper fantasy shows. I found both the recent Chain Chronicle and Rage of Bahamut shows good fun. Perhaps give them a try. Very few anime makers, and very few anime viewers are interested in seeing the equivalent of the debates of the 2nd International in animated form.

As David Weber sf writer once said, nobody wants to watch two. Kaiser-Eoghan I can just see it being used for a novelty porno fixnot saying that titillation is a bad thing, but it begs for something more ambitious. Anonymous VR is quickly turning into the next mobile play store anyway. Yobi the five tailed fox online pl wants to experiment with it and push it to the boundaries, instead they just grab whatever crappy game and port it for VR.

Anonymous VR conditions applied and isekai stories are utterly cancerous to storytelling because it's the most literal interpretation of the fish out of water trope, and world building isn't done subtley or cleverly, instead it's shoved down our throats. Now that I think about it, it's probably to make it easier to adapt into a single cour. Because you know, not doing that takes time and talent. Kaiser-Eoghan It would probably be wasted and misused. Kaiser-Eoghan On VR, as we grow nearer and nearer to it as a widespread real thing, as an increasingly old geezer I don't feel pressed to get into it.

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Yobi, the Five Tailed Fox Korean: The film loosely draws upon the Korean folk tales of the kumiho. One hundred years ago, aliens landed on a mountain near where a small, white five tailed fox lived. After being stranded on Earth for one hundred years, they are ready for a test flight to see if they can return home.

The test fails as one of the aliens makes a mistake, and the other aliens tell him to leave. The runaway alien finds itself taken in by a class of students at the foot of the mountain. There, a teacher named Kang trains students who do not fit in at a regular school.

In order to save the alien, the five tailed fox takes on the form of a human girl, and joins the school under the name of Yobi. Staying at the school, Yobi becomes friends with one of the students, a boy named Geum-ee. She grows more and more attached to humans and enjoys her time with them, until a fox hunter appears, as well as a shadow who gives Yobi a device which will allow her to become human by taking the soul from a human.

Yobi becomes exposed to the hunter, which makes her leave. With the fox hunter set upon hunting her down, Geum-ee tries to save her, but falls down in a lake which makes Geum-ee's soul trapped in a cage as a bird. Yobi tries to save him, but the shadow takes Geum-ee's soul. He states that his soul was taken from him long ago and that he needs one to become solid. Yobi defeats the shadow, only to be told by the soul lake's gatekeepers that the number of souls in the lake must remain the same and a soul can never go out unless another soul replaces it.

Yobi then allows for Geum-ee's departure back to the human world by placing her own soul in the bird cage. Once he comes back to consciousness, Geum-ee tries to call for Yobi, but to no avail. He is last seen leaving with the teacher and the other students. Some time later, Yobi's soul is released. Yobi becomes human and is most likely reincarnated to become human not too long after her soul had been exchanged. It is not known if Yobi and Geum-ee see each other or not, though many fans have their hopes.

Yobi's original form is a white fox with five tails and reddish pink eyes. She, however, has shape shifting abilities. She can transform into many animals, even humans, and understands animal speech. Yobi's human form is a skinny girl with dark brown hair tied into two tails resembling a fox's ears, she has big dark blue eyes and wears a loose red athletic shirt and blue shorts. She lives in the wood with her alien friends. Yobi is very naive and innocent.

She lacks experience and knowledge about human behavior and their emotions, initially thinking them as silly creatures. As she spends time with them, Yobi starts to enjoy her experience as a human and secretly desires to become one. She forms a strong friendship with the boy Geum-ee. She gets angry at him when he brings people to her house even though he was forced to. Later when Geum-ee falls into the lake where souls in form of birds go, Yobi goes to great lengths to save him, even at the cost of her soul.

Yobi's soul is blue, indicating that she loves Geum-ee. Geum-ee is a student and Yobi's friend. He has dark hair and eyes and is considered handsome. Geum-ee doesn't enjoy bullying other people and study. He thinks there are other things to do other than study and dreams to become a comedian. He is a caring person and a "fighter" and has a sense of justice.

He is shown to have a soft spot towards children, when spotting Yobi, disguised as Jong-ee, sneaking out of the sleeping room, she assumes she is looking for her bear and retrieves it for her. Geum-ee's mother died when he was young and he had always been alone ever since. He considers Yobi the only friend he ever had and protects her when she was being hunted. While trying to run he falls off a cliff and into the mysterious lake that only appears when the light of the full moon shines on it.

His soul is saved by Yobi and he wakes up in his world, calling for Yobi. He then returns and quietly leaves the next day along with the teacher Kang and others. His real name means a boy born in a golden autumn field, indicating how his parents met. It is shown that Geum-ee's soul is blue, meaning that he loves Yobi.

Joo-hee is a year-old girl who is very proud of her looks and harbors a crush on Geum-ee. She is also the bunk-mate of Yobi, whom she despises due to her own insecurities and often belittles and teases.

She has slapped her on one occasion, telling her not to flirt with Geum-ee, however, as Yobi was taught by the Aliens that a slap is a way of saying 'I love you' she assumed Joo-Hee is in love with her and apologizes for not realizing it, causing Joo-Hee to go into a tantrum as she violently denies it.

She proves to be an adversary to Yobi in more ways than one, noticing Yobi's tails and even seeing her transform into a fox, but no one believes her due to Yobi hiding her tails or transforming back into her human form, causing Joo-Hee to doubt herself.

Jong-ee is an autistic little girl who does not speak. She usually holds onto a large stuffed teddy-bear, which she carries around constantly, but after it is taken away by Kang in order to toughen her up, She begins clinging to Naughty when he comes into the school.

She has Several small adventures with him while procuring nails for him to eat, one of which almost ends in her getting attacked by dogs, thinking she was a fox due to clinging to Naughty, who carries Yobi's scent from being around her so long. Yobi however ends up rescuing her, letting her in on the secret of being a fox, under the condition she not tell anyone. Later, after Naughty runs away she gets lost in the woods trying to find him, but is rescued by a bear, who brings her back to the others.

It was then that Jong-ee finally speaks, excited to see her parents. Hye-Seung is a tom-boyish girl who dresses in boys clothes and is noted for her signature hat, which hides her very pretty face, especially her eyes. She is shown to snore and be a restless sleeper, tossing and turning throughout the night. Kang is the teacher of the summer school, wanting to help the children with their problems making school difficult for them.

Most of his approach to this is organizing many physical outside activities to keep them busy, exercising and active. While a bit strict, he is good-hearted, but is shown to have a weakness for pretty women. This is shown when meeting Yobi's Mother actually Yobi in disguise he seems to be instantly attracted to her and makes up excuses just to have her revisit the school.

The fox hunter is a human man who carries on the family tradition of hunting foxes capable of taking human form in revenge for his ancestor, whose soul was stolen by a fox who wanted to become human. He travel with his dogs, hunting foxes. He seems to have some spiritual powers, placing sacred sutra's around to force Yobi into her true form and out of hiding, as they have a negative effect on her health and control of her powers. He is regarded by most of the characters to be crazy, as they see his stories of foxes to be ridiculous.

A mysterious and strange figure, Shadow man often appears in Yobi's time of need, saving her life or otherwise assisting her on several occasions. Claiming to be curious about Nine tailed Foxes, the race of which Yobi is apart, he claims himself to be a detective and expresses his desire to help her obtain a human soul so she can become human, handing her a device which will harvest the soul by using the spell Roono-mi amas bin.

Later, he meets her in the spirit world to rescue Geum-ee's soul. Only to reveal his true agenda. The Device he gave her was actually his heart. He intended to steal the soul all along so he could get a new body, after being cursed to be a living shadow. He succeeds, But Yobi manages to reclaim Geum-ee's soul, his new body falls apart, and he is dragged away by the wind spirits, most likely to be killed. The Yoyo aliens are a collection of several metal-diaper wearing creatures from an unknown planet where everything is alive, including the ground, which sometimes sings.

They vaguely resemble capibaras as teacher Kang points out when one is discovered stealing nails from their school as a snack. This makes him odd as their regular diet seems to consist of beans, nuts, and berries. Their goal is to return to their home planet, but this fails when the Nail eating alien, nicknamed Naughty by the others, accidentally causes the ship to crash during the test flight. The others scold him meanly for this, causing him to run away. He is later reclaimed by the aliens after running away from Jong-ee, subsequently leading her to get lost looking for him, and be rescued by the bear, which inspires her to speak again upon being reunited with her parents.

The aliens seem to be Yobi's primary caregivers and tend to behave as though she is their daughter, while also regarding her as a leader, accompanying her and aiding her when needed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Yobi, the Five Tailed Fox Theatrical poster. Korean Film Biz Zone. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 16 March , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.