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Dallas finally catnaps before the beginning of the th day in its th year brings its crowded continuum of movement, noise, crowds, flashing lights, swarm of transport.

The skyline is no longer bland-box, nor does it look as if it were rented from Kansas City for the day. It is individualistic, correctly relied ing the different elements of a large city-different races, religions. Beyond, miles and miles of the same infinitely extended small-town look: This is home to theDallasites whose feelings about their city run the whole gamut of emotions from fear, hate, lust, love. The city has always been an wine liquior houston tx patrick sellars of potential, a place where anything is possible, a nightmare or paradise.

It is a place of choice and chance. The freedom in a large city is enormous. In Dallas you can choose and invent your own society. The possibilities of personal change are endless and open. Wednesday, July 23, In the history of Dallas, the day was both extraordinary and, beneath the surface spectacle, business as usual. President Reagan came to town and raised over a million dollars during lunch for Dallasite Bill Clements, running wine liquior houston tx patrick sellars governor.

The city council ended a year tradition and voted to merge the park police with city police to patrol the 53, acres of parkland. And in London, another union. Wine liquior houston tx patrick sellars Popnoe of Dallas waited almost four hours in Parliament Square, a wine liquior houston tx patrick sellars from Westminster Abbey, to watch the arrival at 6: If any large city has a common theme, it is as a compressor of experience.

So many people and so many messages: On this hazy, cloudless Texas day, the sun rose at 6: Husband, Dale Ray Stevens, and Dr. He was the first of babies born on July The first death came soon after. If years ago the hard facts about large cities were the facts of appalling poverty, today the overwhelming fact of life in Dallas is the violence brewing on the streets.

Thirty minutes after Dale Ray Stevens Jr. Carter had pointed his pistol at officer Eugene Stansell, demanding his wallet. Juarez survived, but Carter became the first of twenty-five Dallasites to die on July An apartment on Sherwood Forest Drive burst into flames at 1: There were ambulance dispatches but no calls for the twenty-five hydraulic jaws-of-life machines to free drivers from crumpled cars.

Downtown at the Federal Reserve Bank, three money-eating machines process 1, separate bills, shreddingof them into confetti-sized squares. Only two bills are deemed counterfeit; anotherbills are returned to circulation.

In the Wynnewood Wine liquior houston tx patrick sellars Shopping Center at Pinkston High School graduates, for a three-year hitch. Bothwill train in accounting and wine liquior houston tx patrick sellars processing.

During the day, the divorce capital of the country records another sixty-four petitions to sever that whichGod and the state had joined. His producer was made so sick by winning the ratings that she had to go home ill.

Six, seven, eight or so others are absent too. Seems there was this little party, see, and it went on kind of late and got a little boozy. People hearing this cheerful, avuncular DJ bubbling happy-talk into their cars probably picture him seated comfort- ably behind a little desk with a microphone in front of him, relaxing as he chit-chats with several thousand friends stuck in traffic from 5: But the tips and quips were marked long before the show began. Usethem for relish. Bomer sells peas grown on her acres between Palestine and Athens.

Purple Hull, Lady Cream. She leaves her farm at 2: For twenty-six years, Mrs. Bomer has been making the two-hour trip every day of the week from early April until the first frost, usually late October. She also sells okra, potatoes, beans, and onions. By midafter-noon she is sold out and heads home with her helper, Steve Craft. First too much rain, then too dry. Gillingham venture away from the freeways wine liquior houston tx patrick sellars investigate a fire at the QuikWay convenience store at Lovers Lane and Greenville.

A KRLD news reporter arrives on the scene and radios Bahr that glass is broken out in front of the store. It looks like a possible firebombing. Heading for Central and Lemmon, Bahr spots a motorcyclist who has been struck by a car lying motionless on the pavement.

Other regulars on the Boedeker line scan The Wall Street Journal, flip memo pages retrieved from bulky box-like briefcases, or simply stare vacantly into the sluggish traffic that defines Central Expressway from just wine liquior houston tx patrick sellars 6 a.

Jerrett is crying, clinging to his mother and his soccer ball, unsure about school wine liquior houston tx patrick sellars. Holly Sullivan, working mother, might be late if she worked for any other company. Holly only needs to deposit her child, walk up three flights of stairs, and begin her workday as a trainer in the tax department.

When Holly tries to leave him in the loving arms of his teacher, Jerrett begins to cry, but Holly forces herself to leave, caught in a tug between heart- strings and purse strings. Later, at break time, she checks on Jerrett and sees him sitting in a circle, smiling and singing: The clapboard man claps. He dumps some food in a dented stainless-steel pan for Tilly the cat. The barn smells mildly of horse manure and hay. He breaks it apart into flat squares and throws it to them. Inside the barn after feeding the pasture horses, Gilbert slips a worn rope halter on a horse in a stall.

It went in deep. The hum of one lone lawn mower and the strong smell of freshly sprinkled fertilizer serve as a backdrop to Reager, whose careful eye scans the wilting dahlias propped up in the Evaluation Garden at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens.

The Walkers have found Dallas to be a friendly, hospitable place. Lola is struck by the difference between Dallas kids and their L. The negotiations are extremely friendly, though both parties know exactly what they want and what they are prepared to give. Just inside, a pink Cadillac revolves slowly on a turntable, In wine liquior houston tx patrick sellars leading to the auditorium, recruits ogle the furs, jewelry, and other gifts for the ambitious elite who sell enough Mary Kay cosmetics.

Greeting and hugging one another, groups of heavily made-up sales directors-their uniform blue suits bedecked with ribbons, sashes, jewelry, and medals-resemble generals or diplomats.

They advance, a dozen or so at a time, through a passage and onto a stage that could be the set of a TV quiz show.

There, before an applauding army of nearly 5, Mary Kay employees, they smile, wave, and stride down steps lit with rows of flashing bulbs, to sit among the troops. Singers and dancers take the stage briefly for a Vegas-style routine. Then Mary Kay Ash comes to the podium. She sports a lavender suit and a white fox fur piece. Striking blonde hair frames her beauty-queen face. Fuller is discussing capitalization rules. She asks for some examples of proper nouns. Shaw is still writing furiously, long after the other students have finished, in a backward slant.

A worker shackles one hind leg, the animal is hoisted upside down, and a conveyor belt moves him inside. The throat is cut. Then the late porker slides into a vat of scalding-hot water and moving wooden paddles that loosen body hair. Back on the overhead hoist, men in white coats spattered with blood scrape and burn off the remaining hair until wine liquior houston tx patrick sellars carcass attains a glabrous smoothness.

Then comes the beheading, cutting open the front and back wine liquior houston tx patrick sellars the carcass, sorting the viscera-nothing is wasted-and inspection, washing, and freezing. The end result is distributed widely in Dallas. Tom Thumb stores and local independent groceries purchasepounds of these porcine wine liquior houston tx patrick sellars weekly. Then one by one, they drift to the tented picnic table.

Happy Birthday dear Bla-ake, Happy Birthday to you! The Flash leafs through his notebook, wine liquior houston tx patrick sellars gray anatomy of skull, skull, skull, face muscles, and a list of facial lines, natural and acquired.

At the front desk, a man surrenders his dog, Lady, claiming his wife can no longer stand the pet. This facility, one of two shelters the city operates, will impound as many as 4, animals, mostly dogs and cats, during a summer month.

A few of the animals that have not been abused, misused, and victimized by fate will be put up for adoption for a small fee. A few will be reclaimed by their owners. The others, the vast majority, will be humanely destroyed by chemical injection and buried in a landfill in South Dallas. In the picture, hundreds of penguins are huddled on an icy ledge, diving one by one into a frozen lake. There are 10, bankruptcy cases pending in this office. Today you might say nine new penguins jumped in.

One of them took the plunge in the hearing room of trustee Rob Yaquin-to, on the ninth floor of the Federal Building, where Larry not his real name and his attorney Fred Gross sit. Rob Yaquinto is an attorney, one of many appointed by the U.

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