Action Hunger to unveil vending machine for homeless people

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A couple of weeks ago, my colleague okay I figured out the answer today outside of personality traits I fall prey to spontaneous moments of crazy, terrible eating habits which I shall endeavor to change moments of genius that have absolutely nothing to do with work, coupled with breaking my own patterns.

For the very rare cameo appearance of Linkedin Trolls out there - let me be frank, I'm way to exhausted to give advice, but in the spirit of sheer randomnessI happily encourage all to experience the happy-hormones related to randomness. In the beginning, there was a lunch-making, breakfast eating, eight-hour sleeping freshman in university - those days are loong gone folks So, It's only natural that my newly acquired pitiful occupational habitwhich I've only recently picked up on, is a casual stroll to our recently acquired vending machine downstairs to get what I call: It's situated close enough that it's not far from my desk Not suprisingly, I often find that I've forgotten to eat for multiple reasons, perhaps I'm chasing after deadlines like a kid running wild with a what is a dash vending machine, in between office banter, students tutorial papers to rummage through and grade and my lecturers mailing me even more research work.

Still, I think I've stumbled onto my fail-safe way to revitalize my energy levels The jury is out on whether it's worth writing home about. Stand up once in a while These past few weeks have had me seated in some or other location, whether at our head office, on campus evening classesat a bistro with my annoyingly "put together" mentors, even at a spa getting a mani-pedi with a friend but last time I opted to sit down and chat while she got hers done I swear - I've what is a dash vending machine the inaction.

Thing is, I'm not office-bound per say It is unbelievably taxing There must be a health-hazard in there somewhere I've neglected to identify. Just so we're clear - this is where I broke pattern but in the very opposite direction, I took a quick elevator ride downstairs, mumbled figures to myself, adamant that if I took the stairs, the multitasking required to take each step and maintain my train of thought what was I trying to calculate again?

Bad mojo son - I'm pretty sure I was meant to take the stairs - more oxygen to the brain, happy endorphins, smile at nothing in particular and such and such If you must do vending machine cuisine, leave it to chance - you're probably not going to get what you want anyway. Have no expectations and you shan't be let down. Although, I must say, over these past few weeks, we've had a manageable affair, the vending machine and I, in that we do not hate each other - I press C5 and I get C5.

So why, pray tell was I elbowing the vending machine in such a yawn-inducing way that I'd be passed up for a skit on wrestle-mania? Simple, my exhaustion trumped my hunger which trumped what should have been a full-on break from reality, which what is a dash vending machine have resulted in a human vs machine smack-down of epic proportions.

I should mention that this machine is four times my size can I say 5 times Be an Opportunist once in a while Sometimes, life should be that simple.

Thou shall what is a dash vending machine judge the employee losing out to the vending machine. On my merry mission to get those cute little packets of biscuits, I spotted the error, some poor soul had attempted to purchase some biltong beef-jerky.

I feel your pain man. The vending machine was on the fritz again and held back on what is a dash vending machine good stuff. Had What is a dash vending machine been at my full capacity, I'd probably have kicked the damn thing or yelled at it in Spanish and there you go Clearly, I was not up for the battle, the giggles in the waiting area confirmed this.

Which brings me to the crux of my "not-so-aha-moment". Every pattern I negated to break today But you know what - by Billy Blanks I laughed like a 5 year old girl - for the first time today, then spent the next 5 minutes finding vending machine memes it's worrisome how many are out there I reserve the right to be a somewhat bubbly, productive and a shrewd cut-throat geek - by balancing it out with my miscalculated moments of tinie-tiny Workplace health and wellness practitioners - feel free to step in Signs of a looming meltdown?

Be Spontaneous and pick the first thing that catches your eye If you must do vending machine cuisine, leave it to chance - you're probably not going to get what you want anyway.

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