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Cryptocurrencies are booming beyond belief. Too many altcoins to name have skyrocketed in value vinay gupta bitcoin price with the Big Two. ICOs are raking in money hand over fist over bicep. What the hell is going on? A certain seductive narrative has taken hold, is what is going on.

This narrative, in its most extreme version, says that cryptocurrencies today are like the internet in I understand the appeal of this narrative. Because if nobody wants to actually use blockchain protocols and projects, those tokens that are supposed to reflect their value are ultimately … well … worthless. Bitcoin, despite its ongoing internal strife, is very useful as permissionless global money, and has a legitimate shot at becoming a global reserve and settlement currency.

Its anonymized descendants such as ZCash have added value to the initial Bitcoin proposition. Similarly, Litecoin is now technically ahead of Bitcointhanks to the aforementioned ongoing vinay gupta bitcoin price.

Ethereum is very successful as a platform for developers. But still, eight years after Bitcoin launched, Satoshi Nakamoto remains the only creator to have built a blockchain that an appreciable number vinay gupta bitcoin price ordinary people actually want to use.

No other blockchain-based software initiative seems to be at any real risk of hockey-sticking into general recognition, much less general usage. But on the other hand, maybe the ratio of speculation to actual value in the blockchain space has never been higher, which is saying a lot.

Some people argue that the technology is so amazing, so revolutionary, that if enough money is invested, the killer apps and protocols will come. That could hardly be more backwards. But projects with hardly any users, and barely any tech, raising tens of millions? That smacks of a bubble made of snake oil… one all too likely to attract the heavy vinay gupta bitcoin price unforgiving hand of the SEC. That seductive narrative vinay gupta bitcoin price The internet in !

But hear me out. Maybe the belief that blockchains today are like the internet in is completely wrong. I propose a counter-narrative. Similarly, open-source Linux was vastly more democratic, and more technically compelling, than the Microsoft and Apple Vinay gupta bitcoin price that ruled computing at the time.

But nobody used it except a tiny coterie of hackers. This is amazing, groundbreaking work… but why would an ordinary person, one already comfortable with Box or Dropbox, switch over to Storj or Blockstack? The similarities to Linux are striking. Linux was both much cheaper and vastly more powerful than the alternatives available at the time. It seemed incredibly, unbelievably disruptive. Windows was a rattling lemon of a station wagon; MacOS was a vinay gupta bitcoin price sealed Volkswagen Beetle; and then, weirdly … beyond weirdly … there was:.

Linux, which is right next door, and which is not a business at all. The people who live there are making tanks. These are not old-fashioned, cast-iron Soviet tanks; these are more like the M1 tanks of the U.

Army, made of space-age materials and jammed with sophisticated technology from one end to the other. But they are better than Army tanks. These tanks are being cranked out, on the spot, at a terrific pace, and a vast number of them are lined up along the edge of the road vinay gupta bitcoin price keys in the ignition. Anyone who wants can simply climb into one and drive it away for free. Customers come to this crossroads in throngs, day and night. Ninety percent of them go straight to the biggest dealership and buy station wagons … They do not even look at the other dealerships.

This is not a dismissive analogy, or one that in any way understates the potential eventual importance of the technology! There are two vinay gupta bitcoin price active Android devices out there, and every single one runs the Linux kernel.

Linux was immensely important and influential. Most of modern computing is arguably Linux-to-Linux. To quote my friend Shannon: But if your investment thesis had been that ordinary people would adopt Linux en masse over the next decade — which would not have seemed at all crazy — then you would have been in for a giant world of hurt. Linux did not become important because ordinary people used it. Instead it became commodity infrastructure that powered the next wave of the internet.

Does Ethereum gas cost too much? No problem; just switch your distributed system over to another, cheaper, blockchain. Instead, wake me up vinay gupta bitcoin price cryptocurrency prices begin to track the demonstrated underlying value of the apps and protocols built on their blockchains.

Disclosure, since it seems requisite: I mostly avoid any financial interest, implicit or explicit, long or short, in any cryptocurrency, so that I can write about them sans bias. I do own precisely one bitcoin, though, which I purchased a couple of years ago vinay gupta bitcoin price I felt silly not owning any while I was advising a since defunct Bitcoin-based company.

Windows was a rattling lemon of a station wagon; MacOS was a hermetically sealed Volkswagen Beetle; and then, weirdly … beyond weirdly … there was:

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