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This glossary of terms contains definitions of commonly used terms on Intel Customer Support. The process results in lower power consumption, longer battery life, and provides a smoother playback of complex content and CPU headroom for multitasking. With up to 1, times lower latency and exponentially greater endurance than NAND, 3D XPoint technology can deliver game-changing performance for big data applications.

Its ability to enable high-speed, high-capacity data storage close to the processor creates new possibilities for system architects and promises to enable entirely new applications.

You may see IEEE in front of This stands for the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. Video iot tac d?ng v?i h? tinh b?t - Altered assembly number AA is the part number for a motherboard and all its attached components. AC '97 - Audio Codec '97 AC '97 is a specification for a high quality, bit or bit audio architecture used in many desktop systems.

Access point - Stand-alone Wi-Fi hub that allows any computer with a Wi-Fi network adapter to communicate with another computer and connect to the Internet. This device is typically used in an enterprise environment with a large number of users. Adapter - A device used to connect two different components by matching the physical or electrical characteristics of each component.

Ad hoc network - A communication configuration in which every computer has the same capabilities. Any computer can initiate a communication session. Also known as a peer-to-peer or computer-to-computer network. Alpha blending - A graphics term where the material property of transparency or opacity is added to an object. Alpha stippling - A graphics term describing a screen door effect, allowing only partial pixels from the source surface to appear over the destination surface.

Ambient - When referring to temperature, ambient refers to the temperature of the surrounding air. It allows IT to locate, protect, and heal the computer systems on their network. Video iot tac d?ng v?i h? tinh b?t - The access point AP is a device that connects wireless devices to another network. For example, a wireless LAN, Internet modem, or others. API - Application programming interface API is an interface that allows two independent computer programs to communicate with each other.

ASF - Alert Standards Format ASF is a specification for technologies that allows a computer system to be remotely managed and controlled even if an operating system is not present. Asymmetric mode - This mode is used when only one DIMM is installed or the memory capacities are unequal. Also known as single-channel mode.

Authentication - Verifies the identity of a user logging on to a network. Passwords, digital certificates, smart cards, and biometrics are used to prove the identity of the client to the network. Passwords and digital certificates are also used to identify the network to the client.

Intel ships replacement products or spare parts to participants in the Intel gold partner or Intel platinum partner program without waiting for the defective part to be returned. Its main function is to identify and initialize various motherboard components. It also loads and transfers control to a small program that then loads the operating system.

Bit - The smallest unit of memory storage. Bitmap - A flat 2D picture or a texture map. Most 3D systems can combine 2D bitmaps and 3D objects on the screen.

Bit rate - The total number of bits ones and zeros per second that a network connection can support. Note video iot tac d?ng v?i h? tinh b?t bit rate varies under software control with different signal path conditions. The BMC is the heart of IPMI architecture and provides the intelligence behind video iot tac d?ng v?i h? tinh b?t platform management, that is, the autonomous monitoring and recovery features implemented directly in platform management hardware and firmware.

Broadband Wi-Fi router - Stand-alone Wi-Fi hub that allows any computer with a Wi-Fi network adapter to communicate with another computer and connect to the Internet. This device is typically used in a home or small office environment with a relatively small number of users. Buffered memory - A type of memory module with a register between the DRAM modules and the system memory controller. Buffered memory is also known as registered memory. It is more stable than unbuffered memory, but also more expensive.

Buffered memory is mainly used in servers and workstations. Byte - A unit of memory storage that is equal to 8 bits. Cache - A temporary storage area for frequently accessed data. Certificate - Used for client authentication. Channel - A marketing term in the distribution chain for selling and delivering a product or service to customers.

Chassis - The framework on a computer that supports its components including the motherboard, hard drives, and memory. Chipset - The group of microchips on a motherboard that allow all the components to communicate with the processor. Client - A computer or application that remotely accesses a service on another computer known as a server using a network. Connector - A device used to carry electrical power. Data is transferred on both the rising and falling edges of the clock signal.

DDR2 - Double data rate type two memory, double pumps the data bus. DDR2 allows higher bus speed and requires lower power by running the internal clock at half the speed of the data bus. DDR3 - Double data rate type three is synchronous dynamic random access memory. The voltage is 1. DDR3L - Double data rate type three is low voltage synchronous dynamic random access memory. Density - A measure of the quantity of information bits you can store on a storage medium.

Higher density allows greater volumes of data to be stored in the same physical space. Discrete graphics - The graphics controller is not built into the chipset but is a separate component. Dithering - A graphics term where colors are intentionally a mix of adjacent pixels. Dithering is usually needed for 8-bit color and sometimes for bit.

It allows a limited color set video iot tac d?ng v?i h? tinh b?t approximate a broader range by mixing groups of varying-color pixels in a semi-random pattern. Without dithering, color gradients like sky or sunset tend to show "banding" artifacts. Driver - Software written for a specific operating system and used by that operating system to communicate with a specific hardware device. Dual-channel mode - This mode is enabled when the installed memory capacities of both DIMM channels are equal.

Also known as interleaved mode. Dual-core - A processor that combines two independent cores in a single package. It is often used in wireless networks and defines message formats.

EAP sits inside of Point-to-Point Protocol's PPP authentication protocol and provides a generalized framework for several different authentication methods. EAP is supposed to head off proprietary authentication systems and let video iot tac d?ng v?i h? tinh b?t from passwords to challenge-response tokens video iot tac d?ng v?i h?

tinh b?t public-key infrastructure certificates all work smoothly. Encryption Scrambling data so video iot tac d?ng v?i h? tinh b?t the authorized recipient can read it. Usually a key is needed to interpret the data. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.

Department of Energy that promotes energy-efficient products. Self-help support is available for the discontinued product through the Intel Customer Support site. No updates to drivers, software, or hardware takes place when a product is in EOL status. EW - Extended warranty. Fan-heatsink - This solution incorporates active fan and passive heatsink cooling components.

The heatsink provides video iot tac d?ng v?i h? tinh b?t for the heat and the fan provides the airflow necessary to remove the video iot tac d?ng v?i h? tinh b?t from the processor. FB-DIMM - Fully buffered dual in-line memory module FB-DIMM is a type of computer memory that includes an advanced memory buffer between the memory controller and the memory module; usually used in server environments.

Firmware - A computer program inside a hardware device. Flash - Flash memory is a type of non-volatile computer memory that can be erased and reprogrammed. A measure of a computer's performance.

Fogging - A graphics term that means adding the effect of density to the atmosphere. Objects farther away from the viewer appears more "cloudy" or "foggy. FSB - Front-side bus FSB is the physical component that carries information between the computer's processor and other components such as system memory.

Gateway - A wireless gateway is a special type of access point that allows wireless network clients to share an Internet connection DSL or cable modem. Wireless gateways typically include features such as NAT and VPN support, which you may not find in simple access points. GB - Gigabit GB is a unit of memory storage that is equal to 1, megabytes or 1,, bytes.

GHz - Gigahertz GHz is a unit of frequency equal to 1,, cycles per second. GM - Part of the product name for specific mobile Intel chipsets with integrated graphics. Graphics controller - A term used to describe the graphics hardware in a computer. Ground - A return path for electrical current. Hard drive cache - A temporary storage area on a hard drive. Header - Data that includes information about the message being transmitted but is not the message itself. For example, in an email, the header might include the sender and recipient email addresses.

Heatsink - An object used to absorb heat from a processor. Hotspot - An area with wireless Internet access. A supercomputer performs at a higher level of computing performance than a general-purpose computer.

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