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You need to have Credit Card for this. On other websites, to purchase Monero or any other coin than BTC, you need to buy BTC first and then convert it into your desired digital currency.

Changelly does charge fee for their services. But this fee is not different from other networks. Actually, their fee is somehow very low from other popular cryptocurrency websites. The fee is fixed and does not increase or decrease the amount of money you are using to purchase Monero.

On Changellyyou need usd monero fulfill some requirements if you want to buy Monero with a Credit card: These requirements usd monero not something about which you have to be worried about.

On other websites, you may need to submit the copy of your passport, bank statement or even ID card along with the picture of your Credit card. Changelly does not ask you much. This is why the process of buying Monero on Changelly is very fast, safe and secure.

Here is the list of items which you must have at the time when you are buying Monero with Credit Card:. No need to have the copy of your bank statement, ID card or anything else. Changelly does not really require the copy of your passport. The following steps may look a lot, but they usd monero not much.

I am only writing in much detail to help you to follow each and every step easily. Overall Changelly is very easy to operate. The whole process to buy Monero XMR with a Credit card will take no more than 10 minutes including registration time and transaction process time. The purpose of writing each step in much detail is to help all type of users as everyone is not good on the computer or purchasing things online. To register on Changellyyou need to click on Sing up option. This option can usd monero found on the top of the website.

You need to enter your email ID only for the registration purpose. You will receive usd monero login details in your email. So, make sure that you enter only an active usd monero account. In case if you have entered a wrong email ID, you have always option to enter the correct one by repeating this process. To verify your account on other cryptocurrency websites you need to submit the copy of your ID card but at Usd monero you need to activate this with the verification link which you will receive in your registration email.

Remember that you cannot process further until you verify your email account. This rates will be usd monero instantly if there is any increase or decrease in the amount of this digital coin.

You can wait for few seconds if the coin is being in trading with high amount. This will help you to generate some profit without doing anything. Once you did with this, usd monero on the next button to process on next page. This page will not only ask you to verify your transaction by clicking on the next button but also show you complete detail about your transaction which will include the amount of XMR you will receive in your walletestimated time and how much in total you are going to pay to buy Monero with USD.

Click on next button if everything looks good. On next page, usd monero need to have the address of usd monero Monero XMR wallet where Changelly will send you your coin. They do not offer any type of wallet services. So, you usd monero have a good wallet for your coins before following these steps. You can use CoinPayments for this purpose which has been accepted largely everywhere for trading purpose or online shopping purpose etc.

After adding our wallet address and ID Payment, you need to click on next button. Before asking you to deposit your Usd monero card information, Changelly will show you detail about your transaction for a confirmation.

Rates usd monero be changed on this page because Changelly deals with the real time trading rates. So, double check the amount you will receive including fee which is 0. Click on the next button if everything looks perfect. Now, you have to enter usd monero Credit Card details on this page. For this other than Credit Card number, you need to know usd monero expiration usd monero of your Credit Card and CVC number, this information could usd monero found on the back of your Credit Usd monero.

After you enter the required details, you need to click on Pay button which will also show the amount in USD which Changelly will deduct from your Credit Card. Before preceding the transaction, you need to verify your identity. There are two options available for this. First one usd monero to attend the call and know 4 digits and second is to take passport in your hand and record a clip for the verification purpose. The second option will be only come if you failed to follow the first option.

So, choose which you found easier for you. Generally, the first option is easy and very fast because, in the second option, a real person will match your photo which may take few extra minutes. Once you done with all above steps, you will receive your Monero in your wallet account in the estimated time which has been mentioned usd monero step 6. Make sure to note down the transaction ID.

You can use this ID in case if you usd monero any issue as a reference ID. With low transaction fee and options to purchase more than 60 digital currenciesChangelly is the best website to buy or exchange crypto-currency with USD.

The estimated time of transaction may vary, usd monero do not worry if it takes few extra minutes. Sometimes the server got busy usd monero to the high number of traffic and transactions. Founder and Editor of RippleCoinNews. Passionate about how technology can empower people to create a more just and sustainable world. Don't like authorities that are ruled by international corporations.

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