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Designed to provide superior winterizing treatment for plastic and metal piping septic systems. Formaldehyde free and non-corrosive, it to buy liquid plumr safe and gentle for your black, grey or recirculating tank system. For optimal performance, flush and empty system weekly. Liquid-Plumr TM RV Plumbing Antifreeze is designed to provide superior winterizing treatment for plastic and metal piping septic systems.

It prevents damage to drains and freshwater lines caused by freezing water in mobile homes, recreational vehicles, boats, seasonal homes, septic systems and swimming pool filtration and heating systems. Any water remaining to buy liquid plumr the lines and drains will cause the product to expand and damage water lines. Bring product to room temperature before using.

Follow label instructions for proper use. For optimal performance, flush and empty the system weekly. Make a treatment plan: Use the product as instructed to move the bacteria into the tank to break down bad bacteria to buy liquid plumr reduce the amount of waste and tissue in your tank. This will help to avoid overflows, clogged systems, system failure and costly repairs. Foul odours are caused by a chemical imbalance in the septic tank. Your system requires a treatment that aids in accelerating the breakdown of tank waste and tissue to eliminate odours.

The longer the waste stays in the tank the greater its chance of reaching the drain field, which should be avoided because the draining field is the most expensive part of the system to replace or repair. Be careful of what goes down the pipes: Decomposition problems and foul odours are signs that the bacteria is not breaking down the waste as it should. The bacteria in the treatment is not designed to break down objects such as cooking grease, oils, cleaning products, solvents, medications, coffee grinds, cigarette butts, transmission fluid etc.

Check for leaks, damaged pipes and blocked vents: Septic odours can enter the air if pipes are leaking or are damaged. If there is an area where the odour is stronger, check it for cracks, holes or leaks. Replace or fix the broken pipes and clean the soaked area to get rid of the smell.

A roof vent is usually attached to a system in the home. Blocked vents causes gases produced in the tank to exit other ways such as through drains in the home. Check if it is clogged or blocked by snow, ice, bird or wasps nests and remove any blockage to help resolve the odour problem.

It is important for owners of recreational vehicles, boats, pools, vacation homes and other seasonal dwellings to practice routine water system to buy liquid plumr to insure proper winterization of their investment. Prepare your potable water system for cold winter temperatures safely, effectively and with low environmental impact by following these steps:.

Drain water from the systems. Open each faucet to allow compressed air to force water out of the line. A water heater bypass helps to reduce the amount of antifreeze neededd and to to buy liquid plumr the parts of the system exposed to freeze damage. By installing a bypass loop with valves at each end, the water system is isolated from the heater tank which allows antifreeze to be pumped into the system without having to first fill the tank with antifreeze.

To buy liquid plumr sure your system can accommodate to buy liquid plumr normal expansion of RV antifreeze that occurs during winter storage. Never use automotive antifreeze to winterize the system. To avoid system damage, it is important to choose the antifreeze suitable for the type of pipes in your system.

An ethanol-based formulation; for use in plastic and metal pipes. Do not smoke while using product. Keep away from flames, such as to buy liquid plumr pilot light, and any object that sparks, such as an electric motor. Proper storing of antifreeze jugs is important to avoid spillage and ensure the safety of people or animals that may come in contact with the antifreeze.

If spilled, our products will have little effect in polluting ground and surface water. Product is flammable; keep away from flames, such as a pilot light, and any object that sparks, such as an electric motor.

In the spring, drain and flush out the antifreeze from your water system with clean water into a container. Dispose of the liquid properly in accordance with municipal laws and regulations.

When the system is completely flushed, to buy liquid plumr the drains and recharge with clean water. Following these tips will help ensure safe winterization of your RV water system. Always be sure to check and follow any specific instructions provided by the equipment manufacturer. All chemicals present as components of fragrances, dyes, and preservatives are listed as such.

Recochem is a Canadian owned, privately held company with a global reputation for quality products and outstanding customer service. For over sixty-five years we have been known for innovation, agility, growth and socially responsible business practices.

Our reputation has earned us vendor appreciation awards and longstanding relationships with our suppliers around to buy liquid plumr world. Recochem Americas is a producer, formulator, contract packager and wholesale distributor of household chemical products and automotive fluids from six locations. We are strategically located in Saint John, Montreal 2Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver allowing us to cost effectively service our customers coast to coast and throughout North and South America.

Our Industrial Division includes refining and distillation of both Crude and Refined Naphthalene in Canada and in Belgium, as well as the ability to supply Chlorinated Benzenes for a wide range of applications.

Our Australia Asia-Pacific Division manufactures and distributes a broad range of Industrial and Consumer chemicals throughout the entire region. To buy liquid plumr one of our locations is ISO Recochem takes pride in fostering a culture committed to service and quality and outstanding responsiveness to customer needs. Usage Make sure both caps are tightly sealed and tip bottle to transfer liquid from bottle to chamber to buy liquid plumr to table for treatment guidelines. Remove only the measuring chamber cap and pour liquid into toilet.

Flush into holding tank using suggested amount of water. Pour product into freshwater lines through the pressurization system or by removing faucet stems. For recreational vehicles, see your owner's manual for further details.

Add antifreeze until colour is evident at drain points. Make sure all branch pipes are treated. For a seasonal home, also add 1 L Product is flammable; do not smoke while using antifreeze. Tank Type Holding Tank Systems: How to minimize tank odour: Prepare your potable water system to buy liquid plumr cold winter temperatures safely, effectively and with low environmental impact by following these steps: Our Ingredients Ingredients in consumer chemical products will be identified by: About Recochem Recochem is a Canadian owned, privately held company with to buy liquid plumr global reputation for quality products and outstanding customer service.

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