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Episode notes and comments page: Professional transcription provided by a fan and consultant of the show, who can be found at http: Welcome to Bitcoins and Gravy, Episode Welcome to "Bitcoins and Gravy", and thanks for joining me today as I podcast from East Nashville, Tennessee, with my trusty Siberian Husky, right by my side.

We're two Bitcoin enthusiasts who love talking about Bitcoins, and sharing what we learn with you, the listener. Long time listeners, thank you so much for joining us again, and for your generous tips, and new listeners, welcome to the show. Just a few days ago, I had the privilege of sitting on my front porch and chatting with 3 great fellows from the Bitshares https: These guys are on a road trip, traveling around the region, telling people about Bitshares.

I learned more about The world of physical bitcoinslets talk bitcoin from these guys the world of physical bitcoinslets talk bitcoin one hour than I have in reading about Bitshares over the past year.

I would like to preface this interview, with the Bitshares guys, by saying [that] it was such a nice day, here in Nashville, that we decided to interview out on my front porch. It was a little bit noisy. We had some birds chirping, Maxwell was making some noise, and cars and the occasional bus going by.

But it is still an excellent interview, jam-packed full of the world of physical bitcoinslets talk bitcoin much great information. You guys are going to really the world of physical bitcoinslets talk bitcoin this. And make sure to check the show notes, on Let's The world of physical bitcoinslets talk bitcoin Bitcoin: So we're here on the front porch of my little house here in Nashville, talking to the Bitshares guys.

Guys, thank you so much for coming by. Or RobRig0 on BitsharesTalk https: You should see these guys. They're all like super long haired, big long beards, tattoos, and earrings.

Nah, I'm just kidding. I'm making that up. But anyway, so we're going to talk about Bitshares. You guys are traveling around, talking about Bitshares. Now I assume that each of you wants to talk. Is there a spokesperson?

Or do you all just want to talk freely. Or is there one of you [who's] dedicated as like the Bitshares spokesperson? Let's see, where do we start [with] Bitshares? You know, there are a lot of people that have never even heard about Bitshares, and then there are people like myself who have heard about Bitshares, [and] the world of physical bitcoinslets talk bitcoin a little bit invested in Bitshares.

Like, in a nutshell, for your novice, to introduce a person for the very first time to Bitshares. Bitshares is a bankless financial institution, offering peer-to-peer financial services, and allowing users to exchange currency between themselves, peer-to-peerwithout a middleman. It's digital cash, whether it's US dollars, Chinese yuan, gold or silver. Someone is going to ask, "Now, why wouldn't we just use Bitcoin?

Bitshares is built from the ground up, and it's designed to be predictable and stable. So one of the main issues with Bitcoin is its volatility, and the world of physical bitcoinslets talk bitcoin can hinder adoption, especially by businesses. So people really want something [whose] value is predictable, day to day. So Invictus was formed [on] Independence Day [of] And Invictus Innovations Inc.

So what happened was [that] Dan was inspired to find a solution to the Mount Gox problem, and he wanted to create a decentralized exchange to mitigate these risks. They had this idea for launching a protocoin while they were developing the decentralized exchange, and that was Protoshares.

So Protoshares was a Bitcoin fork that was launched, and allowed miners to get a stake in Bitshares, which is based around a metaphor Dan coined, called the "Decentralized Autonomous Company", or "DAC". Bitcoin can be viewed as a DAC as well. I think that crypto-currency is a misnomer, because Bitcoin doesn't have the properties of currency. It doesn't have the stability of a currency. So DAC, in viewing Bitcoin and Bitshares and these cryptotokens in light of an equity, is actually a really good way of viewing their value.

Their value fluctuates like the world of physical bitcoinslets talk bitcoin, like an equity. So what happened with Protoshares is [that] this coin was launched. It was going off for a few weeks, and then the centralized mining "cartels", if you will, moved in an started mining it, and blew up the difficulty. So this the world of physical bitcoinslets talk bitcoin this realization that mining isn't really that fairly distributed.

It's really easy for people with a large amount of capital to move in and make it hard for your average "everyday Joe" to profitably mine. So that was how they planned to fund their development.

They bought mining equipment, [and] they were going to mine Protoshares too, and be on the same level as anyone else [who] was mining it. But then they realized, "Oh crap! We can't profitably mine this Protoshares coin. What Angelshares was was a donation ledger. So you could donate to the development team, in order to fund the development of Bitshares, the decentralized exchange, and consequently for doing so, you would be share-dropped upon. So [an] Angelshares pre-sale was actually in terms of Bitcoin and Protoshares.

So you could donate either Bitcoin or Protoshares. You would be put on a donation list, and when Bitshares was launched, you would be a part of the initial allocation. So those were the distribution mechanisms. Protoshares and Angelshares for Bitshares. So if you held AGS or PTS, and you owned the private keys for those distribution mechanisms, then later you would be able to import those into the actual Bitshares client, and claim your stake that was allocated.

I think that's the last step that I never did. The first the world of physical bitcoinslets talk bitcoin steps I did, [but] then on the last step I tried to figure out how to do it, and Dan was helping me, and Dan referred me to somebody else by way of email.

They emailed me, and tried to walk me through it, and I failed. So Dan said, "Don't worry about it. You still have it. There's a lot of people in the community that haven't even claimed their Bitshares yet.

They're just holding their keys, and when they feel comfortable with the stability of the client - because it's heavily in development still. It's really just a Beta. The current version is 0. So they haven't hit a 1. But you know that's coming, right? So let me ask you guys a question, as far as decentralized autonomous corporations - is that right?

Is Dan the first one to come up with that? Is Bitshares the first one to come up with that concept? The term has been, sort of, changed. So, some people like to refer to them as Centralized Autonomous Organizations. There's Decentralized Autonomous Companies. Bitshares is a DAC. The entertainment DAC that Peertracks http: So Bitshares, or notes. Whereas in the Etherium https: We need to come to some common nomenclature.

I agree with that. You all should read my new book. No, I'm just kidding. So that's a lot of technical stuff, but that's a lot of great stuff. Thank you so much, and tell me your name again. You can follow me on Twitter robrig0 https: So let's here from everybody else, [to] make sure that everybody knows who everybody else is.

Yeah, my name is Brandon Lovejoy. That's Roadcape on the forums, and on Twitter that's the world of physical bitcoinslets talk bitcoin https: So what else should we talk about? What's really important for people to know about Bitshares that we haven't covered already?

Well, if you guys don't mind, I'd like to really cover what I think is the killer innovation of Bitshares, and that is market-pegged assets. What if someone hears this interview on Bitcoins and Gravy, and they love you so much, like, "Okay.

RobRigo, we want to have you as the new spokesman for Bitshares, but you're going to have to lose the beard, man.

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