Three Hanks: Men With Broken Hearts

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Hank Williams III blew the doors off country music last fall when he released three ambitious, experimental albums all on the same day. A conversation about tradition, hardcore, and punishment. Those Williams fellows set the bar mighty high when it comes to train songs. As a country singer, Hank III warbles and moans as well as his grandfather ever did. I got my first dose of that material in the fall ofright after he released Assjackthe bottle bit me down hank iii first non-country record.

The thing is, listening to Assjack reminds me that three generations of Williamses have made a significant impact not only on country, but also on rock music.

But he loved country music. He put out a rebellious country record and basically lived out a country song—he the bottle bit me down hank iii time in prison, and after he lost his lady, everything else went bad. The funereal soundscape of Attention Deficit Domination is akin to waking up in an open grave with four hits of acid onboard as Hank III glares down the bottle bit me down hank iii you, screaming you your last rites. Allin pushed the boundaries of punk rock and bad taste as far as they could go.

This music is frightening stuff. Contributions from his dog Trooper, his buddy Ray Lawrence Jr. Like Zappa, Hank III has an experimental acuity and a penchant for off-color humor that have made him stand out among his country contemporaries in a notoriously conservative industry. And as happened with Zappa, Hank III saw his former label, Curb Records, postpone the release of earlier material, forcing him into a toxic legal dispute over rights to his own songs.

I longed for the sweet summer scents of magnolia and honeysuckle, the pungent, smoky taste of pulled-pork barbecue, and bourbon-fueled fishing excursions—all potential elements of a great the bottle bit me down hank iii song. I find a couple of Hank Jr. All of the Williamses have that kind of a die-hard, loyal, rowdy fan base. The whole process was cheap, sleazy, and had no heart in it at all.

InCurb Records, then Hank Jr. Despite its reliance on studio tricks, Three Hanks: Men With Broken Hearts is a testament to singing excellence and a fascinating juxtaposition of three stellar country voices that span a half century. After all, Hank III was in his mids when he made the recording, roughly the same age his grandfather was when his career peaked shortly before his death at age We were never together in any room when any of that was recorded. How does one prepare for that sort of collaboration?

Rock and roll was still a burgeoning phenomenon when Hank Sr. My granddad hated rock and roll. I could never convince him that Bob Dylan or the Beatles had produced anything of lasting merit. But those classic country songs spoke to him through his dying days at Beaufort County Nursing Home, his boom box by his bedside, surrounded by the music of the masters—Roy The bottle bit me down hank iii, Chet Atkins and Hank Williams Sr.

But the good thing for me is that it feels like I have a little bit of country while living in the city. Profiles Mar 6, Credit: Our resident board-game expert picks the best new games released this year. The Top Albums of by Andrew Womack.

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