Bottle Cutting Demonstration Gone Wrong

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Feifei has to give a big presentation at work, and she's feeling a bit nervous. She plans to deal with her fear by slowing the bottle bit me and drinking water… but this doesn't help. Learn a phrase involving bottles that describes when you're too afraid to do something. I do feel a bit nervous… I just need to remind myself to slow down and take a sip of water when I feel anxious!

OK, I'll see you later. So how did it go? You know the phrase 'to lose your bottle' means 'to lose your confidence and fail to do something, or decide not to do it'.

You can also simply say 'to bottle it' which also means 'to lose your courage and fail to do something'. Examples He was going to ask his girlfriend to marry him but lost his bottle at the last minute.

She asked him instead. I thought about painting my front door bright green but I bottled it. I went for a conservative grey instead. Neil Well, you see, I just had so much work on this week, and I've not really had time at all…. Has someone helped you with something? If so, here's a phrase that tells you what to do next. Learn the phrase Helen needs to describe the headache her mobile phone company is causing her. Do you have a sweet tooth? Is it something that you are born with or do you develop it?

Who's that knocking at the door? Someone's here to tell you you're in financial trouble. Hot-desking is a modern way of working in offices. Learn how to use this phrase as a noun and a verb. What do you say when you finally understand something? Learn a useful phrase to do just that in this programme. What do you call your panties, socks and bra? Listen to the programme to find out Drink to celebrate the good things in life, drink to forget the bad. Here's an expression for people who like a drink.

Both work and home are demanding lots of your time but what you really want is a few hours to yourself. Here's an expression to help you deal with that. Is there someone tormenting you online? Here's an expression for when people hide behind a computer to attack others. Learn a phrase about not taking control.

You won't need a car for this driving-related idiom! What two colours do we use to describe something that's official?

Learn a phrase that leaves you in no doubt! What kind of situation has Rob got into when he bumps into a woman on the way to work? What's a razor got to do with Rob's bike ride to work? Here's an expression for when you've had a narrow escape.

Why did Rob ask Feifei the bottle bit me meet him in the studio? Here's an expression for when you've forgotten something. How can sleeping the bottle bit me you make a decision? Learn a phrase that doesn't involve lying on a bed! Where do you go if you waste time asking pointless questions? We explain a useful phrase. When someone says the phrase done and dusted, do they mean doing some proper cleaning?

Who's the wild card in the the bottle bit me Rob and Feifei use a phrase to describe an unpredictable colleague. Feifei thinks someone's been killed but then discovers taking a stab in the dark doesn't involve using knives! Feifei and Harry use an expression for people and ideas that change the way we do things.

Harry and Feifei talk about a common colloquial expression for when things are intense. Neil tells Helen to kill time but she smashes up a clock. Find out why and learn a useful expression. Do you celebrate Christmas? Do you the bottle bit me eating turkey?

Do you think turkeys like Christmas? Learn this humorous idiom. There's something Neil's forgotten to do and now he has to face the music. Listen to the programme to find out why. Li's cat video has gone viral. Will she be happy the bottle bit me it? Learn an expression from the internet age. Is Feifei's designer shawl a solution to her problems with Lisa? Listen to the programme to find out.

Rob's very expensive shirt is ruined! Who will pay for it? Feifei has a thing or two to learn from the ducks in the park. Listen to the programme. Cars that run on air? Sounds too good to be true. But Li thinks they're the future and wants to invest in a company that makes them. Will she lose her the bottle bit me Is this butter for a cake, for toast or Finn and Feifei explain. Rob challenges Helen to a word game about a funny-sounding phrase.

But what has it got to do with frogs? Feifei doesn't like Rob's cooking. But Rob the bottle bit me Feifei to try his dumplings and promises 'the proof is in the pudding'. What does he mean? The English We Speak. To play this audio you need to enable JavaScript. Summary Feifei has to give a big presentation at work, and she's feeling a bit nervous. How are you feeling? You lost your bottle? Feifei Actually, I took a glass of water. Feifei Thanks for teaching me this the bottle bit me when I'm feeling awful.

Feifei Anyway Neil, aren't you giving a presentation this afternoon? I was going to. You mean, you're not going to do it now? Neil Well, you see, I just had so much work on this week, and I've not really had time at all… Feifei Yeah, yeah, I get it. Neil The bottle bit me got me. I just hate presentations! Feifei Well, that makes two of us! This could be the one for you. Learn some cyber vocabulary. Cat got your tongue? Here's a phrase that tells them what to do. You're pulling my leg! Here is a phrase that involves pulling a part of your the bottle bit me

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The rambunctious boys spinning wildly on the chair in the family living room look like any over-energized kids, until the one doing the spinning opens his month. But "Charlie" comes out as "Chaw-leeee" and suddenly there's a ring of familiarity.

The oh-so-cute video posted in runs just 56 seconds and shows the two boys -- then ages one and three -- playing in a chair. Harry tempts his little brother with a finger. Charlie promptly bites it and laughs mischievously.

A sweet little moment of innocence from Thames Valley, England, that has been viewed more than million times on YouTube.

Their dad, Howard Davies-Carr posted the video five years ago to share with boys' godfather, who lives in Colorado. Howard shared the link with family and friends. After a few weeks it had about views. He let it languish for a few months. At that point, I realized that it had a few thousand views and then pretty much every day it was almost doubling in the number of views it was having, which I thought was rather strange. You know, why are all these people watching our video?

What Howard Davies-Carr was witnessing was -- at the time -- a new Internet phenomenon: With thousands of copies of the clip rocketing through cyberspace, he realized he had lost control of a private family moment. The genie was out of the bottle. Is this something that we accept is us and do something more with or is it something we just park and say, 'That's really nothing to do with us,' and then everybody else will be exploiting it and making money from it?

It wasn't until viewership hit 50 million that Howard discovered he could partner with YouTube to share ad revenue. It's like they won the lottery. Their parents have resisted offers of American talk shows and public appearances and the boys remain oblivious to their inadvertent-but-enduring fame. Five years later, they are sitting in that same chair, squirming and easily distracted. I ask if they know how many people have seen their little video. It was the viral success of 'Charlie Bit Me' that inspired London lawyer and music producer Damian Collier to start what he says is the world's first viral video management company.

He calls it Viral Spiral. They've uploaded a video to YouTube and there they are all of a sudden owning a valuable piece of copyright. A Charlie iPhone App is in the works and so are Charlie children's books. Howard Davies-Carr says people who own videos that unexpectedly go viral need to be careful.

Other owners of viral videos are catching on and cashing in, too. A Brazilian bank used a video of baby ripping up paper to promote paperless banking. An Internet security company uses laughing babies to promote protection.

A contact lens company uses a cute wide-eyed baby to promote its lenses. And then there's Fenton the deer-chasing dog in London -- soon to be the subject of a children's book.

Maybe it's Charlie's devilish laugh at the end that has won the world over. He says he and his wife, Shelley, struggle with balancing their children's accidental good-fortune with the pitfalls of fame. It's something I probably worry about every day," he says. They should be in films or they should be models or this kind of stuff.

Facebook bans foreign ads in Irish abortion referendum amid concerns of US influence. Facebook's transparency efforts heavily criticized ahead of Irish abortion referendum. Indonesia's most active volcano erupts, spews ash into sky. Italian researchers develop lighter, cheaper robotic hand.

UN votes to take first step toward a global environment pact. SpaceX delays launch debut of upgraded Falcon rocket. Sick pelicans mysteriously showing up in Southern California. Tech leaders push for more White House focus on AI. Talks on climate rules inch on, despite lack of leadership. Facebook ads show Russian effort to stoke political division. Say goodbye to La Nina, maybe hello to a more normal summer.

Multiple failures led to ambush of American soldiers in Niger: House Democrats release thousands of Russian-linked Facebook ads. Volcano observatory warns of further 'explosive eruptions' in Hawaii. North Korean media take softer tone as world awaits Kim-Trump summit. Trump to meet Kim Jong Un in Singapore for summit. NY attorney general called MeToo movement 'extraordinary' days before resignation.

American prisoners freed by North Korea meet with Donald Trump. Treasury inspector general probing possible leak of Cohen financial records. Cohen promised health care company access to Trump White House, exec says.