The Tether and Bitfinex Drama Continues: Auditor Pulls Out?

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Why release an audit of your so-called stablecoin when you can just shut down your loudest critic's Twitter account? The cryptocurrency world has been in a uproar with allegations that stablecoin Tether and exchange Bitfinex have artificially propped tether bitfinex audit the value of Bitcoin and are running an elaborate scam.

One prominent voice tether bitfinex audit that claim could, until sometime early Feb. That changed tether bitfinex audit several hours today when the account was briefly suspended by Twitter.

A little-known token may be fueling Bitcoin's rise. Critics say it's a scam. Bitfinexed has tether bitfinex audit a persistent thorn in the side of both Bitfinex and Tether, repeatedly pointing to the latter's failure to release an updated audit to prove its stablecoin token known as USDT is in fact backed one-to-one by U.

There are currently around 2. We reached out to Bitfinex for tether bitfinex audit, and will update this when we hear back. According to a Twitter spokesperson, the account suspension was a mistake — however no additional details were provided as to what brought that mistake about. Bitfinexed is just posting publicly available information and connecting the dots in the process, they continued.

None of it is private or secret. In the eyes of Bitfinexed, it all comes down to this: So you can see why Bitfinex might be pissed. But does that mean the exchange is responsible for the temporary tether bitfinex audit of Bitfinexed's Twitter account?

That much remains unconfirmed, and will likely stay that way unless Twitter provides some insight. In the meantime, those looking to read up on alleged shady practices that may or may not be going down at Tether and Bitfinex need only look to some other Twitter accounts tether bitfinex audit like those belonging to Bloombergor this publication right here. This story has been updated to note that Bitfinexed's Twitter account was restored Wednesday afternoon, and to include comment from Twitter about the cause of the suspension.

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