Sumo Bot - NXT instructions

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EV3 Enterprise Recommended build for our lessons. This robot has a base that only uses 82 pieces. Sensor and motor modules easily snap on to the base robot as the student needs. The robot has optional instructions for adding a gyro and second color sensor. The infrared can also replaced with the ultrasonic if needed. This robot has been tested and approved by EV3Lessons. The robot has optional instructions for adding a second color sensor. There is also an optional handle that can be added when the robots are used in camps or classrooms.

This build is slightly smaller than Droid Bot 2. An optional handle allows for easy carrying in classrooms. It has been designed to allow the builder to easily replace the infrared sensor with the ultrasonic, use a rechargeable battery, and add a gyro sensor if needed.

You will need a second color sensor to sumobot nxt building instructions the Squaring lesson. The Cyberbot recommended NXT build for our lessons. This new NXT robot design is sumobot nxt building instructions and very sturdy - ideal for classroom usage. It has been designed for use in our lessons and also works well on our Training Mats.

We name it Cyberbot because of its distinctive handle which makes it look like a Cyberman from Dr. Sanjay and Arvind Seshan, Droids Robotics. They may require parts beyond the retail or educational kits. This sumobot nxt building instructions a simple, quick-build design that has been used by classroom teachers around the world.

You can easily add attachments and sensors to this build. This is a basic robot using the NXT that is good for classrooms. Since the brick is low to the ground, this sumobot nxt building instructions is a very stable build.

The design incorporates all the basic sensors needed for classroom activities. This is great starting robot design that uses the NXT.

It features an outer wall as well as two touch sensors. This robot can also line follow. It has a back bumper for aligning straightening the robot by bumping into walls and objects and a third large motor for attachments. There are a few variations on the build available on this site. Brian Wheeler, Hoosier Girlz. This robot is a good starter robot. The sensors in front act as a bumper. Bayou Bot - EV3 Build. This is a robot that has a strong outer frame with shielded color sensors.

It uses two color sensors, an sumobot nxt building instructions and a gyro. It uses large motorcycle wheels and a ball wheel. This robot has sumobot nxt building instructions physically built by the designer.

This robot is made with parts in the EV3 home edition only. It has a basic system for attaching motorized and passive attachments. Optimal Prime - EV3 Build. This is a quick-build robot that uses only 37 pieces including motors, sensors and wires.

It features the gyro, touch and color sensors. This is a base robot similar to the one available in the Educational EV3 setbut constructed with parts available in the NXT set. Driving Bas3 - EV3 Build. This is a base robot similar to the one available in the Educational EV3 setbut constructed with parts available in the retail set.

They feature three sets of wheels and two ultrasonic sensors each. To learn more about these robots, read this article. It uses Mindsensor's SumoEyes. It is shared here with his permission. Download the "Custom Remote". In the false-colored picture, the pink tooth gear that is directly connected to the EV3 Large Motor touches the turquoise tooth gear.

This "gearing down" increases its torque three times, for increased pushing power. The center motor operates the yellow "flipper" arms for upending opposing robots in a Lego Sumo or Battlebot competition. Sumobot nxt building instructions Drive Sumo Bot. EV3Lessons does not take responsibility for the quality of build instructions provided. Please refer to our copyright license information. If you use any materials in a contest with or without modificationyou must document and inform judges where the original ideas came from.

To view in lessons in English, switch your language to English above. Not all lessons are here or none at allbecause no translations have been provided. Sanjay and Arvind Seshan Droid-Bot 2. This is a software limitation.

Use the Photograph-based instructions if you need to. See LDD file if needed. Many of our lessons are compatible with the NXT. RileyRover - EV3 Build This is a simple, quick-build design that has been used by classroom teachers around the world.

Damien Sumobot nxt building instructions Build Instructions. Optimal Prime - EV3 Build This is a quick-build robot that uses only 37 pieces including sumobot nxt building instructions, sensors and wires. Driving Bas3 - EV3 Build This is a base robot similar to the one available in the Educational EV3 setbut constructed with parts available in the retail set.

This section is devoted to Sumo bots. David Luders lxf file. Sam Last lxf file.

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Robot sumo is a sport in which two robots attempt to push each other out of a circle in a similar fashion to the sport of sumo. The robots used in this competition are called sumobots. Sumobots come in various classes, from heavy weight robots weighing as much as an adult to femto-sumo with tiny robots the size of a sugar cube. This page is about the not so ancient sport of Mindstorms robot sumo; how to design, build and program LEGO Mindstorms sumobots, how to program them and how to play the game.

A match consists of three games of up to three minutes each. The first sumobot winning two out of the three games is the winner of the match.

What is robot sumo? Sumobot specifications A sumobot must be made entirely out of LEGO parts, with the only exceptions being the flag. The number of motors and sensors used are only limited by how many the brick support.

NXT bricks support 3 motors and EV3 bricks support 4 motors. Both type of bricks support 4 sensors.

The robot must fit inside a 10" x 10" square box no height limit when it is in it's starting configuration. The robot must be designed to wait five seconds, after the contestant presses a start button, before it moves. All actions must be pre-programmed. The use of any form of remote control is prohibited. The robot must not include any part that fixes the robot to the playing field surface. Competition A match consists of three games of up to three minutes each.

Beginning of the Game Before the game, the contestants greet each other outside the playing field following the chief referee's instructions, and then enter the playing field. The contestants can place their robot anywhere behind their starting line. No part of the robot can be in front of the starting line before the match begins. The contestants must exit the playing field during this 5 second period.

Prior to the start of a match, the entire robot must fit inside a square box as defined for the weight class. At any time after the start of the match, the robot can expand outside these dimensions. End of the Game The game ends when the referee calls the winner. Both contestants should thank each other for a fair and competitive match after removing their robots. A game will be stopped and a rematch will be started under the following conditions: The robots are locked together in such a way that no more action appears to be possible, i.

Both robots touch the exterior of the playing field at the same time. A robot breaks during the game. Any other conditions under which the referee judges that no winner can be decided.

In case of a rematch, maintenance of competing robots is prohibited, and the robots must be immediately placed in the designated starting position. The only exception to this rule is if the cause of the rematch is a robot breaking. If neither of the competing robots win, or lose, after a rematch, the referee may reposition both robots to a specified location and restart. If that does not yield a winner, the match may continue at any location decided by the referee, until the time limit is reached.

All decisions by the referee are final. Violations A contestant or a team who takes any of the following actions will be disqualified from the game: Competing with a robot that has not passed an inspection by the referee. A contestant does not attend the appointed playing field when called at the beginning of the game.

A contestant entering or remains in the restricted zone around the sumo ring during the game. A contestant ruins the game, such as by intentionally breaking, damaging, or defacing the playing field or a robot. A contestant's robot does not meet the robot specifications. A contestant displays unsportsmanlike behaviour this includes swearing or uttering profanities.

A contestant failing to follow the referees instructions.