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This is a sample of the many courses we have sumo bot nxt code of conductivity. Please visit our home page to see our current offerings. We have organized our courses into the following categories. Just click on the link to be taken to that section: Students will learn the proper way to handle computers and associated devices such as mice and keyboards.

We will use educational software as the means to these ends, to sumo bot nxt code of conductivity greatest possible extent. We feel this is a very valuable course because this material is either glossed over or never formally addressed. We will show students a wide variety of educational software in areas such as Math, Reading, Writing, Spelling, and more! This software also hones skills such as hand-eye coordination, concentration, patience, and creative expression.

Parents will be given a list of our recommended software as part of this class. First, students will be shown proper hand placement and posture for typing. They will learn how to set up a document, set margins, choose fonts, center and justify text, spell-check, indent, and more!

Students will explore creativity software including the award-winning KidPix. We will cover the following: Students will also learn how to print their creations. The aim of this course is for students to begin to understand how the computer can be used as a creative tool.

Students will have fun learning how computers can be used to make craft items such as stickers, frames, hats, cards, invitations, mobiles, bookmarks, gift bags, and more. Students will develop an appreciation for computers as creative tools, extending their use well beyond playing games and typing. Students will learn techniques to author and illustrate books, using a computer as a tool. Students will be introduced to different types of software that help to both encourage creative design as well as assist with the writing process.

Each student will produce an entire book by themselves by the end of the session, and will pick up valuable writing and artistic skills in the process. Have fun making electronic devices, including an alarm, generator, timer, RC rover, etc. Kids will also learn how to draw real electronic symbols. Students will have a great time exploring some of the electronics that make robots work, using the ground-breaking Letry robotic car.

Students will learn about the major subsystems of a simple robot, then connect the electronic components using plug-and-play wires on a breadboard electronic connection board to make the car operate. Students will learn about sensors, LEDs, and other electronic components. We feel there is no better way to get a fun introduction to electronics and highly recommend this class!

Explore electrical engineering, computer engineering, and mechanical engineering as you build a variety of projects, such as a mechanical arm and the LeTry robotic rover. Sumo bot nxt code of conductivity will create soft circuit projects using paper and materials that conduct electricity. Knowledge of this material enables students to explore wearables, a rapidly-evolving, creative field, and another class we happen to offer!

No soldering is involved. Have fun combining light, sound and electronic circuits, and learn about switches, motors, resistors, speakers, microphones, transistors, etc. This course covers how computers are used in the real-world, close examination of the keyboard, the concept of input and output devices mice, printers, scanners, etc. This course reviews ASCII character representation, then presents a more thorough treatment of math as applied to computers, including expanded notation, exponentiation, and the binary base 2octal base 8decimal base 10 and hexadecimal base 16 number systems.

Special attention is given to show how these concepts relate directly to computers, with sumo bot nxt code of conductivity emphasis on binary representation and its correspondence with underlying hardware transistors. For those who wish to continue their exploration of digital electronics, this course will present an introduction to digital circuits. Basic breadboarding techniques will be demonstrated and students will be given an opportunity to develop their own simple circuits.

We will show how circuits are constructed that add two two-digit binary numbers together half-adders and full-adders. This course relates number systems to the underlying digital electronic components esp. Special attention will be given to the story behind the invention of the transistor through an excellent video that shows its significance and its foundation for much of what goes on in Silicon Valley.

Students will be given an opportunity to handle transistors, and a basic introduction to digital circuits will be given. We will show how transistors can be used as a switch to illuminate an LED in a simple circuit.

Finally, we will introduce truth tables AND, OR, and NOTand show how transistors are used as building blocks to construct more complicated integrated circuits that form the basis of microprocessors, memory, and storage devices it all comes back to the transistor!

The class will culminate in a field trip to the Intel Museum in Santa Clara. We will begin by explaining and demonstrating the safety precautions that must be taken when working with computers. We will then look at the major components of a computer, how they relate to each other, and what they do; we do this from a critical perspective so that students begin to sumo bot nxt code of conductivity an understanding for what makes some computers better than others.

We will show, sumo bot nxt code of conductivity particular, how motherboards have evolved since their introduction over 20 years ago. We will explain the difference between memory and disk, and students will be given a chance to install and remove memory.

Finally, we will present a checklist for building a computer, along with useful websites, stores, and other resources.

This is a very popular class, because we all have glitches, gotchas, gaffes and goof-ups with our computers. But, how do we go about fixing them? This class presents troubleshooting methodologies and techniques that can help us refine the art of helping ourselves.

Bring your questions, problems, even your computers!! Learn how to build and control basic electronic circuits with the popular Arduino microcontroller platform.

Students will learn to design simple and intermediate circuits using electronic components such as diodes, resistors, and transistors, then build these circuits on a breadboard and program them using the Arduino programming system.

No prior experience with electronics or programming is necessary. Concepts taught include an overview of basic electronics components, circuit design, schematic reading, and introductory object-oriented programming. This course is designed for those who wish to create their own customized course that includes material from sumo bot nxt code of conductivity or more of the above courses, either as a review or as newly-introduced material. We will work with parents and students to identify areas of study that are of particular interest.

Students will be given a gentle introduction to the basic tools and techniques for using the Internet. We learn how and why the Internet was created, and learn about its place in history. We continue with the history and creation of the Web, looking at its early days and its evolution. We conclude this class by learning about the organizations that set standards and maintain cohesiveness of the Internet and the Web.

This course begins with a comprehensive look at the various technologies used to connect computers to the Internet, such as analog modems, ISDN, and DSL. We look at the costs, speeds and bandwidths of the various access methods. We look at the difference between analog and digital communication, and learn how modems work. We discuss how high-speed transmission is accomplished using fiber-optic cable.

The course culminates in a visit to a local Internet provider to see the Internet from their perspective. This course is the first in a series that teaches students how and why to write web pages. We begin with an introduction to HTML, the language used to author web pages. We then go through a series of exercises of increasing difficulty that lead students through the construction of their own web pages.

After some practice, the students will be introduced to some software tools that help sumo bot nxt code of conductivity to create web pages sumo bot nxt code of conductivity efficiently. Finally, the students will learn how web pages are uploaded to web servers via programs that implement the FTP protocol. The course will be tailored to the participants and can draw on several of the above topics, as well as additional topics not mentioned.

We examine Internet traffic, and learn how routers are used to direct packets of information in the most efficient manner. Finally, we study Internet connectivity in detail. Students will learn about coral reefs while building a variety of robots, including a scuba diver, a fish, a manta ray and a sea turtle. This is an opportunity for sumo bot nxt code of conductivity to learn along with their parents, grandparents, or other adult friends!

We will also discuss how robots are used in the world today, and offer suggestions of how you can continue exploring the exciting world of robotics. Students will have fun designing, building and programming robots; practice problem-solving skills; and gain an appreciation for the role of robots in our society.

We introduce flowcharts and planning in the robot building process. Learn about robotics, related careers, and programming by combining the art of Sumo wrestling with the creation of computerized robots.

Participants will program a robot to push its opponent out of a Sumo arena and explore how to sumo bot nxt code of conductivity the best winning strategies.

Participants will program a robot to push its opponent out sumo bot nxt code of conductivity a Sumo arena by using sensors, special attachments, sumo bot nxt code of conductivity creative programming; and explore how to develop the best winning strategies. Explore the fascinating world of robotics, related careers, and programming by building and programming Sumo wrestling and tug-of-war robots.

Students will program a robot to push its opponent out of a Sumo arena; then, they will program a robot to play tug-of-war with another robot, all-the-while learning how to develop the best winning strategies. Students will also design and build a robot to interact with objects to complete various missions. They will learn about navigation, attachments and the importance of keeping the design simple, while using creativity to develop winning strategies.

First, students will program a robot to push its opponent out of a Sumo arena; then, they will program a robot to play tug-of-war with another robot, all-the-while learning how to develop the best winning strategies. Students will build and program a variety of robotic machines such as a forklift, Segway, 3-speed transmission, lawn mower, Modular Text Vehicle MTVrobotic arm and trailer pull. Students will build a flexible robotic vehicle that can be easily converted to use wheels or treads.

Students will build the base robot, then build modular attachments for the robot while learning about different sensors.

They will also build their own attachments and program the robot to perform various tasks. Students will be learning how robotics engineers solve problems using the scientific method, and get an opportunity to try out these solutions in a hands-on manner, as they build a variety of different robots.

These are not just robots! You will build and program a spider, a roller coaster, a remote control vehicle, and more. Explore the fascinating world of robotics, related careers, and programming by building and programming a variety of robotic machines. Students will build and program a forklift, Segway, and explorer.

Make background scenery, storyboards, gain experience using cameras and tripods, and have fun being a director.

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