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An electrolarynxsometimes referred to as a " throat back ", is a medical device about the size of a small electric razor used to produce clearer speech by those people who have lost their voiceboxusually due to cancer of the larynx. The most common device is a handheld, battery-operated device placed under the mandible which produces vibrations to allow speech.

Along with developing esophageal voice, robotic voice or undergoing a surgical procedure, the electrolarynx serves as a mode of speech recovery for laryngectomy patients.

Initially, the pneumatic mechanical larynx was developed in the s by Western Electric. It did not run on electricityand was flawed in that it produced a weak voice. Electrolarynxes were introduced in the s, at a time when esophageal voice was being promoted as the best course in speech recovery; however, since that technique is difficult to master, the electrolarynx became quite popular.

Since then, many medical procedures, such as the tracheo-oesophageal puncturewere created to enable speech without continued dependence on smoker robot voice maker free download handheld device.

The use of an electrolarynx can cause social issues, for instance difficulty ordering food, drinks, or other items in noisy environments; [3] or, when smoker robot voice maker free download a telephone, having the caller respond, "Am I talking to a computer? However, quality-of-life improvements due to electrolarynx usage are generally significant.

People are really very kind once they realize what the situation is. I may go into a restaurant once, and if I go back there a year later, and it's the same woman at the front desk, she'll say, "Where have you been? Smoker robot voice maker free download haven't seen you for a while. I'm really very blessed in my life. I am happier now, without my voice, than I've ever been with my voice. It's a small price to smoker robot voice maker free download for being alive and enjoying life.

So I am very happy where I am now. Traditional electrolarynxes produce a monotone buzz that the user articulates into speech sounds, resulting in the characteristic "robotlike" voice quality.

However, in the s, research and commercial multi-tone devices began to be developed, including discrete-tone devices using multiple-position switches [4] or multiple buttons; [5] [6] as well as variable-tone devices controlled by single pressure-sensitive buttons, [7] trackballs[8] gyroscopes, [9] or even electrical detection of the movement of neck muscles. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Eastern Virginia Medical School. Archived from the original on 24 August Retrieved 14 March Retrieved February 13, Retrieved March 14, Journal of Communication Disorders.

Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 1 Mayat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Communication after laryngectomy 8:

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Bob May September 4, — January 18, [1] [2] was an American actor best remembered for playing The Robot on the television series Lost in Space , which debuted in and ran until May appeared in all 83 episodes inside a prop costume built by Bob Stewart; the robot's voice was dubbed by Dick Tufeld , who was also the narrator of the series.

Born in New York City, May was the grandson of vaudeville comedian Chic Johnson , half of the Olsen and Johnson comedy team famed for their blackout gags and orchestrated mayhem. May's first experience in show business came when he was two years old, when his grandfather had him appear in the Hellzapoppin comedy review, together with his partner Ole Olsen. May became an actor, stage performer, stuntman , director and public speaker, appearing in several films together with Jerry Lewis , including The Nutty Professor.

June Lockhart , who played Maureen Robinson in the series, said that May had insisted he got the job because he fit in the robot suit. Irwin Allen , the creator of the Lost in Space television series, selected May to fill the role of the robot, the sidekick of the Robinson family, after May was sent to see him about the part; Allen promised May, "If you can fit in the suit, you've got the job".

When he exited the suit which was made of metal and fiberglass for the first time, he was cut and bleeding, but very happy that he had got the part. The voice of the robot was primarily performed by the show's announcer Dick Tufeld , including the show's catch phrase, "Danger, danger, Will Robinson. May enjoyed playing the part inside the robot, describing the suit as his "home away from home". It was so difficult to get inside the suit, that he would stay inside even during breaks in filming.

Because he couldn't respond to external cues, he would learn the lines of all of the actors in each show so that he would know when it was his line.

During breaks, he would puff on a cigarette inside the suit, with the smoke coming out of the suit amusing other members of the cast. Once Allen showed up on the set in between shooting and saw smoke billowing up out of the suit. He wasn't aware that Bob was still inside, and thought that the suit was on fire.

When he saw that it was Bob smoking inside the suit, he told him that in the future, whenever the script called for the suit to issue smoke, that Bob should be the one to make it happen. The robot costume had been created by art director and production designer Robert Kinoshita , who had been the designer of Robby the Robot from the film Forbidden Planet.

Though the regularly used robot required someone to be inside, there were some shots filmed during the third season of the series that used an unoccupied "stunt robot" in certain long shots. For years, May was a regular at autograph conventions in the Los Angeles area and around the country, sought after by fans of the show. May was never too busy for his fans, he once remarked: Though the robot character appeared in the Lost in Space film , with Dick Tufeld reprising his role as the robot's voice, May did not fill the role of fitting inside the robot in the movie remake.

May's home in an upscale mobile home park in the San Fernando Valley was destroyed in the November California wildfires that hit the Los Angeles area, though he and his wife were able to escape without injury.

May died at age 69 on January 18, at a hospital in Lancaster, California of congestive heart failure. He was survived by his wife, Judith, son, Martin, daughter, Deborah and four grandchildren. He is interred in San Fernando Mission Cemetery.

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