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We usually associate this fragment from the planet Krypton as smallville red kryptonite necklace of the few things that causes our famous hero to weaken.

While there are various versions of Kryptonite in the world of Superman, there has been some changes introduced in the show. Take a look below at these Smallville versions:. Green Kryptonite First Appearance: Whenever he gets exposed to it, his strength is quickly sapped from him, as the Kryptonite drains energy from his body.

Not limited merely to removing his powers, it does so while causing him great pain. Prolonged exposure can even cause death. Due to the sapping of his strength, Clark often finds it difficult to even drag himself away from the kryptonite when it is near him. Lana used to wear a necklace with a piece of the Kryptonite as a pendant.

Clark often appeared to be a bumbling fool around her due to the effect that smallville red kryptonite necklace rock had on his body. Red Kryptonite First Appearance: While in contact with the Kryptonite, Clark develops smallville red kryptonite necklace rebellious if not wholly amoral personality. It causes Clark to ignore any inhibitions he has, which leads to him acting on any whim that he feels at the moment. Smallville red kryptonite necklace can make him appear more confident, since he tends to speak his mind when near this particular Kryptonite.

It also causes him to be reckless with his powers, often using them in the open with no concern for secrecy. Furthermore, he tends to disregard the physical injury that he is capable of inflicting, while under the influence. Black Kryptonite First Appearance: The most mysterious of the Kryptonites on Smallville ; Black Kryptonite appears to cause the splitting or creation of different personalities.

The first glimpse of smallville red kryptonite necklace new Kryptonite is when Martha used it against Clark, who appeared to be brain washed by Jor-El. Silver Kryptonite First Appearance: Exposure to silver kryptonite made Clark experience auditory and visual hallucinations. Another Smallville creation of Kryptonite, Silver Kryptonite was delivered to Lana by Brainiac as smallville red kryptonite necklace seemingly innocent gift.

However, when Clark is in contact with the meteor rock, it causes him to become extremely delusional. Seeing and hearing things that make him believe that everyone is out to hurt or endanger him, Clark becomes extremely paranoid, and dangerous as he sees his worst fears happen before him. Blue Kryptonite First Appearance: Blue kryptonite suppresses Kryptonian powers making them vulnerable.

In the episode BlueClark shattered the blue kryptonite ring restoring his powers and abilities. Please do not repost any part of this section without asking permission from the webmaster.

You must be logged in to post a smallville red kryptonite necklace. Take a look below at these Smallville versions: Red kryptonite infects Clark. Martha uses black kryptonite against Kal-El. Clark puts on a smallville red kryptonite necklace kryptonite ring.

Mixx Delicious Digg Facebook Twitter. Kal-El April 14, at 1: Why does Blue have such a weak description? Where did it come from? Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Smallville Season 8 DVD: A Pleasant Surprise 'Plastique' Review: Hard to Understand 'Toxic' Review: Mercy Revealed Supergirl Returns!

Kristin Kreuk Teases a Tear-filled Farewell.

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