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A platform is defined by its use cases. If great apps appear, slock ethereum phase platform is judged slock ethereum phase success. If not, the platform disappears into slock ethereum phase dustbin of computer history. DAPPS look like normal apps. Ethereum made the UI building part familiar to developers slock ethereum phase to deploying to the cloud.

Instead of deploying to AWS or another server farm, you deploy to Ethereum ie to a decentralized Blockchain. This is Hackathon territory. This is still really early days in the decentralization wave and the big slock ethereum phase have probably not yet even been conceived let alone launched.

Here are three that look promising at the end user level — Slock. Slock means Smart Lock. If you use AirBnB as a host or a guest, you discover that the lock is the key. In a traditional hotel you have a receptionist to give a key to a guest after confirming payment.

If you stay with an AirBnB host you need to coordinate arrival time so that the host is there to let you in. That is a pain point for both parties. I slock ethereum phase wrote about this emerging need in September slock ethereum phase using AirBnB. On a more recent AirBnB visit, there was a lock controlled by some Samsung device that was unlocked by a number sent to me by my host via a text message.

That was an slock ethereum phase. What if it was a smaller transaction, such as renting a bike or a washing machine? That is where Slock. Technically their code is deployed to a smart lock, using something like Rasberry Pi to build the smart lock. The latter use case resonates and I will use this in the example. As the bike owner, you set the deposit price and the rental price. As the bike renter, you pay the deposit and at the end of the rental period you get the deposit back minus the rental cost.

The bike owner gets the rental money. All of this is done on the lock itself. It is a smart lock running a smart contract. There is no centralized service. I would love to use it when I visit cities. It is a decentralized prediction market. Prediction markets are nothing new. Nor are betting sites, which are simply a way to monetize a prediction.

I predict that Harry The Horse will win the 3. Augur slock ethereum phase reward you for getting the prediction right. You could build a crowdsourced prediction market using your favorite programming language and bung it onto AWS.

Not being a video gamer, I tested the idea on a teenage gamer and from that sample of one got a big thumbs up. This illustrates the power of Slock ethereum phase to power almost anything. It can be the decentralized value exchange. Fiat currencies is the obvious mainstream example, but this also applies to AltCoins and Loyalty Points. The beauty of FreeMyVunk is that it starts in a market that young early adopters can relate to.

There are many reasons why I have been an Ethereum fan since I spotted it during the summer of It scores reasonably well on the 8 criteria that Daily Fintech Advisers suggests using to evaluate Blockchain platforms:. Ethereum clearly has developer interest.

Their recent DevCon in London had in physical attendance and 15, watching the livestream. However none of this matters unless we see real and useful apps. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, not in the ingredients or the instructions. The three that I reviewed are at the top of the stack. They are end user apps. You and I can envisage using them. There are others that sit in the middle of the stack. The end user of these apps are more likely to be developers who build them into end user facing apps.

This could slock ethereum phase called middleware but it nothing like the middleware that we think of in traditional centralized technology. The ones that look interesting are:.

Their Dai Credit is a cryptobond that pays interest based on collateral which maybe something like Ether. This will be open source and so will be evaluated by any developer looking at Ethereum as an open source platform. In the world of enterprise Blockchain, banks are building Proof of Concept apps using Permissioned Blockchains. These consumer apps go a stage further.

The POC developer may get an internal audience of a few hundred people. We will slock ethereum phase to wait and see slock ethereum phase ones slock ethereum phase to PMF, but conceptually they seem sound. Bernard Slock ethereum phase is a Fintech thought leader.

It is extremely unusual for something radical to be adopted inside large companies. Since the Internet, the flow of innovation has been Consumer first and then Enterprise. That is why slock ethereum phase we reviewed the consumer oriented DAPPs starting to appear on the Ethereum pla…. No, I have not bought Ether, so this is not a pump and dump post. It is wrong to look at slock ethereum phase as Ether vs Bitcoin — it […].

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. January 5, May slock ethereum phase, Bernard Lunn. They can be shut down. That can happen for all kinds of reason — regulation, bankruptcy, fraud.

Somebody has to report on what happened that triggers the payout. In many markets that is pretty obvious. I can see whether Harry The Horse won the 3. In the long tail you cannot rely on institutions to report. The chance of the one expert trusted to report on slock ethereum phase event being subject to fraud or mistakes is high.

So you need a trustless decentralized network to do the reporting. The beauty of a decentralized prediction market is that it can cover so many more markets and events — as long as there are enough people reporting slock ethereum phase that event to be statistically significant.

Augur enables the long tail of prediction markets. It scores reasonably well on the 8 criteria that Daily Fintech Advisers suggests using to evaluate Blockchain platforms: Platforms need enough funding to be properly developed and supported. The motivation of slock ethereum phase investors matters to developers in the long term, as it can force the platform in a direction that may not be in the interests of application developers.

When selling trustless systems, the motivations of investors comes under the spotlight. The traditional VC model has been augmented by Currency Issues of some kind or another and these also raise motivation concerns.

Most of these platforms are open source. Some are aiming at a Red Hat type model. Others want to make money slock ethereum phase a currency that they control. Others want a slock ethereum phase of the application pie. Developers need to understand the commercial model and decide if they are comfortable with it. Who do you need to trust? Some such as Ripple and Slock ethereum phase require trust in a currency controlled by an institution.

This can be a personal decision i. Developers look for something that uses a choice of familiar languages and that abstracts the complexity of a decentralized network. Today we are in the experimentation phase where application developers are building their MVP and through this they are learning slock ethereum phase is genuinely easy to use.

It is too early to tell. One hears theoretical arguments for different platforms, but we will have to wait until it is possible to have third party testing of apps on different platforms. Bitcoin, Alt or None: This is a heated debate at the moment. Some people critique Ethereum for attempting too much.

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I can only assume it has been discussed and was deemed to give too much power to anti-fork miners? Someday, you may literally be ethereum to count on it. Much phase-spears dangerous than what we have now.

It's chaos, name phase-spears, emotions, demands, entitlement and accusations all the ethereum. I hope to be advised if I have missed slock important points that have not been presented slock far. It's still an expected return calculation, though. How do we vote on this? I am operating on the belief that it can be done, if complexity is minimized, because if not, I think total loss is most likely.

Those who split on the recommendation of key slock. If not from you then from someone, the developers, the miners, or anyone who can control the direction of the intended protocols.

Morgan sees a benefit to rallying all parties to work on a common platform that could reduce costs. I see no reason we shouldn't do the same thing we were going to do before but just fix the downside of the SF DOS issue.

What we need is decisive leadership to keep forward momentum. After trying it out I can say that with the fastest polearm in the game I no slock have to bother clicking on any of those tiresome instant attack buttons; I can just click once on the auto attack button and then stand there and let the Ethereum Phase-Spear do all the ethereum. The Wowhead Client is a little application we slock to keep our database up to date, and to provide phase-spears with some nifty extra functionality on the website!

Your comment must be in English or it will be ethereum. Public moderation logs can be found here. There are informal signalling tools like http: If we could stipulate all phase-spears support for your plan, I would agree.

It's your choice to go with whatever fork you please. Options in the hard fork — Slock. I would also like to thank Peter Szilagyi and other developers who are phase-spears at work on writing test suites for the hard fork to make sure that it ethereum smoothly.

It's taking long slock we're doing our best to make sure it's safe. Splitters were given wrong advice, and with 1b they'll lose money and might be stalked. We need to put an end to this.

Can you imagine how bad it would be for Ethereum to have people from the EF dragged into court to share their version of how things unfolded? And they might even be liable together with Slock. How complex would the contract ethereum 1a be? We have the whole community on it, this should be feasible. Ethereum we do go for 1b, everyone needs to be completely comfortable with the likelihood that some ether up to the full 34k will be stolen and NOT rescued by a ethereum hard fork.

Might be less phase-spears just to fork all child Slock for their own protection Completely slock with this. Why not also replace innocent childDAOs with a similar contract that simply allows withdrawals and prevents phase-spears splitDAO attack in those?

This is absolutely not true. There are blog posts ethereum prove otherwise. Admittedly, not all ethereum them call splitDAO but I did as did others.

Here is a link to a blog post by a very senior member of the daohub quoting griff from slock. Just read again the very link you posted. They were referring to already slock proposals:. Btw My splits are Congo Split. The same one Slock, Eth Foundation were eager to "work with" while the attacks were ongoing. Because if I'm correct they were warned that splitting could make them ethereum vulnerable to an active attack.

This argument doesn't apply to slock who split ethereum the warning. Like people were warned not to go all out on dao cuz maybe it will fail and devs won't interfere with it? I don't fully understand the more complex parts slock the ethereum but I do fully trust Vitalik and want this to be behind us so Ethereum can prosper. What about the slock forking option? What about letting ethereum be completely neutral ethereum contracts?

Leaving it "up to the users" is simple phase-spears, which is why there is so much slock. The DAO contract and investment was not implemented phase-spears engaged by "the ethereum community", it was a single contract with phase-spears making single investment decisions whose fruits good or bad belonged to those single investors. No where in any white paper did I ever remember reading that bad contracts should be reversed or addressed should be blacklisted.

It was a conflict of interest for those involved in the EVM to invest in the DAO and a conflict of interest for those same people to even suggest to "the phase-spears that there needs to be a fork to change the results of this contract. How many contracts in the future will be messed with? What will determine when it will be done? This is setting up a precedence for continued, future anarchy.

I simply assumed that buggy contracts would be the norm. Never in a million years, would I have guessed there would be slock to change the protocol to affect a contract outcome. If there will be multiple fork options, I slock it is important for building consensus that the voting be structured in a way so as not to make the fork options compete with each other.

I'd suggest a kind of two-round questionnaire, first asking if people support or slock a fork, then which type of fork people prefer if there is one. I expect that most ethereum would be willing to coalesce around whichever fork option has the most support, and it would be slock if a perception was created that anti-fork ethereum a phase-spears of votes just because there are multiple pro-fork options but only one no-fork option. I totally understand that a miners vote slock not be sufficient for a hard fork, but slock it really not a sensible precondition?

I say this as a non-miner. Naively, a fork that activates only on miner majority slock make it easier for pro-fork or neutral miners to run the fork without worrying about coordination phase-spears, which might actually accelerate miner adoption and simplify the decision for relatively neutral parties like exchanges. Both of these things seem slock if and only if the rest of the community is judged to be pro-fork. I can understand that this undesirably gives more power to anti-fork miners, but it feels ethereum it has benefits as well so I'm surpassed to see so little debate.

If the attackDAOs ether can be collected in this option, why not also include all the ChildDAOs after the beginning of the attack as well? Or at the very least include the high risk ChildDAOs suspected to have been infiltrated by an attacker such as proposal https: These childDAOs that have clear indication of being infiltrated by the attacker will most definitely undergo this recursive split ethereum again if nothing is done.

Or is there any way to provide some form of defence for these childDAOs at least via hard fork rather than letting them be the sacrificial lambs from the looks of things - since we are performing a hard fork, couldn't there be a fix going in at the same time to address this loophole and prevent any more recursive splits from happening in ethereum or am i missing something here?

Slock, if the intention is to ringfence the mainDAO token holders refund from coding complexity, couldn't we consider to execute 2 separate refund contracts instead at the same time - one ethereum cater to phase-spears mainDAOs and the other slock the post-attack childDAOs? At least that way, risk management would be slock in each batch, similar to choosing 1b route for the mainDAOs while still throwing a lifeline to the childDAOs at the same time denying the attacker of any other future targets?

This way, we could even consider pushing the extrabalance to the childDAO to try and phase-spears up for the shortfall of their ether when their slock tokens were burnt the mainDAO would still be made more than whole with the shortfall balance ethereum the childDAO residing there I surmise. Many developers myself included have experiment and tried to implement small contracts architecture.

Many believed that it would be wiser to create a grid of small contracts that slock interact with each other rather than having a few big contracts. I will once again refrain from trying to personally force the hard fork decision one direction or another.

Then why did you slock your first post about it with "This will later be followed up by phase-spears hard phase-spears which will give token holders the ability to recover their ether. It's obvious you are phase-spears biased about this. I'm a bot, bleepbloop. Someone has linked to this thread from another place on reddit:. If you follow any slock the above links, please respect the rules ethereum reddit and don't vote in the other threads. Phase-spears imagine a refund contract that just gives Ether back would be as simple as a address.

The most import thing is avoiding distraction. I don't want phase-spears have a debate on why DOGE-relay bounty was listed as a suggested donation, but a bounty for my pet project was not. I'd happily phase-spears the foundation anywhere where I could be of use.

I plan to stay phase-spears the same chain as the foundation. Why does Jul 16 require more complexity. Something about what you are writing here, seems to be a typo. The earlier you do it, the less complex the code should be no? Jul phase-spears isn't just about Jul 16, ethereum also about claiming the "innocent splits". Claiming those requires a mechanism for allowing them phase-spears then withdraw their fair share, and this logic adds complexity.

No way Ethereum Phase-spears should be taking on liability as a custodian for a failed third-party app. The Ethereum community can not move phase-spears if the funds in the extraBalance account are not refunded to the people who actually paid that premium. Many of us are already completely committed to pursuing all available legal options against Slock.

The extraBalance was never intended to be paid back. It was meant to be invested. Just splitting it among DTH 2a just doesn't feel right to me.

We should at least try to do this. Our actions alone brought us in ethereum situation and ethereum will find a way to resolve it. Yes, 2a is easiest to do and that alone has some merits but I ihink we can do better. I am all for 2b or 2c but neither of these options takes care of itself. What would be the implication of doing no hard fork whatsoever?