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Ravencoins popularity is also driven by where it can be traded. Typically it is more difficult to get it listed with prime exchanges as they require a certain volume.

Therefore the community tries to build the momentum with some smaller exchanges. Sofar the progress in has been good, but we still need more volunteers to step in to contact exchanges and follow-up. Follow also the progress on Twitter https: This page shall provide information and guidelines how to bring the ravencoin to an exchange.

It should be noted that the process can require some work, but getting listed in an exchange is important process to get Ravencoin recognised by a larger public. Securities are much more controlled and legislated. An important question will be if Ravencoin is a security or not. For this there is a test which can be found here: The website provides some good insights, which might help answering some questions asked in the exchange application. Currently there is no legal assessment of Ravencoins security state.

However we are currently trying to get a legal assessment in place. If You are working work security assessments and can support please contact haxmat and blackjesus on discord.

Ravencoin was first announced in October of at MIT. In the months leading to the official launch on January 3rd , Ravencoin gained support at several conferences and colleges. In the two months after its launch, Ravencoin has seen an exponential groundswell of community support, including the support of the larger mining community. No ICO was undertaken, and neither was a pre-mine utilized.

Ravencoin has attracted many individuals to the community and project due to its fair and grassroots hallmarks of the original Bitcoin launch. Ravencoin differs however from Bitcoin with an increased block reward size, and a faster block time, features which developers have alluded to setting the groundwork for Ethereum style asset transfers and tokens.

RVN is project in development with a dedicated community. In the next phase it will have a native asset layer built into the protocol to allow people to easily tokenize any asset that can be transferred between parties. In principle one can tokenize anything, but a main focus and functionality will be the ability to tokenize securities, as the protocol will also be able to pay out dividends.

ASIC resistance and a wider and more fair distribution is another advantage of Ravencoin. By this time period in Bitcoin's history the coin had less than a dozen miners - RVN has thousands.

Ravencoin is one of the most widely distributed coins - if not THE most. Individual persons are presenting and can bring applications forward though.

The NDA - a non disclosure agreement - is an agreement to restrict information spreading outside the agreeing parties. A company uses NDAs to limit information spreading. Afterall listing on an exchange is a negotiation.

The NDA is limiting the information spread around that process. If You sign a NDA, this also means that You need to be cautious what information to be spread also to the community. For additional support a core developer can be contacted. However there is a compilation of answers already available for Coinomi https: We will want to use this list as our source of truth for which exchanges have been contacted, which ones we are in active discussions with, which ones we will not be moving forward with possibly due to fees.

Everyone can assign themselves to each exchange. Note that this is not a recommendation for a specific exchange. For the Status column, let's try and be consistent so we all know what it means so let's use the following: Dear Ravencoin team, Thank you for your interest in HitBTC, we would be happy to consider integration of your crypto asset in the exchange. Please find our integration offer for custom blockchain below. It will appear highlighted for 14 days and includes: Should anything change in the future, you may rest assured that we will get in touch with you.

In case you have any other questions, feel free to ask. Hi there, Thanks for reaching out. While we are not interested in pursuing a relationship at this time, we will give you a shout if things change in the future. Best of luck with your business and hope to have you as a customer of our exchange soon! Onward and Upward, Gemini Customer Support. Updated with new volume information from our side and request to provide an update Moved to the next level of support No sign of live from Poloniex, sent a reminder.

After careful consideration and several rounds of discussion, we are sorry to inform you that CoinTiger decides not to list RVN for the time being. Please note CoinTiger takes into consideration of several items when determining whether to list a token, including but not limited to market interest, liquidity, innovative application and significant improvement over existing blockchain.

Unfortunately we retain full discretion regarding our decision not to list your token on the exchange. However, please keep in touch with updates about your project and community, and resubmitting your token to CoinTiger later.

Just choose the option that suits your needs the best, and fill in all the required details. If for any reason the listing is rejected due to incompatibility, or failing the code review, the full listing price will be immediately refunded to your account. If you have further technical queries, please write an email with the specifics that can be looked at and answered directly by a member of our Wallet team:.

We aren't against adding any specific tokens but we are perfecting our service before adding any more. We only just added Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. Maybe in the future Ravencoin will be available with Coinmama but I wouldn't be able to say if and when that could be.

Let me know if you have any questions. In the following a couple of steps which You typically find in an application. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in.

Views Read View source View history. News News articles The Fenton Files. Wiki Recent changes Contributing here Help. This page was last modified on 30 June , at Exchange wants to go ahead, but requires, Fee, NDA or legal papers. In this case the fields should be marked. Currently there is a coin page for RVN under https: Initiated, Legal opinion is required by huobi by a top 20 law firm to confirm rvn is not a security. However, we're hoping to begin adding new digital assets in the near future.

I've assigned your request to the appropriate team members, who are responsible for assessing potential new listings. In the meantime, the best way to get up-to-the-minute details regarding which assets are being listed on Kraken is to read our email newsletters and blog http: Emailed for submission Thank you for reaching out to us! We have received your message and our team will be in contact shortly.

For your reference, your support number is Onward and Upward, Gemini Customer Support All coin listings on Cryptopia must be applied for via this page: If you have further technical queries, please write an email with the specifics that can be looked at and answered directly by a member of our Wallet team: They said that they are not accepting new projects at this time. To check back with them in the 4th Quarter of I replied back to see if they can waive the fee for an Open Source project.

I also mentioned our high 24 hr. Waiting to hear back. A word of caution. There have been signs that the exchange has been compromised. Contact originated from IDCM Integration progressing, potentially ready in a week Thank you for reaching out! Best regards, Nathan Happiness Hero. Currently it is possible to list new coins for May, please support: