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Just after the black vans took Silk Road head honcho sheep bitcoin robbery bob Pirate Robberts] away, a new Bitcoin marketplace came onto the scene called Sheep Marketplace. Because the Bitcoin block chain records the history of every transaction, laundering bitcoins is harder than it seems. As far as crimes of the century go, this one is at least in the top ten. Unless the thief behind this heist is extraordinarily smart, though, his identity will most likely be found out eventually.

Anyone take a look at how many people are begging for money, trying to use terminal illness as an excuse. Sounds a bit sketchy to me alhtough it would me much sheep bitcoin robbery bob to get an old microwave, I;ve never rewound one before. I make the money I do with my own sort of business in local classifieds repairing computers and electronics.

Also, where did you get the idea I want to be an expert in isolation transformer technology? I guess reading with your ass jumbles up words a fair bit, interesting that you can read and speak with the same orifice though. Hospital grade isolation transformer are not tech isolation transformer. Hospital grade means it will protect the equipment from spikes and noise but will also have the secondary tied to ground for common mode noise rejection, meaning you are not protected at all.

Plus, Note there are many other safety issues that can get you even when using a tech IT. See my video on how to alter a hospital grade IT into a tech IT as well as some of the gotchas. Overlooking that V. Unless you have the need for all those outputs, the unit Todd directed you to would get one on your bench quicker. Use a DMM and check for continuity between all outputs and ground, it should be open loop.

Any hospital grade IT I have seen has the secondary grounded for added noise filtering to give a super clean signal to the hospital instruments. When sheep bitcoin robbery bob an IT that does have the secondary grounded a GFI can be put on the output of the IT to protect the patients from a grounding event. I have tripped my bench GFI many times. I have started taking apart a microwave transformer to rewind as a high current battery charger.

The best way is to remove one end with an angle grinder or hacksaw. Get the same model as they will have the same transformer. Some have copper sheep bitcoin robbery bob and some have aluminium windings. The copper is better. Re-cap it finding some way to strongly hold the cap on. Tap and die or bolt right through. If you use two of the same part then this will be the case. Phase imbalance safety circuit breaker. Sell them, of course. If and when they need Bitcoins for some operation, they can always by some more.

Some benevolent lunatic has paid them hundreds of dollars in a matter of hours. Even if absolutely everyone cheats sheep bitcoin robbery bob, keeping the latest payment for themselves — the thief can extract roughly a quarter of the money, potentially very quickly.

It can be used to crash the market at the height of a bubble, because the free bitcoins on the market are diminishing in numbers due to the high demand. But how many times can we say this was only. Considering that the total sheep bitcoin robbery bob of Bitcoins that will ever exist does have a limit…. The villain, Goldfinger, acquires a whole bunch of gold, including Fort Knox, with the intent of destroying the gold to boost the value of his private gold stash.

Interestingly, the amount stolen was about 0. Makes you wonder just how much Bitcoins are used as a black market currency. Like a black market. So why couldnt you just use bitcoin gambling services sheep bitcoin robbery bob launder the coins? Assuming they dont make their records public wouldnt you get back someone elses coin?

Well other issue is a lot of sites sheep bitcoin robbery bob any kind of proxies, including TOR. The real reason sites allow BTC is because PayPal is the sheep bitcoin robbery bob combination of pimp and preacher to their users. I was referring to darknet gambling services. They sheep bitcoin robbery bob themselves as essentially RNGs and advertise the payout rates, I can only assume the only people who use them are people laundering coins because there is no traditional game aspect to it like poker or blackjack.

Because casinos which are highly regulated by state gaming boards are the same thing as a unregulated one on the darknet? Their safety relies on no-one in the chain saying anything, and everyone getting enough real money to incentivise them to keep quiet. The whole BTC is a pyramid scheme because it only works as long as it gets new investors to replace the old ones that cash out of the game.

You do realise that your definition somewhat fits all the currencies in use?? The difference though is that all other currencies can be inflated by increasing money supply. Thus essentially a well hidden slavery. But why would the gambling operators care where the coins come from? They simply take a cut and give it to someone else who also uses their service. They seem like the perfect laundering BC operation. Incidentally, you just described the entire bitcoin economy there.

The money is worthless unless you find some shmuck to exchange it with for something real, and the only way to get out of the game is to find someone stupider than you were. Bitcoin become mainstream, fund and trader are exchanging it. It is just something highly volatile that make you win a lot. Bitcoin user are not intelligent enough to care or even to understand that. If that stealer is intelligent enough and he probably is, he will use advanced technique to wash it and nobody will be able to find who he is.

As said above in the thread, they are plenty of people willing to make money by any means. Without even knowing the risk, caring about it or at least even understanding it. Money is money since they are no regulation yet on BTC those people sheep bitcoin robbery bob not risk a lot, they might not risk anything at all.

The only way to piss him off is to block his wallet on MtGox and other trading hub, but since they are no regulatory authority it sheep bitcoin robbery bob just goodwill…. He could just send small amounts to random beggars and wait till they start using it, then he could send small amount to his own wallet and no-one would know who is the real thief?

He may not get M, but maybe he can buy something nice once in a while, hell, if he wanted he could become robin hood and send money to everyone. That seems like a fairly simple way to launder them.

Am I right to assume that people who were robbed are never going to see their money again? I user 1 print sheep bitcoin robbery bob bill with serial numbertherefore 1 owns If I transfer it to you user 2everyone in the network knows and needs to agree that 1 transferred to 2, thus making 2 the owner.

If I try to transfer again, this gets rejected because everyone already knows from the public recorrd belongs to 2. The problem comes when the bad guy, 3 steals from you. You know that you once hadand you know that 3 took it, but the identity of 3 is a mystery. No matter what 3 does withit will be a matter of public record. You can create as many users as you want, so if 3 creates a new user copy of himself 4, then he can transfer to user 4 … but then now the problem is you now know that 4 has the coin, and 4 probably knows 3, either through a business transaction or.

The countries where you can rely on folks not just handing over data on customers who paid them in bitcoins are also the places where organizations like the CIA, NSA, or Mossad can figuratively or in some cases literally walk in and take the info they need. As said above, social engineering is the solution. Then watch what other people do with the money and act statistically indistinguishable from them with the half he controls. Landry the coins exchanging them with another crypto and then back to BTC?

Take btc, buy litecoin on different excanges, send litecoin to your multiple addresses, make some laundry on sheep bitcoin robbery bob wallet, resend to different excange accounts, reconvert to BTC. Quite boring but would this work?

You are in charge. Otherwise you can just use a normal more stable currency with services that provide protection sheep bitcoin robbery bob backing etc.

The money could VERY easily be laundered by anonmyously exchanging Bitcoins for Litecoins, second life lindens, sheep bitcoin robbery bob, back and forth. Doing so would break the bitcoin block chain. Bitcoin is a ponzi scheme. Until that point the price will continue to inflate hilariously. For 10mil well that amount is kind of worrying anyway. I use it they are legit internet shop that propose a kind of paypal tied to MtGox to accept your BTC. It is convenient and easy.

FIY the suspected thief has been majorly doxxed quite a while ago, his name and identity sheep bitcoin robbery bob quite public. BitCoin scam…One of the largest thefts of all time? This pales in comparison to what the Private Banks i. They are a private commerical bank! As a side note, I think there are now bitcoin laundering jobs for hundreds of hackers.

If I know anything about economics, taking that many bitcoins off the market assume the thief never uses them will definitely make the existing bitcoins worth more. If the thief was smart he would have bought a bunch of legit bicoins and profited that way.

It a false asumption, bitcoin worth something for quite a while now. You can use it for legit purpose and buy real physical stuff with it.

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Title: Re: Lifelong Programmer Looking For Work (See what I can do) Post by: LordSonjai on December 11, 2014, 01:18:35 AM may i have your contact info. Could it really be because the FSA has been sending notices to exchanges lately.