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Join my telegram group: Rentberry cryptocurrency aims to use the berry token to revolutionize the long-term estate rental space. Rentberry is a company up and running and expanding well since I like the core team, as they have experiences and expertise in each of their respective areas.

Their investor backings are impressive. In my opinion, Rentberry ICO is a very safe ICO to invest inbecause the problem they are trying to solve is not hard and can be achieved within a year or two. This is a very applicable, and scalable token, although might not be aiming to solve an insane problem in the society. My name is Tony Tian, and I am a private crypto investor who engage in long-term investing and swing trading. Welcome to my channel! Here you will find the most up-to-date cryptocurrency long-term recommendations, technical analysis, and price predictions.

Please hit the subscribe button, and give my videos a huge thumb up if you find them helpful! Hi Tony, I just bought Berry tokens but my current average token price is different than yours. Do you know why? Hey can you checkout out GCN?

It's still really cheap atm. And the developer is working on opening his own exchange. Would be great if you could give some feedback. Purchaser acknowledges, understands and agrees that Purchaser should not expect, and there is no guarantee or representation or warranty by Rentberry, that a BERRY Tokens will be listed for trading on any exchange, or b the Rentberry Platform will be adopted as described in the White Paper and not in a different or modified form.

Some of your subscribers and me are wondering why you invested into Rentberry even though they will not trade at exchanges? Segwit2x bitcoin fork and ignis airdrop full breakdown and how to participate in both 51 it says "As of the date of publication of this whitepaper, BERRY Tokens have no known potential uses outside of the Rentberry platform ecosystem and are not permitted to be sold or otherwise traded on third-party exchanges.

I expect you to remove this comments coz your a selfish coward who uses his platform for personal gaming and manipulation. No experience with ICO. What are your predictions that each rentberry token will start on exchange? At first, it seemed like you were investing a lot, but after seeing your profit from Tron, I'm a bit hesitant in investing that much.

Rentberry, however, seems quite unique, but segwit2x bitcoin fork and ignis airdrop full breakdown and how to participate in both it really that great of an idea?

I don't know because I bought a place and never rented other than when I was in college. Anyone ever heard of upcoin? Has a for sign up for first k. Seems like a marketing ploy but not sure. Thank you for your analysis. Do you you receive any financial benefit from promoting Rentberry or this a fully independent recommendation? They are "based" in San Francisco, but the entire team is Russian, and the final supply is yet to be decided? Nice website, but fishy ICO, I'm not sure why segwit2x bitcoin fork and ignis airdrop full breakdown and how to participate in both even need the blockchain for this business, and k house listings in cities?

Trulia has more than that in a single city. Found this in their terms and conditions: LOL, fail on this one. If you buy this ico when do you actually get the tokens. When will you be able to actually trade them and do we know what the exchange is yet? Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

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So what does this mean for NXT owners? Could NXT bring a rewarding Christmas present and a good start to ? Expect massive change and a manipulated crash. If you want to trade, HitBTC have low trading commissions. You will help us too, we receive tiny very tiny reward. Here I am in my Scottish manor, with a roaring yule log fire in full crackle, mountains covered in snow, and a second glass of whisky.

NXT and Ignis airdrop has me wondering. Right now, forget Bitcoin's tiny x16 increase during NXT increased x! That block split was important because knowledgeable investors knew they could potentially take an early exit.

Little evils like discrimination I can overcome in trading. Dishonesty I deal with head on. I was concerned Jelurida have a far worse evil, an evil so nasty it ruins executive teams and enterprises: It is that aspect, if it remains in the team, I would wish to draw their attention to. Some people could view an intended Christmas Day fork as anti-Christian; others as being a sleight to traders who risk to lose when home traders take an advantage; and others that it is simply awful to start a launch process fork to coincide with Christmas — and to predators who wish to flash launch their own fork Segwit2x Bt2X?

I'm concerned that others in the executive team have failed to address dumping and price manipulation on exchanges. That dumping and manipulation is not a guess: With plenty examples too, like NXT9.

It's not just a problem for Jelurida, it's a problem throughout what has become the blockchain industry, and one that governments and public protection authorities around the world are dealing with right now. That's what my brain cells are pondering. I'm not doing a PR exercise for or against NXT and it's coin family, I'm exploring a balance and attempting to draw a conclusion as to how high NXT can climb if left to do so naturally and managed by a team that have the same strength as other top league cryptocurrency players.

That balancing exercise must include identifying some of the darker sides of cryptocurrency ICOs. And shocking as it may seem to those who have no experience of a corporate boardroom, sometimes a "wake up" hand slammed on a desk causes action and positive outcomes. Why darker aspects of cryptocurrency and ICOs? Hey Mike, it's Christmas? I know it's Christmas and I AM being nice given that Jelurida convinced me to put my money into their trust when there are signs of either the biggest Christmas heist in history, a breakdown in communicating to investors, or far worse incompetence with ordinary folk's money.

That's whose paying for their dreams — you and me. I want to know a coherent capable team. There's news for a start, there's new executives on the team! There's also considerations beyond more than two weeks. Can I trust the NXT team?

Do people really believe that Ardor price will grow when it's so immature and Ardor will take some time to gather processing nodes? For good reason too! I'm working this through, in this personal conversation between me and myself. Though difficult at times, because some issues look like they belong with formal agencies and others are so exciting I want to tell friends, I attempt a balance wholly devoid of bias. That means having to deal with nasty stuff and irritating objectors of the nasty variety as well as things that please the not-so-easily pleased, no apologies.

I don't apologise for the nice stuff either but you'll have to read on to get there! BTW, I aim to be fair. If there are specific aspects of this article that are wrong or not too diplomatically worded, please provide feedback.

What I hope is that readers without much trading experience can get up to speed sufficently to hone their their own research and avoid the multitude of cryptocurrency trading traps ready to grab people by their money.

Of course, BTC recovered again. Jelurida set out their plans on 09 July https: Notice at the end of the article: If you receive information from other sources always make sure that it is consistent with this page. After further digging I discover the ICO story didn't begin in I am informed that Jelurida was formed in October I want to know about where my money's going.

I'm like other investors. Had Elizabeth not given me reason to do so I would not have engaged, as an investor, in fieldcraft and due diligence, nor hear what is said in that video indicating formal links between the then NXT Foundation and Jelurida. Is someone outside Jelurida calling some of the shots of that company, or are they shareholders? Given the association, it was surprising to discover registration details of the nxtplatform website http: The same for nxter.

Why would Jelurida and their active associates want to hide anything? Is there anything here indicating actus reus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea or was this change pure naivety?

Now suspicious by what then appeared to be Jelurida's lack of candour I look more closely, at cogent evidence. I'm not raising anything of sinister conduct at this stage: Not that I'm bothered. I've done more than a bit of court representation, and drafting national legislation. Apart from that article above, I distinctly recall seeing on Jelurida's website that 1,, block figure and a reference to it being reached about 25 December.

Ardor genesis block snapshot information was repeated at https: Lo and behold that Ardor genesis snapshot block at 1,, relied upon to attract investment in the ICO, and set to occur about Christmas day, was changed.

It was not apparent on Jelurida's website, but that change occurred about the first week in December according to https: Why did Jelurida change their time-line without explanation? Look at that Ardor release time-line link now. No mention of 1,, The date has changed to 28 December. No explanation at the point of interest, where it should be. When organisations go to market for public investment they do so on the basis of trust.

They have an idea, they put it wholly and honestly to potential investors. If after consideration and analysis potential investors are convinced by the idea, they put their money in. If investors are misled it can be a brand killer, or worse. In Jelurida's case, a significant part of the ICO was that free Ignis would be given at a snapshot taken on or very near Christmas Day, specifically when block 1,, would probably be reached. Astute investors knew a large percentage of other investors would be too busy tucking into Christmas pudding and wine to bother about trading at the right time for maximum exit.

Some investors also knew from calculations that the snapshot block would almost certainly occur a day or two before Christmas day. My calculations consistently displayed Christmas Eve. I'm bothered enough by all this to dig deeper to discover how far this side of the balancing exercise is weighted against positive rewards, in the next two weeks and over I should mention at this stage of my considerations that despite my concerns about Jelurida management they seem no worse than other top coin executives with more serious problems.

Thus far it may seem I'm having a dig at Lior. I'm unfolding the road to corporate maturity, and the ability to take on big players in the blockchain game. I check Lior's feedback. Checks have an effect on my perspective. I'm beginning to form a picture of what is really happening. Is Lior a talented software architect with vision and a calm disposition, persistently dogged by a committee of enthusiasts? He had every reason to bite at my critical observations but he didn't.

He succinctly explained that the date for Ardor genesis block split from NXT was deliberately intended to coincide with a time ordinary folk have a small advantage over investment houses. All it had to do with Christmas was based on an employment holiday. I doff my hat to that! He explains enough to encourage me to dig further. Exchanges need to arrange things at block split time, not least for security reasons, protecting investors and avoiding frauds like double replay attacks.

Exchanges must insist that coin wallets work too, for if it's a wallet with security breaches then the exchange gets the grief, not the wallet vendors. Unfortunately, Ardor wallet isn't available until after 28 December, exchanges cannot make their decisions to trade Ardor on it's own blockchain, and it's impossible to split Ardor from the NXT blockchain before they have wallets working to their satisfaction.

Not having realised these factors before ICO, Jelurida are caught between a rock and hard place. I have my own boardroom stories of that situation: Personally, I would have delayed launch and said why, but they made their decision to redefine a new block to coincide with 28 December smarty pants here suggested 1,, to coincide with Although they didn't defer launch date, Jelurida did carry on calmly, and from that video with Marc Mesel that seems to come from Lior.

Mr Yaffe is starting to seem okay in the cockpit! Investors refer to big buyers and sellers as whales. Whales arrive and scoop up trades until their limit is quenched. There are also manipulators who place big orders sufficient to suggest to smaller investors there's no point in holding position. Small investors, minions " the herd " , sell and price lowers.