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The New General Ledger offers many new features also see the below diagram. Due to changes in accountancy companies now need to perform the following. The new totals table FAGLFLEXT contains new standard fields for storing totals, this can then be used for segment reporting, profit-center updating, cost-of-sales accounting, cost-center updating, preparation for consolidation and business-area updating.

It is possible to add additional fields to the totals table but this may degrade performance, if possible try and use the standard SAP table. Using these tables you can update different characteristics and document splitting information, period sap general ledger totals table and currencies in specific ledgers for individual documents, so as to perform reporting tasks for specific dimensions at the line-item level.

SAP has defined two types of ledgers. Because the leading ledger exists in all company codes across clientsall primary postings related to daily operations invoices, payments, etc are normally updated in all ledgers assigned to a company code. However if you only specify a ledger or ledger group then postings will only be posted to these specified ledgers.

Typically you select a ledger or ledger group for posting most of the secondary transactions such as allocations, valuation postings and period-end adjustments postings, both the primary and secondary transactions can be split on-line during document entry itself. If a ledger group contains sap general ledger totals table leading ledger then that leading ledger becomes the representative ledger for that ledger group.

If there is no leading ledger in the ledger group you can denote one of the non-leading ledgers as the representative ledger as shown in the below diagram. During postings the sap general ledger totals table check is always performed for the leading or representative ledger, in this way the system makes sure that postings are made only if the period of the leading or representative ledger allow it.

The system does not validate any other fiscal year definitions sap general ledger totals table exist in other ledgers of the ledger group, the software updates the other ledgers in every case which does not prevent completion of the posting.

For asset accounting FI-AA you need to use the depreciation areas to model the parallel accounting. Bear in mind that you can still make the account assignments outside the document splitting at the component application itself in SAP where postings from SD or MM result in the pre-determined account assignments such as expenses or revenues. Document splitting removes the complex data entry at a later date and results in transparent postings.

It also enables creation of sap general ledger totals table balance sheets at the segment and profit-center level. Segment reporting provides a breakdown of data in financial statements by individual enterprise areas such as divisions, geographical areas, etc, this makes the profit and risk situation of the individual enterprise area's segments transparent.

There is no dependency upon any sap general ledger totals table or relationship of company codes or controlling areas, you can define segments such as business areas, in one client and use the same across all company codes within that client.

There are several ways to to maintain segment information. The document splitting procedure is the prerequisite for creating financial statements at any time for the segment dimension, you need to setup a zero sap general ledger totals table setting for the segment characteristics, you can use the segment dimension to represent the segment levels, if you want to represent in two dimension primary and secondary segmentationyou can do this as follows: If differences arise between the leading and non-leading ledgers views during posting of APC values, the system will post the values to the corresponding ledger group using the delta depreciation area.

The depreciation postings are made to the corresponding ledger group as complete postings for specific depreciation areas. Financial consolidation refers to the aggregation of financial statements of a group company as consolidated financial statements. For example if one company owns another company financial statements can be consolidated where all subsidiaries report under the umbrella of the parent company. This is only an interim solution because the extract can be created only by using the format of the standard totals table GLT3.

You can perform a roll-up via the following sap general ledger totals table. Fast closing is now a series of repeatable process steps and managing those steps in accordance with best practices and a tightly controlled schedule. Fast closing helps you create a non-consolidated balance sheet at characteristics-level at any time, so you don't need to run additional programs to split the characteristics.

Denoted as 0L in the standard system, all company codes in a sap general ledger totals table are to be assigned to this ledger, it is used to portray the group-valuation view. You can also assign one or two additional local currencies that can serve as the parallel currencies apart from the first local currency or global-company currency. You have to assign the book depreciation area 01 of asset accounting to the leading ledger, besides integrating the Controlling CO as well only the values from the leading ledger are sent to CO.

These are additional ledgers that you can define in addition to the leading ledger. Defined for each company code, you can assign different characteristics values and fiscal-year definitions to these ledgers and use them for different purposes, such as parallel accounting and management reporting.

You can use one or more currencies of the leading ledger as the currency of the additional ledgers. For example lets say you used USD for the first currency and Euro, INR as the second and third currencies you would not be allowed to use GBP for your non-leading ledgers, basically the currency for a non-leading ledger must be defined in the leading ledger. This sap general ledger totals table view which is specific to a ledger where postings made here are to a specific ledger or ledgers.

Inheritance by subsequent processes of Business Transactions - applicable in cases such as clearing of vendor and customer invoices, this solution offers transfers from the original account assignment of the invoice to the clearing lines, after the clearing transaction, the original item such as the payables or receivables line and the clearing item for the respective account assignment are balanced to zero, this variant is a fixed feature in the program and cannot be altered.

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