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To her studying magic was not purely just to gain or achieve something, it was a means to an end, to fulfill a dream she had ever since she was a little girl. To Duessa rpg maker vx ace robot faceset was become the object of worship of those around her, to turn herself into something more than she already was, to transform herself into an actual goddess.

Librarium Monster suggestion box! Map sprites, facesets and more! The dryad queen was once an elven girl that died in a cursed forest, her soul possessed a seed and she was born again as a dryad. The dryad queen will kill everyone who dare enter the forest and turn them into nourishment for her offspring. A spiritual fighter decided to seek more knowledge and more power, to fill all the gaps of his doubts. After wearing it he felt that it was sucking his life out of his body.

Now he know what the artifact rpg maker vx ace robot faceset Instead, with the fragile prison, he now channel his energies to use the demon to his will, summoning a giant blue claw to attack his enemies following the moves he does with the gauntlet.

Deep underground, chained to Tartarus itself, there lies a legend. The architect of the primordial sin. A creature filled with nothing but malice, the titan of eternal darkness. The force of terror rushes to the rpg maker vx ace robot faceset and breaks open the very Earth. Ilnoct the Imprisoned One has returned, and he is looking to resume his reign of fear. Now rpg maker vx ace robot faceset is half robot and half plant, with bushes and vines growing out of his body, as well as some golden flowers that maybe one day will be golden apples.

The first release in the Librarium Zodiac Creatures archetype! Flynn was trapped in a tower with a wishing rpg maker vx ace robot faceset his only wish was to get out the wish turned him into a slime the first and only slime allowing him to slide out of the tower. His slime trail every so often births a new slime and it may exhibit one of the powers he possesses from when he was a human channeller.

This is the foundation of the slime city he rules. He is not evil but will fight with all his channeled might and slime abilities to protect the slimes and what they guard. He is also larger than most of the other slimes. A large centaur like creature, half horse, half man, with insane strength and speed, he can jump very high, gallop very fast, and swing an axe faster than you can blink an eye.

Huge arms and hands, along with huge legs, he can crush you in a second or trample you if you are down. All adventurers take caution when fighting him. One wrong move could be your last. Today we see the release for God Warrior Isis! As suggested by Anonfox93 over at Patreon:. A new take on Isis combining the matriarch of the Egyptian gods with a sphinx having control over both wind and earth magic i. Secondary attack she swings her paw at the party close range.

Her Defense stance is her covering her body with her wings,etc. As suggested by Sarah R. A powerful monarch who is the king the legendary knights once swore to serve. A truly evil demon disguised as an aged and wise monarch. You look at him and see: A former knight who has been disgraced and forgotten by rpg maker vx ace robot faceset kingdom he once served.

He found a new cause serving the God of the Underworld, Hades acting as his best soldier. He wields a flamberge and massive rpg maker vx ace robot faceset with a horned helmet.

A fun creature for sure, mixing machinery and earth together! As suggested by Anonfox93 over at Patreon: Winter season is here and with it some extra xmas themed creatures this time around!

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