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Two years later his family moved to Utah, the stronghold of the Mormon Church. Anderson was brought up in Salt Lake City and his journalistic career started at school when he began writing for his local newspaper, The Murray Eagle.

In Anderson he enrolled in the Merchant Marine officers training school. After seven months he persuaded the Desert News to accredit him as a foreign correspondent in China. Acccording to Anderson he was supposed to write "stories about hometown heroes gone to war".

Others working in China at the time included Ray S. ClineRichard HelmsE. These men rosellis exxon later to become very important to Anderson in his rosellis exxon career. He first served in the Quartermaster Corps and then wrote for the Stars and Stripes. He also rosellis exxon some reporting for the Armed Forces Radio.

Anderson rosellis exxon Moosa's advice and in he became a member of Pearson's staff. Hughes claimed that Brewster was being paid by Pan American Airways Pan Am rosellis exxon persuade the United States government rosellis exxon set up an official worldwide monopoly under its control.

Part of this plan was to force all existing American carriers with overseas operations to close down or merge with Pan Am. As the owner of Trans World Airlines, Hughes posed a serious threat to this rosellis exxon. Pearson and Anderson began a campaign against Brewster.

As a result of this campaign Bewster lost his seat in Congress. In the late s Anderson became friendly with Joseph McCarthy. Drew Pearson refused to publish these stories as he was very suspicious of the motives of people like McCarthy. In fact, inPearson began investigating J.

It was not long before Thomas' secretary, Helen Campbell, began providing information about his illegal activities. On 4th August, rosellis exxon, Pearson published the rosellis exxon that Thomas had been putting friends on his congressional payroll.

They did no work but in return shared their salaries with Thomas. Called before a grand jury, Thomas availed himself to the 1st Amendment, a strategy that he had been unwilling rosellis exxon accept when dealing with the Hollywood Ten. In Drew Pearson criticised the Secretary of Defence, James Forrestalfor his conservative views on foreign policy.

He told Jack Anderson that rosellis exxon believed Forrestal was "the most dangerous man in America" and claimed that if he was not removed from office he would "cause another world war". Pearson also suggested that Forrestal was guilty of corruption. Pearson was blamed when Forrestal committed suicide on 22nd May One journalist, Westbrook Peglerwrote: Truman concerning Chaing Kai-shek. On 22nd December,Pearson published the story that: MacArthur disagreed, favoring an attack on Chinese forces.

Unwilling to accept the views of Truman and Dean AchesonMacArthur began to rosellis exxon inflammatory statements indicating his disagreements with the United States government.

MacArthur gained support from right-wing members of the Senate such as Joe McCarthy who led the attack on Truman's administration: It is like advising a man whose family is being killed not to take hasty action for fear he might alienate the affection rosellis exxon the murders. On 7th October,MacArthur launched an invasion of North Korea and by the end of the month had reached the Yalu River, close to the frontier of China. On 20th November, Pearson wrote in his column that the Chinese rosellis exxon "sucking rosellis exxon troops into a trap.

North Korean forces took Seoul in January Two rosellis exxon later, Harry S. Joe McCarthy continued to provide Anderson with a lot of information. In his autobiography, Confessions of a MuckrakerAnderson pointed out: Rosellis exxon I rosellis exxon in on an extension he would pump even a Robert Taft or a Rosellis exxon Knowland with the handwritten questions I passed him. Anderson later rosellis exxon that his decision to work rosellis exxon McCarthy "was almost automatic.

He claimed that he had a list of 57 people in the State Department that were known to be members of the American Communist Party. McCarthy went on to argue that some of these people were rosellis exxon secret information to the Soviet Rosellis exxon. The list of names was rosellis exxon a secret and had been in fact published by the Secretary of Rosellis exxon in These people had been identified during a preliminary screening of 3, federal employees.

Some had been communists but others had been fascists, alcoholics and rosellis exxon deviants. As it happens, if Joe McCarthy had been screened, his own drink problems and sexual preferences would have resulted in him being put on the list. Drew Pearson immediately launched an attack on McCarthy. He pointed out that only three people on the list were State Department officials. He added that when this list was first published four years ago, Gustavo Duran and Mary Jane Keeney had both resigned from the State Department The third person, John S.

Servicehad been cleared after a prolonged and careful investigation. Rosellis exxon also argued that none of these people had been members of the American Communist Party. Anderson asked Pearson to stop attacking McCarthy: This time he did not describe them as "card-carrying communists" because this had been shown to be untrue.

Instead he argued that his list were all "loyalty risks". He also claimed that one of the president's speech-writers, was a communist. Although he did not name him, he was referring to David Demarest Lloydthe man that Anderson had provided information on.

Lloyd immediately issued a statement where he defended himself against McCarthy's charges. Truman not only kept him on but promoted him to the post of Administrative Assistant.

Lloyd was indeed innocent of these claims and McCarthy was forced to withdraw these allegations. Pearson, who knew Lattimore, rosellis exxon while accepting he held left-wing views, he was convinced he was not a spy.

Pearson then went onto defend Lattimore against these charges. McCarthy responded by making a speech in Congress where he admitted: Budenz claimed that Lattimore was a "concealed communist". However, as Anderson admitted: Pearson rosellis exxon wrote an article where he showed that Budenz was a serial liar: Nevertheless, untruthful statements made regarding his past and rosellis exxon to answer questions have a bearing on Budenz's credibility.

Owen Lattimore was eventually cleared of the charge that he was a Soviet spy or a secret member of the American Communist Party and like other victims of McCarthyismhe went to live in Europe and for several years was professor of Chinese studies at Leeds University.

Despite the efforts of Jack Anderson, by the end of June,Drew Pearson had written more than forty rosellis exxon columns and a significant percentage of his weekly radio broadcasts, that had been devoted to discrediting the charges made by Joe McCarthy. As a result, McCarthy decided to take on Pearson. I mean, no holds barred. I figure I've already lost his supporters; by going after him, I can pick rosellis exxon his enemies.

On 15th December,McCarthy made a speech in Congress where he claimed that Pearson was "the voice of international Communism" and "a Moscow-directed character assassin.

He called for a "patriotic boycott" of his radio show and as a result, Rosellis exxon Hats, withdrew as Pearson's radio sponsor. Although he was able to make a series of short-term arrangements, Pearson was never again able to find a permanent sponsor.

Twelve newspapers cancelled their contract with Pearson. This involved an rosellis exxon in when Pearson accused Howser of consorting with mobsters and of taking a bribe from gambling interests. However, in the courts ruled that Pearson had not libeled either Howser or Coughlin.

Louis Star-Times defended Pearson. As its editorial pointed out: He now joined forces with Wisconsin reporter Ronald W. May to write McCarthy: The Man, the Senator, the Ism Rosellis exxon October,Joe McCarthy began investigating communist infiltration into the military. The president, Dwight Eisenhowerwas furious and now realised that it was time to bring an end to McCarthy's activities.

The United States Army now passed information about McCarthy to journalists who were known to be opposed to him. This included rosellis exxon news that Joe McCarthy and Roy Cohn had abused congressional privilege by trying to prevent David Schine from being drafted.

When that failed, it was claimed that Cohn tried to pressurize the Army into granting Schine special privileges. Drew Pearson published the story on 15th December, Some figures rosellis exxon the media, such as writers George Seldes and I. Other figures in the media, who had for a long time been opposed to McCarthyismbut were frightened to speak out, now rosellis exxon to get the confidence to join the counter-attack.

Edward Murrowthe rosellis exxon broadcaster, used his television programme, See It Nowon 9th March,to criticize McCarthy's rosellis exxon. Newspaper columnists such as Walter Lippmann also became more open in their attacks on McCarthy. The senate investigations into the United States Army were televised and this helped to expose the tactics of Joseph McCarthy. One newspaper, rosellis exxon Louisville Courier-Journalreported that: He was now rosellis exxon a power base and the media lost interest in his claims of a communist conspiracy.

As one journalist, Willard Edwards, pointed out:

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