Robots receive a scary-accurate new voice, courtesy of Google’s DeepMind

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When you speak, your vocal chords vibrate. You can feel this if you put your hand against the front of your throat while you speak. This vibration makes the air in your throat and mouth vibrate and a little sound wave is created.

The sound robot speaking sound waves moves through the air and when you hear someone speak, this is the sound wave hitting your ear drum and triggering nerve impulses to your brain.

But the sound wave that comes out of your mouth when you speak is sensitive to movements in the air. What does it sound like?

All over the place, or high pitched? I will so HAVE to try this on the weekend before answering. Sounds like an excellent excuse, I mean, reason to play with a robot speaking sound waves. As the fan spins, the blade robot speaking sound waves sound, then the gap does not reflect any sound, then the next blade reflects sound, then the next gap does not reflect any sound, and so on. I tested this out on the weekend and everyone in the house had a go at this. My voice sounded almost like a robot.

Theres two things happening from what I observed. Here is a video with a little more information on sound. So when talking to a fan that is moving, the soundwaves leaving your mouth can do two things. It can hit a blade and be reflected back at you making your voice sound a little louder or it can travel in between the gaps of the blade and travel onwards making your voice sound normal.

Robot speaking sound waves, because the fan is spinning really fast we end up hearing both the loud and quiet voice at nearly the same time and we end up hearing a strange robotic like voice.

Mat Mags Kieran Bridget Aimee. Ask Talking to the Scientists Vote. When I mean play, I mean investigate science. Related Questions whats the weirdest thing you have found? If you could talk with any scientist who ever lived, who would you pick?

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