Pixel Pop Answers & Solutions: Movies, TV Shows, Music, Logos and Games Answers

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Icon Pop Mania Answers. These are cheats and answers to every Icon pop mania question. This walkthrough covers all the hints, tips and solutions you need to finish the game before your friends. Icon pop mania is available for the iPhone, iPad, ipod touch and Android devices.

Alegrium games are the developers of Icon pop mania. Here are the solutions and Icon pop mania answers for every question in the game. Psy — a yellow background and a male face with bowtie and glasses. Captain America — white star on a target with blue background.

USA — man with an American hat. Superman — red pants. Michael Jackson — a weird theater logo of a man on tiptoes. Coca Cola — A bottle of brown liquid.

Mickey Mouse — white glove hand. Sydney — logo of the Sydney opera house in Australia. Be careful of the drop bears. United Kingdom — small man with big black hat and red jacket. Apple — a rainbow colored apple logo. Iron Man — A yellow loading symbol on a red background. London — an image of the big clock building in Europe. Egypt — yellow triangle, which is actually the pyramids. Some people think the pyramids were created by Aliens. Google — Search and lucky under a white box. New york has a flame on a torch.

Yahoo — a yellow smiley face. No one will ever get this question, I thought it was spongebob. Spiderman — a red hand making the rock on symbol. Popeye — a green can of spinach and a hand holding it in icon pop mania.

Facebook Avatar — One yellow eye on a blue background crying. This is the equation for converting matter to energy in physics. Aladdin — yellow guy sitting on an orange walking banana in icon pop mania. Trust me, it looks like an orange banana. Walt Disney Japan — red circle on a white background is the island nation of Japan. Cinderella — a crystal show with star sparkles. Posted in App walkthough Guide and Cheats. Celebrity Fun Challenge Free Answers. These solutions and cheats for celebrities fun challenge free have tips and hints for solving every question.

The celebrity fun challenge app is made by Fun games for free Ltd. Celebrity fun challenge answers for level 1 — Beginner questions. This is the warm up level to get you started. Taylor Swift Shaquille Oneal. Sophia Loren Albert Einstein. These are Pic Combo answers to every question in the game.

This new app has fun puzzles and these cheats and solutions will help you finish the game fast. Pic Combo is available free for iPhone, iPad and Android. Here is a link to all the answers and cheats for Pic Combo. Buttercup Buttermilk Campfire Candlelight. Level 3 solutions for piccombo. These answers are in alphabetical order and for all letters in this level.

These are cheats and solutions for Pic Combo on iPhone, ipad and Android. These hints, tips and solutions will help you finish the game fast. A picture of candy and the date September Airline, a picture of air and some clouds and tram lines. Eight candles and a light bulb mean candlelight. A tooth and a hair brush with blond hair is toothbrush. Spirals of butter or pasta and a nice drawing of a cup of coffee is buttercup.

Lady standing with lots of money falling around her and a small girl in a box is cashbook. Hiking books near a campsite and some fire is campfire. A tiny house with red roof and a key together with a chalkboard means keyboard. A red brain and a crashing wave of water is brainwave. The pic combo is rain falling on a green frog and a black bow tie. The answer is rainbow. A red angry man firing a man with a suitcase dressed in white and a soccer ball. The solution to this pic is fireball.

Clouds and an Italian port city means airport. A gun and some fire or flames stands for gunfire. Freshly roasted coffee beans or nuts and a white shopping bag represent beanbag.

Toast with a love heart made of butter and a metal circle or pan. The answer is buttermilk. A cat sleeping on a red pillow and some fish means catfish. A blue snow scene and a man with folded arms smiling. The solution is snowman. A lady with a frying pan and a picture of cake, answer is pancake. A traveling luggage bag and a big red book of answers. The cheat is casebook. Green fruit with water splash and some light bulbs mean limelight. A knight with a shield and sword fighting in fire and a bail or roll of hay in a big field is battlefield.

This is where I was stuck, thanks to everyone in the comments. A lady hippie artist painting a rainbow and a karate child in white attacking a man in blue is artichoke.

Open handcuffs and a bee is freebie. A small girl holding up a piggy or pig bank and a musical note. This piccombo solution is banknote. Five graduated degree holders from university and a child with parents riding bikes or cycles in red is unicycle. A Buddha statue with flames and a love heart made from apples is head quarters. How is anyone supposed to guess this answer? The answer is stuck. Pics Combo answers and cheats guide can be found here.

That Piccombo solutions guide has every answer to every question in the game. Hope you like it! This is the end of the Piccombo answers guide. I hope you enjoyed playing and if you are still stuck you can leave a comment below describing your pictures and say how many letters and what your letters are, and everyone visiting will try to help you solve the pic-combo.

Icomania Guess the Icon Answers. These are the answers for Guess the Icon by Nisavac Wallpapers. Disney brand means Mickey Mouse.

Level 3 — a character is of course superman. Level 4 movie is brave, a girl with red hair. Level 5 is the Facebook thumbs logo. Level 6 is a country called Mexico. Level 7 is the comic character Batman.

Level 8 is Rocky from the old movie about boxing.

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