Icon Pop Quiz – Character Quiz – Level 2 Part 1

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Icon Pop Quiz Characters Quiz Level 4 has got some very interesting popular characters from the world of comics and animation along with superheroes, villains and science fiction characters from popular franchises. Icon pop quiz for Characters level 4 will amaze you with the choice of few really robot icon pop answers level 4 character part 3 names to answer. Characters solutions Quiz Level 4 is a very competitive level which demands your complete attention.

Cheats for Icon Pop Quiz Level 4 of Characters will help you in clearing this level with ease if you encounter any difficulty in answer in any of the names. The man without fear. He is a blind lawyer in the courtroom and a superhero with mask out of the courtroom.

A fictional character from a comic strip. I am the law. He is an American law enforcement officer who can arrest, punish and even execute a criminal to spot. He is a character in the Star Wars franchise. Never tell me the odds. He is the chief figure of the Alliance and realizes the importance of a being in a group. An animated cartoon character created by Max Fleischer. A fictional character in the Star Wars franchise. The bounty hunter in the galaxy far far away.

The mystery and air of danger of this character is the reason for its popularity. A character from the book about Winnie—the—Pooh. A donkey friend of a bear. He is an old grey pessimistic and gloomy donkey. One-eyed, funny, short, green monster. The protagonist character from the animated movie Cars. A major character from Star Wars franchise.

A robot character in a galaxy far far away. He is an astromech droid and designed by John Stears. I pity the fool. He is best known for his warrior hairstyle and gold jewelry.

A fictional character from the Batman DC comics franchise. Known for having a complex love-hate relationship with Batman. She is a burglar who carries a whip for thefts. Anantihero fictional character from DC Comics Watchmen. Give me back my face! He is one of the greatest characters of all time. A character from a comic strip. Stuffed tiger who is an imaginary friend of Calvin. Robot icon pop answers level 4 character part 3 is shown to be wiser and smarter than Calvin and a real tiger.

A fictional character in an animated sitcom Futurama. Shut up and take my money! He is an average boy who gets a pizza delivery boy job after dropping out of college. He is a deuteragonist from the famous SpongeBob SquarePants series. A pink, dimwitted, overweight starfish and the BFF of a sponge.

He resides under a rock. A fictional character from the TV series The Flintstones. The redheaded wife of the caveman. She loves her husband and daughter. A fictional superhero character in a comic book published by Image Comics. A government assassin is brought back to life to see his wife and become a dark superhero. He was created by Todd McFarlane. You shall not pass!

He is a wizard and leader of the Istari and the fellowship of the Ring. Also known as Wally. He wanders all alone but is the only one who can be found in every illustration. A fictional character from the MTV animated series. His character is calm, cocky, older and more intelligent. He is a fictional character from the Smurfs, the comic strip. The leader of tiny, blue-skinned humanoid creature colony.

He is about years old and wears a red pant with red cap. The main character of the Tv series for children. The big purple friendly dinosaur. A fictional character from the comic books published by Marvel Comics.

A powerful mutant with the ability to generate and control magnetic fields. He is a famous villain and has been an ally and even a member of X—Men. A character from the Star Wars franchise.

Fictional soldiers from Star Wars. They serve as military of the Galactic Empire. A funny animal cartoon character created by Walt Disney. He is a dog and a close friend of Micky Mouse and Donald Duck. A character from a German fairy tale.

And the seven dwarfs. She is poisoned by her step—mother and then a Prince wakes her up from the coffin. She is inspired from a Chinese poem.

The deuteragonist from an animated film. Young Hawaiian girl that has pet alien. Her name means lost in Hawaiin. She is a fictional character robot icon pop answers level 4 character part 3 Walt Disney. I am NOT a prize to be won! She is a beautiful princess of Agrabah. She is the tritagonist of the hybrid film Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

She is one of the protagonists of The Stars Robot icon pop answers level 4 character part 3 Trilogy. The daughter of Darth Vader. She is the twin sister of Luke Skywalker. The fictional beagle dog character in the comic strip Peanuts. He is the most dynamic character and even the most recognizable. The title character from a German fairy tale. She has lovely long golden hair and there are a lot of versions of the story. The enemy of Tweety. Also known as the Puddy Tat. He was originally known as Smeagol.

A fictional character from J. He is a Muppet from Sesame Street. He often eats Om nom nom nom anything and everything. She is the deuteragonist in the animated movie Finding Nemo. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. She suffers from short term memory loss.

A fictional character in the Star Trek franchise. Live long and prosper. He is a human—Vulcan robot icon pop answers level 4 character part 3 science officer. A fictional character of a superhero in comic books published by Marvel Comics. The member of Fantastic Four. The main protagonist of the series Adventure Time.

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