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Tricia Mool Oct Facebook Messenger has been the ground zero for businesses and users to create chatbot experiences with their messaging interface. Facebook has been guiding the story——as in, come along to Messenger and have a full online experience within its messaging space.

More and more customers will opt to interact with businesses in messaging channels, across channels. Inchatbots and messaging as an application MaaA will continue to grow across industries.

All signs head in this direction, meaning, you probably should, too. Messaging is fast becoming the new space for cutting edge development where messaging is the new platform for online interaction and messaging is the new application, or simply, MaaP and MaaA. But businesses are continuing to learn and to understand: What is a chatbot in Messenger and how do chatbots work-really? What components make-up a Messenger chatbot?

Everything your business needs to know about chatbots on Facebook Messenger for excellent engagement. How to robot icon pop answers characters level 5 page 1 this? A developer or bot maker platform can work in the short-term to create a simple query-based chatbot, but advanced solutions and even simple well-built ones, which are fast becoming a part of the customer service and commerce landscape, will allow your business to better grow vertically to where your customers are.

These are the basic steps and components Facebook Messenger provides to create a conversation and user experience:. To start, there are multiple content types that you can use, at every step of the conversation flow or interaction. The possibilities here are super cool. Have a plumbing problem, and want a very quick response or quote? Upload a video to your local plumbing service to show the problem—and get a quick answer for how to solve it, or a quote, to save you time and money.

A webhook is a coding function and why, again, working with knowledgeable pros ensures a better experience. But unlike live chat, this welcome screen can pop up, or not, in a less obtrusive way. The welcome screen can provide customers information on when they can expect to receive a response. Once the greeting text is setup, it will override the description that was pulled from your Facebook company page. Changing this text is important for a few reasons: The first message comes right after a visitor engages and as the first conversational text—or media.

Your greeting text adds increased specificity to direct and set visitor expectations. When using Messenger, certain data is passed to the chatbot from the user. Messenger currently supports the below information:. Keep your brand and business tone in mind and opt for a more professional greeting using their last name if it makes more sense. Direct what the first engagement is within your greeting or with a button.

Throughout the conversation, always ensure your visitor never has to guess what to do next to get the information they need. Give explicit options based upon the service your Messenger chatbot provides. You can include robot icon pop answers characters level 5 page 1, buttons, quick replies text, images, audio, video or a file.

Use the medium that best works for directions. Facebook rolled out an update in the summer of so that developers had more flexibility in functionality with the addition of buttons. It provides your visitor with the general functions and information a visitor can find, much like a navigation window on a website, and where you can add visuals or graphics, too. This menu can have up to 3 items on the top list or level, and up to 5 items for calls to action robot icon pop answers characters level 5 page 1 options within each of these.

Each item is limited to 30 characters. Persistent menus can also specify a specific locale with over supported by Messenger.

Though it stands to be, and that, alongside the traffic opportunities makes this current functionality an important potential point for your business. And with recent updates, interaction flows become more dynamic and will continue in this direction.

Buttons are available for anything from sharing, linking to an outside URL, making a purchase or as a contact button. There are a few other ways, and this way is U.

The image is the generic template with buttons. Buttons are the elements that are part of the bubble just below the bubble, like robot icon pop answers characters level 5 page 1 the image in a chatbot that allows the customer to pick the next step in their chatbot experience. There is a maximum of 3 buttons per bubble. Buttons can have many functions including:. Quick replies are another way to allow the user to choose the next option in their Messenger chatbot journey.

A quick reply is a button presented in response to a message. Quick replies can include up to 11 choices to a query and once a choice is selected, the others disappear.

Quick replies can contain text and an optional image. A quick reply can have:. But a series of quick replies should really be used for simple-step queries, like appointment timing, product sizing like below or color selections, and can dumb-down a richer experience if used as the main exchange in the experience. Another feature of quick replies is that they can be used to get location information, which your customers can then see displayed on a map in Messenger as in the example below.

Webview allows for graphical user interface GUI experience, meaning customers can select tickets in a stadium seating chart, for example, or select items based on personalized information intuited within the design here, like in this example. You can be extremely detailed in your interactions, with robot icon pop answers characters level 5 page 1 to change previous information a customer entered, choose more than one item on a robot icon pop answers characters level 5 page 1 or provide a longer list.

Create an experience that remains within the space and avoid, where possible, leading your customer outside of Facebook Messenger. Let a customer know when robot icon pop answers characters level 5 page 1 dialogue box is coming; it can be confusing given that the Messenger chatbot platform is a new way of navigating apart from a website or app.

Keep in mind, a lot is happening on Facebook. There are structured messaging options generic templates and other specific-use templates, all with text, emojis, audio or robot icon pop answers characters level 5 page 1 files.

You might use a carousel for a selection of jeans, whereas a general message is great at the start of a shopping experience, to find out more about what a customer wants to purchase or sizing, for example. This is where a Facebook Messenger Chatbot experience can go south if not executed well.

Messenger has quite a few pre-built structured templates to assist in building out your chatbots to build a seamless customer experience. This template allows you to include one button URL, Postback, call, share and buy which can prompt the user to purchase an item, share the content in Messenger, make a call, display a URL or provide additional data from a 3 rd party source.

When a customer clicks on the item, a URL can be opened in the in-app browser to take the user to a landing page or other content. There are two ways to display a list template:. The first list template enables you to highlight one of the options by including an image and text in the header area, at the top of the template, like in the example above. The conversational commerce example buying t-shirts and news chatbot daily news example can be pulled from an RSS feed or any other accessible data source to display inside of Messenger.

In the second example, each item is displayed identically to the other items in the list. This makes sense when you do not want to highlight one of the items or a specific piece of data. The receipt template robot icon pop answers characters level 5 page 1 used when making a purchase through the Messenger platform to provide order information. Facebook Messenger allows for developers to include:.

Open graph templates are interesting. The term is coined by Facebook as a way for social software to be shared across platforms. This template is really only for sharing song files for now. With this template, you can send a structured message, include a URL and one optional button.

Spotify currently uses it in their chatbot experience as an extension, where users can scroll through a carousel of music genres, make a selection and preview 30 seconds of music in an opened dialogue box. You can like or dislike their picks with emojis and create and share playlists directly with your friends on Facebook.

Musicians and composers can use it to show an album thumbnail and preview music, or movie scores. A generic template, again, is simple to include in the beginning and throughout the chat experience. The image above shows a carousel of generic templates. Bubbles are the elements that contain text or images and are a place to provide instructions to users, explain what the bot does or provide additional context for selecting buttons or quick replies.

Bubbles do not need to have buttons and can simply be text or an image. Bubbles and buttons also create cards in a carousel that allow customers to horizontally scroll through multiple items. Every airline can create a great experience within Facebook Messenger with this template, to make traveling more convenient.

This template seems like a straightforward use case, except when you consider third-party linking. So, not only airlines can use this, but hospitality services may build this in to their chatbot experience as extra, comprehensive service. A luxury boutique hotel in Chicago might link to airline information as a concierge courtesy within their chatbot.

A large conference might also include this to better help attendees plan their trips. Currently, Expedia continues to take travelers outside the Messenging space to book flights and Travelocity has created a hybrid robot icon pop answers characters level 5 page 1 to pass your robot icon pop answers characters level 5 page 1 to a live-agent.

The template is straightforward, building in a similar experience to what travelers currently see when checking in directly with a site. Again, check-in is also straightforward, and common to what travelers see already on-site, with a simple-purpose screen and a confirmation once a traveler has checked-in. This screen is a notification, sent to all travelers on the participating flight via Facebook Messenger. Want to learn more about how to create a conversational messaging experience for your business?

Get in touch with NatBotour Facebook bot, to answer your questions or contact our pros!

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