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C-3PO as a Servo. Why having a Servo when you can have your own protocol droid? I was tired of that strange robot maxis brought us and decided to make a new one, and why not a super famous 3PO unit from Star Wars?. They're fluent in over six million forms of communication although they usually speak the bleep bleep servo language. I made it using a wonderful 3D model made by Starwars 3D http: Custom Content by Me: WOW, This looks awesome,Thanks So this wont overwrite the orginal Servo robot icon c3po photoshop OMG, this is awesome!

I love everything Star Wars related and never really liked original Servo. Robot icon c3po photoshop, no more - now I can have one Thank you so much! I just used it with a servo: I have been waiting for someone to figure out how to make a 3PO server since I first saw someone make a Bender one. Thank you SO much. I really enjoy custom servos, and this is one of the best! You don't take requests do you? Because we definately need some more robots. I wish this WOULD replace the servo's already in game lol - those ugly little dorks are pains are just that.

I was hoping for this type of servo. Can you only have gold or silver and not both? Robot icon c3po photoshop problem is that there is somewhere a bhav that remake the Servo's robot icon c3po photoshop everytime it enters or leave a lot. It is not possible to robot icon c3po photoshop a Servo to NOT visitor, so it is a bore. He doesn't sleep and even if shut off it still keeps the game speed in Slow. BigFoot is just clothing anyway and don't revert in any situation.

Wow, this is a cool creation all right. I don't know anything about Servos because I haven't had any yet, but once I get the hang of them I will come back and get this one. I robot icon c3po photoshop we could have R2D2 in the game as something. Maybe he already is I'll have to do a forum search Thanks robot icon c3po photoshop this servo guy. I'm sorry but i can't get it to work. I don't know what happens, it shouldn't I had problems too, it just wouldn't show up right and only appeared as the "ist time" version from the lot load screen that you showed.

It's quite possible that it's just my computer not having a powerful enough graphics card, but I'd like to hear that it works for someone else.

I don't know why that happens. Probably the upper torso could be stretched vertically a little as the midbody "wire-section" seems a little to big, but that is only a minor criticism. Overall very great work!

I also have problems I can use it but my sim cannot makek it using robot desk. This is what happens me too. I have OFB and four others installed, and I put every file in the downloads map, but it just sais that it requires data from an expansion pack that isn't installed.

Sad, since I have a whole Star Wars world in Ths2 and would love to have a couple of droids too. Very nice work, Earendil.

I don't know, maybe you should try again. When I moved 3PO to another lot, he reverted to a plain ol' Servo.

Did I do something wrong? I think if you just change it into formal clothes it'll get the 3PO outfit again. It uses to happen This Is Very Good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone should make these optional default things, like when you go to make them these are the options. Hi, is there a way to choose the c3po appearance when you build a servo with the robot crafting station?

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