This robot can flip up to 2,000 burgers a day

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So the plan is to try something new: A robot that has been programmed to robot burger maker hamburgers all day long. As of Monday, a human at Caliburger's restaurant here is making the burger patties, seasoning them and placing them in a tray for the robot. Flippy pulls them out, places them on the griddle, monitors their temperature, flips them and takes them off the griddle to cool.

They then get placed by a human into buns for customers. This is about a third hand in the kitchen. Robot burger maker it's burgers, cars or farming, robots are becoming capable of doing jobs that were once staples of employment. In latea study by the Pew Research Center showed three-quarters of Americans said it is at least "somewhat realistic" that robots and computers will eventually perform most of the jobs currently done by people, and the survey found respondents worried about the fallout, such as income inequality.

Tests by restaurants using robots have been mostly viewed as a public relations stunt. If the robots robot burger maker take off, they raise the prospect of sapping — or at least shaking up — one of the high-growth robot burger maker of U. That's faster than health care, construction or manufacturing. Fast-food workers have been pushing for higher wages — and some big chains, facing high turnover and voter mandates, have complied. Miller hopes the robot can turn that around. He has 50 stores in his chain and says he will eventually get the robot to all of them.

At a test run recently of Flippy for the news media, the robot flipped with ease. Zito says those were learning pains that would be fixed. The robots gets direction from thermal imaging and camera vision to get direction robot burger maker when to flip the burger and eventually remove it. Restaurants will still need cashiers, people to open and close up, and for other tasks.

As for reception from the public, "people might think it's cool, or angry that machines are taking over," she predicts. For now, Flippy can make burgers only one way, but that will be adapted in the future to cook menu items to order, robot burger maker maker says. Another issue is the price tag. Meanwhile, how does a robot burger taste? This reporter tried one of the robot cheeseburgers, and it tasted just like a human-made one.

It was well-cooked, and it's doubtful anyone would really be able to tell the difference. The burger was a little salty, but you can't exactly complain to the chef, now can you? The Pasadena location of Caliburger has a stage robot burger maker to the new robot making hamburgers, 'Flippy's Kitchen.

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