Dr Martens Made In England 1461 3-Eye Shoes Ripple Toothed Sole Shoes

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Any thoughts or opinions on the ripple soles? If bad or indifferent, what do you recommend? So far, I only heard nothing but good. The only concern is how long the soles will last and if they hold up to field conditions. If you have read my thread on these new boots then you have seen that your 'compadre's' on the tarmac are 'lovin' them. I'm from the law enforcement community so I do not know what your position is but I have several S. Just the info I have so far.

I had ripple sole shoes for sale pair of Issue Black Jungles resoled with the ripple soles, they have lasted me thru numerous field problems, and a couple of NTC rotations, and they are still going strong.

The biggest thing to make sure of if you are getting resoled is the quality of the sole itself ripple sole shoes for sale how they bond it on there. Ususally with resoleing ripple sole shoes for sale get what you pay for. The new Altimas with the ripple sole just hit one of the surplus stores here, and at Just in case you are interested. So whats the price for the "deal on a pair that you cannot refuse"???? Post it, maybe you will generate sales from it. This offer will not last forever, just a promotional gimmick for the boots.

Whoa, hold the press there, I just ripple sole shoes for sale take ripple sole shoes for sale up on that, but I need to deposit a check tomorrow before I can order them. I'm getting my Altama leathers resoled with ripple soles right now.

The only problem is the possible Marine Corps move to new boots this summer. I'm not sure if we'll be wearing the brown suede boots with the new woodland cammies or not. VMI, I've used the ripple soles on old jungle boots which worked well, but they wore out rather quickly.

The ripple sole tend to use a softer rubber which is comfortable, but they get eaten up quickly by asphalt. Ripple soles have been around since the 60's. I had them on a pair of jumpboots and they were very comfortable, but as Ripple sole shoes for sale said the wear out rapidly on pavement. Personally, I would rather ripple sole shoes for sale the soles of my boots wear out then my knees and back. With the hi-tech insoles available today the soles can be somewhat harder.

I'm hoping they'll help to enhance my current best setup, which is a pair of Altama leathers in I'd been using them for inspection boots, decided to give them another go on a ruckmarch since I had added the insoles, and they seemed to do very well.

My personal experiance has been that the softer soled boots always tend to be more comfortable. The drawback to this is that the soft soled boots wear out quickly, and if you're carrying a heavy load your feet will blister quicker with soft soled boots.

Raichle boots are great as long as the climate is not to hot or cold. I've been wearing a pair of intermediate cold boots at work on my ripple sole shoes for sale for 8 hours a day for about 3 months now and they are very comfortable, even more so than my favorite pair of knapps, call me back in a few winters and I'll give you my final verdict. They're so sweet I'm dreading the warm weather coming and them being too warm. Hey Murph, If you want a comfy summer work boot, try the ripple's.

They are by far my best seller. I'm selling them like hot cakes right now. I thought I read somewhere that you worked flight line duty? Maybe, it was somebody else. Sorry if I'm mistaken. Also, did your package get there o. We have made the full transition to Extreme Tactical Gear and the new pages are up and running. We have the ripple's at a special price, only through March. Close, but no ceegar Thanks again -bill "No more lies!

Does anyone ripple sole shoes for sale of a place I could mail my old green jungle boots, to get a ripple sole put on them? Given that I am a former Marine, I wouldn't know the first thing about "custom gear," since when I was in wearing non-issue shoelaces was grounds for NJP: So, nine years later I'm finally ready to get a fully customized pair of LPCs.

Anyone have a lead on where I can track down a pair? Preferally attached to the boots, but on their own will do. Any other recommendations on getting leather boots up to speed? I know about saddle soap and neat's-foot oil, but any other good formulas would be appreciated. He is on my advisory board and so I ripple sole shoes for sale through his company when I need gear sometimes. Jesus, Mary and Joseph - first those covers over in iraq and now this?

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