Reddcoin (RDD) Is Erupting Globally

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In this post, we'll exclusively look at the 69th largest cryptocurrency right now, Reddcoin. We'll briefly explain what Reddcoin is, then we'll talk about the future of it and our price predictions for Its main use is as a social tipping system. This is done intentionally because the creators wanted to have a reddcoin technologies of the future amount of coins in circulation.

The reason behind it? But at the same time the huge supply of coins is one of the downsides of Reddcoin. The huge supply will make it unlikely that Reddcoin would follow the same kind of trajectory like bitcoin.

Reddcoin has many of the same features that Dogecoin has. One of the biggest differences in these coins is that Reddcoin uses Proof of Stake instead of Proof of Work. Instead of people having mining hardware, they basically just own some of the coin and stake it. When they have staked the coin, they will receive interested on the amount of money they have staked.

That completely removes the need for mining. For a more in-depth explanation check out this video from Ivan on Tech. Is this a big deal for currency focusing on social tipping? Only time will tell if Reddcoin will pass Doge. If you'd like to see Reddcoin in action, you should check out David's video on this topic. He will show you how simple and easy it is to use. Is a coin focusing on social tipping really needed? Does this mean Reddcoin is a bad short-term investment?

Not necessarilythe price of Reddcoin could still easily double or even triple if some big news come out, or the community grows a lot and hypes the coin. Especially if they release some big news, reddcoin technologies of the future a new partnership. The price of Reddcoin has absolutely exploded in the reddcoin technologies of the future few weeks. This was mostly because a new partnership and a lot of people like John McAfee reddcoin technologies of the future it everywhere.

Do I believe that something like this could happen again? Definitelythe price of Reddcoin could easily explode again, BUT it would most likely drop back pretty soon after the explosion.

Is Reddcoin a good investment? I hope this helped you understand little bit more about Reddcoin. If you still have questions, be sure to comment them down below! Favorite Tools Desktop Wallet: Reddcoin is a great project, I am involved from the beginning. Great article, thanks for sharing! I'm really skeptical about this coins, I think there is way better project out there with all those utility tokens and more interesting technologies that solves more important problems.

For me there is some red flags: Reddcoin technologies of the future and the new upcoming multi platform Wallet are both game changers. And have the ability to attract new people to crypto. The new Reddcoin wallet coming out is going to be so easy to use, and highly innovative.

Even a baby will be able to use it. Thank you for your amazing in-depth videos, and for not hyping every new coin that gains popularity. I owe all my initial success to watching your videos as well as following your research tips and advice. Nice to see you on steemit: I have been following your content for some time now, it's about time it got a decentralized upgrade. Looking forward to seeing you on d.

I'm a quite new member to steemit, so it's probably me but why don't you wait for videos until you have reddcoin technologies of the future great article.

Of course there are a lot of videos you can't wait to publish because they have really great news and thats good. Publish them as soon as you can I'm one of the writers working with David on steemit posts.

We are totally planning to post steemit exclusive content! Thanks so much for your input! I also like doge, it doesn't take itself too serious, fast and cheap to use. Started as a joke and has become a great tiping service. Redd or doge needs to partner with, or better yet replace Patreon. Do I miss something: It never went up more than 0. My price prediction for ? What is Reddcoin RDD? Should you invest in it? How much will the price grow in ?

Reddcoin technologies of the future basically a newer and upgraded version of Dogecoin. How to use Reddcoin? My price prediction for The price of Reddcoin has absolutely exploded in the past few weeks. Here is a little list of Reddcoins pros and cons: Also, we would love to hear your opinion on Reddcoin! Comment it down below too! Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. I'm following you here. I've also been watching all of your youtube videos. You have great information and I value your opinion.

Just some thoughts of a random fan, keep up the great work!

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