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It is all around. I would like to tell you a little story about us Humans precisely the Civilized Man. If you had ever noticed in History and present the Civilised Human refuses to adapt himself to his environment. Instead, he adapted his environment to suit him. The more he improved his surroundings to make life easier the more complicated he made real crypto extreme stream bitcoin and cryptocurrency realtime advice and trading.

Now, his children are sentenced to 10 to 15 years of school, just to learn how to survive in this complex and hazardous environment they are born into. And the civilized man, who refused to adapt to his surroundings, now finds he has to adapt and re-adapt every hour of the day to his self-created environment so as to find balance. What if I told you there is a revolution building out there, much beyond Bitcoin?

A revolution happening right under our noses. It is literally the textbook definition of working where you want when you want, how you want. Never before in history has the transfer of money happened on this level, at this scale that involves the average person. No complex, confusing terms courtesy of Wall Street anymore. It just You and Your Money. Each type of cryptocurrency or currency in the world has several different underlying factors which affect the price of it.

So you might be asking your self now, why am Real crypto extreme stream bitcoin and cryptocurrency realtime advice and trading reading this? Where is the secret potion that makes me millions overnight while I vacation in my private yacht anchored off the coast of Zanzibar Islands? There is No trick or Secret portion, it is all about Understanding!!!!!

Here is some very valid point I will tell you about us Humans. You see, we are so lost in finding answers and attaching meaning to random outcomes, that we fail to understand the why. There are a different things that affect every increase in cent of a particular coin or token. Reason when start-up companies talk to me about their coins and how they will change Africa I take it with a pinch of salt. You carefully followed the trends, completed a careful fundamental analysis, and since the market is bullish, invested all your funds into it because it is only going up right?

That last Bitcconnect rally went really well??? I am waking up to great returns. While you sleep, a Chinese official decides to ban cryptocurrencies.

You see right there that there can be various political motivations and anti-monopolistic sentiments and so forth. Now here goes the ripple effect to the market On hearing this news, the Chinese people holding bitcoins will quickly sell what they can. Someone will tweet or make a post about this development and the Koreans will think the next country to ban crypto is theirs.

Reddit catches hold and the subreddits go crazy. Eight hours later, you wake up to a bloodbath. Your beloved portfolio is red everywhere. The news is covered with crypto obituaries. What happened My dear, is that while you slept, the world wept. Dejected, and real crypto extreme stream bitcoin and cryptocurrency realtime advice and trading salvage any remaining profits you can to fund that other business you thought of in your head, you proceed to sell off your coins at a loss.

Why did I even get into this in the first place? Two days later,a tabloid in China reports the ban is uplifted. The point is, such things happen, and no one can tell you where the price of X will be two days, two hours, two minutes later. And hence, you should take such advice with a Grain of salt.

Ankita Singh is one of the most transparent honest and open-minded genuises in the crypto trading world I am honored to have met in my cryptocurrency parcour. My years in the cryptocurrency era have shown me quite a lot but meeting Ankita had been the most rewardable and remarkable.

CryptoInvest with its sub-branch CryptoInvest Africa headed By me helps people to earn in the crypto segment on real-time basis without the use of any trading bot or any automated system. But pure manual like old school trading being done.

With this, we have made it possible for the low earning segment of the society to get financially stable using cryptocurrency. Now if you remember above I stated the fact that there are numerous factors traders are supposed to know to predetermined the market in order to have a positive trade. Real crypto extreme stream bitcoin and cryptocurrency realtime advice and trading at CryptoInvest, all trades are based on the penny coins or we can say very very cheap coins with a price segment of almost 0.

The reason behind it is very simple, trades in stable coin cannot always return in positive because you cant control the price but in case of LVC or Low Values Coins you can actually control the price of the coin if a trade is done with full planning and accuracy and knowledge of factors that can influence the market value of that Low-Value Coin.

From the very beginning Clients or Investors will have to Book their Slot as these are always limited because before trades are placed the number or amount to be invested is predetermined and factors are managed to decide what goes where. Now once a slot is booked and confirmed and all factors and coins predetermined the Plans are being Launched.

Please always confirm and make sure this person is truly a representative when confirming the address. As soon as the deposits are received it is being broken on the previously decided coins for the current month. The coins in which the deposits are being broken are all pre-decided and the window period to break it is 38 mins times which generally is the basics block change time. Now you will have to know that for example every 10 usd gets traded 18 times a months and all trades and not automatic or robot controlled but these are all done manually the traditional methods by Ankita her self.

And that is what gets returned to investors in most of the plans. I am sure you are still confused, I will show you two examples of trades that had been made and you can be sure hundred more of these are carried out within the month. In the below-attached picture, you would be able to understand how we actually make humongous profits for clients. So what we generally do is we keep a very strategic watch on such unattended coins or dumped coins which is not bought by anybody and the price is drastically low.

Now, this seems really simple — but there are a lot of strategies involved in it before choosing the right coin Like explained above. This is just a few example of the trades we do at CryptoInvest and thanks to Ankita many people are actually benefiting from these. As The payouts are only on Monthly basis. Generally, it starts from the 31st day from the day of confirmed payment received from the blockchain.

I am sure this has been a long real crypto extreme stream bitcoin and cryptocurrency realtime advice and trading for you, but to be able to make money you must be able to gather the knowledge readily.

I hope you find this important and you real crypto extreme stream bitcoin and cryptocurrency realtime advice and trading Join CrytpoInvest and earn money on the trend which humans have made so they feel more comfortable in the habitat. The market is here to stay and Blockchain is the future Period. The most powerful economies identify technology and how it helps them and use it to their advantage to leapfrog in economic growth.

It would take a strong stomach to accept losses, but even stronger hands to avoid panic selling. But CryptoInvest has been a Safe heaven for me and one of the best Paying Business I have ever ventured into since With the passage of time, and more people getting smartphones this figures will only rise.

As you know People have started buying products online, earning money online as well as starting businesses online. Therefore it is very important to find an Online Real crypto extreme stream bitcoin and cryptocurrency realtime advice and trading or Company that can help secure transaction between your Bank and your business online. A partner who will manage, send and receive money for you over the internet world. Remember it is impossible for some companies to receive money directly from your credit card or banks or debit card due to many international Financial laws in place.

So most online Companies tend to use this Payment Gateways to receive or make payments to their clients. Worry not, they are also very safe as your Banks. Here are some of the payment processors which we can use in order to receive payments, commission, and other online benefits: I will Start with the ones which are very ok to use in Africa as not all these Platforms are suitable.

Ultimately it comes down to protecting your cash flow, reducing your costs, and not leaving money on the table. So, what are the best alternatives to use out there? Payza is a very highly flexible online payment gateway that is providing the same service as Paypal. Payza supports around countries and this number is soon going to capture the number of total countries of the world.

With this popular service, you can send or receive payments from anyone in the world in just a matter of minutes. Get your free Payza account today. Perfect money is a little bit different.

Besides you can order for your Perfect Money prepaid to make you transactions faster and easier. It can be your another bank account to manage your money online. Get your free PerfectMoney account today. Receiving payments is free, and the platform includes a flexible API that grows with your business.

Payoneer can be your most powerful online payment partner as it will give you a free master card that can be used anywhere in the world.

Not only that, most amazing fact about Payoneer is it will provide you a virtual bank account in Bank of America. Get your free Payoneer account real crypto extreme stream bitcoin and cryptocurrency realtime advice and trading. If you are real crypto extreme stream bitcoin and cryptocurrency realtime advice and trading for an instant credit card then Neteller will be best choice for you. Neteller is well known as the virtual credit card. Moreover, you card add this virtual card with your bank account and can make your money transections much easier.

Get your free Neteller account today. Skrill is another easy and fast international online payment gateway which supports almost all countries of the world. You can make your online payments easily via skrill from anywhere in the world. Get your free Skrill account today. EgoPay is another online payment system similar to Paypal and Payza which is getting popular day by day. This service offers fast, easy and flexible online real crypto extreme stream bitcoin and cryptocurrency realtime advice and trading service to its users.

Get your free EgoPay account today.

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