R3 CEO David Rutter: blockchain can prevent financial scandals, Ethereum ‘super cool’

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Internal processes make it difficult for staff to make even hand-waving vague comments in the real press. Microsoft Azure if a cloud platform. You can then access these computers like others on your network. The Blockchain-as-a-service is a bit of a misnomer. It would be more clear to call it blockchain-software-installation-as-a-service.

However, because the code that generates and maintains r3 ethereum blockchain public r3 ethereum blockchain is open-source, anyone including R3 and banks can copy it and double-click to create their own private version of it, with control over who can access and write to it.

This private clone is the version that is being experimented upon. It seems as if many large financial institutions are committing big money to the blockchain technology. An imperfect analogy I like to r3 ethereum blockchain is spreadsheets. Bitcoin uses blockchain technology like my Address book uses Excel technology. If different types of spreadsheet solution focused on providing specific capabilities eg better charts are developed, the impact should be fairly irrelevant to my address book.

However at some stage, I can upgrade r3 ethereum blockchain spreadsheet that my address book uses to incorporate some new cool stuff, if it is useful address-book wise. In summary, I think that the USD value of a Bitcoin should not directly be impacted by the development efforts of organisations trying to develop different blockchains.

In the last few months, the silence around blockchain has been broken more than ever before! You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Notify me of new comments via email. What is Azure and Blockchain-as-a-service? What has been achieved by R3? What does this mean? Is this r3 ethereum blockchain new thing? How hard is this? That, to me, is the big wow. FinTech finals Hong Kong: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public.

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Once more, Bitcoin has hit a record high. But could the cryptocurrency's price be losing momentum? Bitcoin exchange Coinbase now has more users than stock brokerage Schwab, so what are the implications for its price? And, following its lawsuit defeat, Coinbase was forced to report some users to the IRS.

Plus, as Bitcoin futures trading gets nearer, we ask why the price is still rising and what will contribute to its maturity? Five blockchain predictions for , including non-financial applications, the internet of things and smart contracts. But will governments advance cryptocurrency tax rules? The cryptocurrency flash crash on the Bitfinex exchange caused uproar last week.

So what caused it and could it have been avoided? Plus, was it really that bad? And, why did Bitfinex hire a law firm and team up with Tether? And - it's finally here We bring you - CryptoKitties. One hundred and seventeen. But please, don't fork your kitties. Simon and David talk about blockchain's arrival, the joys of gardening leave and R3's journey from start up to leading blockchain firm.

We hear about the significance of anti-trust law, going through Series A fundraising and the advantages of being a network business. Missing out on the conversation? Tweet the show bchaininsider or to read more about the news stories and have your say visit fintechinsidernews. Useful if you want to create a direct download link, embed in your own player, post from another publishing engine, link to from Patreon, etc. We hope you enjoy the show and, as ever, don't forget to subscribe.

Bitcoin 'More Investment Than Currency' 'Flash crash' on Bitfinex leaves crypto traders angry 'Flash crash' on Bitfinex leaves crypto traders angry The ethereum world is now obsessed with breeding cartoon cats The ethereum world is now obsessed with breeding cartoon cats More Devs, More Destruction: Download URL Useful if you want to create a direct download link, embed in your own player, post from another publishing engine, link to from Patreon, etc.