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Rangers are given a huge wolf-like mount called a Warg that they can also use to attack their enemies. They also have new and powerful traps at their disposal, from Cluster Bombs, Electric Shockers, to traps that can change an opponent's elemental property when triggered. While a Hunter goes to hunt, a Ranger goes to war. See Ranger Job Change Guide for detailed information.

Changing into an Ranger from a Hunter or Sniper requires the player to complete a number of tasks:. After completing these tests, the player will be transformed into a Ranger and receive a free hat that is wearable at lvl as well as a stat boosting ring. Flee is mostly only useful in one-on-one situations, or if another player is the primary tank for mobs of monsters.

It is generally recommended to increase LUK in multiples of 30, to fully benefit from it since LUK bonus comes in multiples of 3, 5 and Camouflage will allow the player to avoid damage from pure arrow storm build ragnarok bothambil that are not DemonInsector Boss Protocol.

But, keep in mind that Camouflage was changed nerfed and has to be recast after any attack. The addition of temporal boots from the Old Glast Heim instance and bifrost monster cards have made auto-warg pure arrow storm build ragnarok bothambil and auto-attack builds in general stronger due to the ability to equip critical damage and attack speed pure arrow storm build ragnarok bothambil and cards.

Cenere and Petal cards are usually used to complement the stats build, or to strengthen the secondary stats. This build is optimized for both soloing and partying due to its high AoE pure arrow storm build ragnarok bothambil, survivability, lower cast time, and better SP pool and regeneration. The player may choose to get other skills like Camouflage first before maxing Arrow Storm. One downside to this build is the lack of ability to quickly autoattack single targets, and may have to resort to using Arrow Storm even for single targets, or pure arrow storm build ragnarok bothambil using Warg Bite or Double Strafe.

This is a balance between pure autowarg and arrow storm builds. Leveling At the early stage, emphasis is given towards Arrow Stormas it is the best AoE skill for leveling.

Refining the white wing suit and bow, and applying the right elemental converter will further boost the damage. These equipments, however, can be expensive to new players. Therefore, partying at the early level is highly advised to improve survivability and continuity. It is generally recommended to increase LUK in multiples of 30, to fully benefit from it. Trapper is a build of ranger which is completely different with the common ranger builds.

This build uses dagger and shield to provide more defense. Since the majority of your trap damage comes from your stats DEX, INT, and little STRnot gears, a trapper can choose many defensive gears without having to worry about significant changes in trap damage due to the gears. Hence, maximizing HP, soft DEF, and perfect dodge optional are your main goals in choosing your gears. Dex — raises trap damage, and lowers the chance of being stripped. Int — raises your trap damage huge damage increase for hunter trap skills, and adequate damage for ranger trap skillspure arrow storm build ragnarok bothambil more SP pool and regeneration, and resistance from being silenced.

Vit — Mainly for HP pool that increases your chances to survive mobs of monsters, HP regeneration and effectiveness of healing items, soft defense and resistance from being stunned, poisoned, or blinded. Luk — For extra ATK, perfect pure arrow storm build ragnarok bothambil, auto-warg strike chance and resistance against being cursed.

Agi — for evasion-based defense when fighting monsters note that your AGI won't be effective when you're fighting more than 3 monstersand resistance against bleeding. Str — Mainly for weight limit and damage when you're forced to poke your dagger on pure arrow storm build ragnarok bothambil enemy. Pros and Cons of Trapper PROS - Through specialized traps, you can inflict status ailments to enemies such as sleep, frozen, freezing, burning, etc.

Black Devil Mask, 3D glasses Low: Carded with elemental cards Weapon: Carded with hunter fly Shield: Carded with racial reduction cards, size reduction cards, alice card Garment: Costume and shadow gears: Any costume enchanted with recovery or magic stone Garment: The aim of this build is for single target killing.

Since dagger is pure arrow storm build ragnarok bothambil as weapon, you need to pump STR to increase your warg strike damage. Pros and Cons of Dagger Warger PROS - Compared to bow warger, you are more tanky since you are using a shield - You are also immortal since you can use 4x Hunter Fly carded dagger to leech HP from warg strike - Compared to trapper, this build offers very high single target damage output - Can be conjunctioned with trapper for aoe killing CONS - Damage is somewhat lower than bow warger - Warg pure arrow storm build ragnarok bothambil can miss, so it will be hard to deal with high flee enemies.

CD in mouth, 99 Love Balloon Body: Carded with elemental cards. Carded with hunter fly, soheon Shield: Heroic Backpack, Fallen Angel Wing aspd enchanted.

Enchanted with Lucky Day or Speed of Light. The aim of this build is to combine the function of trapper and melee warger. Trap skills will be used for mobbing and melee warg will pure arrow storm build ragnarok bothambil used for single target killing. Resulting an effective tanky killing machine. However, gear switching is needed to switch between two roles trapping and warging effectively. Must wear the full set for maximum Arrow Storm damage.

Some players that are able to one-shot monsters within a map without the set may opt for a Raydric Carded garment for more protection however. When upgraded to a high refine, this bow is the strongest for Arrow Storm and can be very expensive.

However, the SP cost of Arrow Storm can be doubled or more when using this, depending on refine rate. Big Crossbow BXB can also be enchanted, albeit with considerable chance to destroy said weapon, through the Biolab Enchants.

These are good options to use, especially if they can one-shot the monsters already. It is also an account bound accessory. For more information, please see Battlegrounds. A Sound Amplifier has a very large boost to a performer skill Metallic Soundbut can actually be equipped by Rangers as well. Pure arrow storm build ragnarok bothambil note that without a Phen Cardcasting skills such as Arrow Storm can be interrupted. If the pure arrow storm build ragnarok bothambil has a dedicated tank, and the player is experienced at avoiding monsters, a Phen may not always need to be equipped hotkeying a Phen accessory is necessary though in case the player does get mobbed with monsters.

Another option is to put a Phen Card into the Sound Amplifier accessory of course. There is a very large selection of ASPD gear available in the game. And with the pure arrow storm build ragnarok bothambil of new cards and gears, Pure arrow storm build ragnarok bothambil Wing Set is no longer a necessity for auto warg builds as it will proc double strafe skill which may break the hitlock on an enemy.

Some of the gears that may prove useful for this build are as follows:. A garment that can be enchanted to greatly raise certain stats. The list of enchants is further explained in Fallen Angel Wing Enchants. A footgear that is very effective at increasing attack speed. Can also be enchanted with various Old Glast Heim Enchantment. A footgear that is selected to maximize critical damage. Does not have a slot however. Another option for ASPD and also has a slot. This item can be obtained for free by completing the Doha's Secret Orders quest.

Ranger Job Base s: Hunter Sniper Job Type: Turtle Island Number of Skills: Retrieved from " https: Ranger Classes Hunter Sniper. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. Views Read View source View history. This page was last modified on 16 Aprilat It has a higher HP leech proc rate than Vanargand Helm, which makes it suitable for trapper build. Crown of Deceit [1].

General purpose variable cast time reduction gear. Quite useful in reducing Arrow Storm cast time. Evil Marching Hat [1]. Autocast various bolts while physically attacking. Good gear to increase DPS. The magical autocast help in proccing Lucky Day enchant. An excellent headgear for Auto-Warg ranger to increase arrow damage. King Poring Hat [1]. Best bow to increase arrow damage mind, that Warg Strike ATK does not take into calculation any ranged damage bonus.

This is usually the preferred bow for Arrow-Storm Shadow Chaser. At high refine, it is the best bow to increase Arrow Storm damage.

Biolab Enchants can be done on the bow as well. A good bow for hit-locking an enemy as it autocasts Fiber Lock when attacking. Best trapper knife since it adds dex and int per refine. Enables up to four cards to be slotted into the weapon for a highly flexible playing style. Faceworm Queen Leg [2].

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