Pro-Bitcoin Community Cancels Lawsuit Plans Against Bitcoin(dot)Com

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The United States is not exactly known for probitcoin pro-Bitcoin stance these days. But that probitcoin is coming to change, as a pro-bitcoin national policy resolution was introduced in Congress probitcoin. This is positive news for Bitcoin and blockchain innovation in the US, assuming the resolution will get approved, of course. Since both of these probitcoin cannot be controlled by the probitcoin or banks, there has been a rather hostile approach probitcoin these concepts so far.

Although the passing of such a House Resolution — if that ever happens — is a significant step in the right direction, it is only the first step along the way. This does not automatically mean the Senate is for this proposal, as they will have probitcoin review probitcoin proposal and cast their votes separately. Moreover, it is not unlikely H. Drafting the right policy to allow for innovation in Bitcoin and blockchain is of the utmost importance. Creating the new rules and guidelines will be done by creating future legislations, probitcoin having agencies shape the ecosystem.

Nor is it specific, albeit it is evident Bitcoin and blockchain are the topics of discussion. Think of this proposal as a subtle hint by the House probitcoin Representatives as to how they want to see the government look at Bitcoin and blockchain moving forward. With so many countries focusing on the Fintech environment right now, H.

There is no better time than now to focus on financial innovation, and Bitcoin and blockchain will probitcoin a critical role in the process. Encouraging startups and entrepreneurs to explore these technologies will allow for a thriving ecosystem in the probitcoin run. It will be interesting to probitcoin how the various government agencies respond to H. An open dialogue between all involved parties, as probitcoin as Bitcoin and blockchain experts, will go a long way.

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