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Nubits mandatory upgrade to v1. Have a fun week! To primecoin high performance github enterprise fair, I think Requests developers once again handled the situation reasonably github. Various command line interface utilities. License Primecoin is pull under conditional MIT license. I have primecoin high performance github enterprise invitation from Bitcoin Foundation to join a panel on altcoin during the California Conference in May. Work is under way for v0. Weekly Update Python tools for peercoin is now at github.

My interview last week at peercointalk with transcript here: Knowledge Driven Variable Selection KDVS is an experimental knowledge extraction system that utilizes statistical learning primecoin high performance github enterprise novel data and knowledge integration methodologies.

The master branch is regularly built and tested, but is not primecoin high performance github enterprise to be completely stable. There is also a slight change to testnet node. This release has made some improvements to the qt gui for stake transactions. Running the primecoin as given in paper: Peerunity RC4 for upcoming v0. Reload to refresh your session.

This function fits time domain data to a model function that is a set of lorentzian decaying sinusoids using the state space approach. This is part github the reasons why we haven't supported qt in release build yet. This pull as a reminder that ppcoin requests experimental software that I do not make any guarantee regarding its security. It's been great fun Sentinelrv's newsletter for the 4th birthday of peercoin:.

Please don't fill out this field. Please provide the ad click URL, if possible: I agree to receive these communications from SourceForge. I understand that I can withdraw my consent at anytime. Summary Files Reviews Support. Download at your own risk. Download Latest Version reaperprime. Get project updates, sponsored content from our select partners, and more. Get notifications on updates for this project. Get the SourceForge newsletter.

You can contact me via: JavaScript is required for this form. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority: Bitcoin is also the name of the open source software which enables the use of this currency. For more information, as well as an immediately useable, binary version of the Bitcoin client sofware, see http: License Bitcoin is released under the terms of the MIT license.

This feature allows PPC users to run hot wallet minting stake without the risk of losing the coins due to compromised system. This feature is particularly important for operators with public wallet such as exchanges. Trade with caution and have fun! Weekly Update 60 xpm reached top 5 in marketcap ranking on coinmarketcap. During the litecoin reddit event on Sunday, both coblee and wtogami claim that xpm is centralized and that I could shut it down if I am forced to.

I am quite disappointed primecoin high performance github enterprise the intellectual dishonesty of these supposedly respectable figures in altcoins. It's quite questionable whether this is only due to their ignorance of the way checkpoints work in xpm, as that has been public knowledge for quite some time.

In xpm users must explicitly issue command to enforce checkpoint, I cannot single-handedly shutdown xpm network nor force a reorganization of the block chain. The decentralization level of xpm is basically the same as bitcoin or litecoin. Moreover, ppc would also gradually transition to this operation mode of checkpoint. Even before that happens, I cannot arbitrarily shutdown ppc network either. The checkpoint system in ppc and xpm also builds in consistency check to protect network if checkpoint key is compromised.

I sincerely hope altcoin developers could compete honestly and fairly, keeping in mind the philosophy behind cryptocurrency movement, how else could we achieve the goal together without moral backbone? Trade cautiously and have fun!

Primecoin high performance github enterprise Update 61 Recent new records in primecoin network: Primecoin trading added to Coinmkt. RPool pays coins in generation transaction coinbase letting coins mature in miner's own wallet, similar to Eligius pool primecoin high performance github enterprise bitcoin.

Effort is underway on ppcointalk. I have completed a round of interview with John Manglaviti based on community member questions. PPC website has been updated. Thanks Super3 and web team!

At the moment rpool appears to be restored, beeeeer. Lots of activities on our forum. Feel free to participate! Fill out survey http: Weekly Update 63 New primes record by primecoin: Community newsletter 1 published: The Amsterdam bitcoin conference this coming week is cancelled due to lack of attendance.

Although there are many more conferences coming up around the world. So stay tuned for our future participation. An article has been published on coindesk regarding PPC. Primecoin difficulty is approaching In July at primecoin's release, the network started at difficulty 7. We have come a long way in a short four months, I have never expected such fast pace of miner improvements and adoption.

Difficulty 10 is more than four orders of magnitude more computing intensive than difficulty 7 in primecoin. Current primecoin network difficulty is around 9. Supercomputing has started working on a gpu cuda implementation of primecoin miner. He has reported promising results so far which could make gpu mining competitive for xpm, though currently this project is still under private development.

I have primecoin high performance github enterprise PPC testnet seed node. PPC testnet resumes operation. Don't forget to check out all the different community activities on peercointalk. Weekly Update 65 Community newsletter 2 here: Block rate about halved after ypool. Primecoin network has now recovered close to 1 minute block spacing target. Primecoin has its first fork named datacoin this week.

Of course there are countless PPC forks already I have lost track of them long time ago. Looking back the entire cryptocurrency community has made huge achievements together. Let's keep working together toward a better future! Weekly Update 66 Community newsletter 4 here: John and me have completed an interview with New York Times this week and it was published today http: PPC website has been revamped by a web team primecoin high performance github enterprise by super3.

I have transferred my responsibility on website to the web team. Based on community consensus, we have begun a rebranding effort for PPC from ppcoin to peercoin. Sentinelrv has updated the logo resources. I find the logo looking really nice on the Primecoin high performance github enterprise program, we must thank Sentinelrv and team again for the logo project!

I am very happy to see interests in PPC development picking up among the community Have fun! Weekly Update 68 Jordan has made some good progress with Peershare project. I have primecoin high performance github enterprise explained my philosophy on the issue of transaction fees.

But I am happy to see many of our users are interested in debating such subject extensively on the forum. This is part of the open source culture, that anyone interested can offer opinions and insights. As a lead developer I think it primecoin high performance github enterprise also healthy for me to listen to inputs from community.

So I would like to give some summary of my thoughts on this matter. I have mentioned the concept of backbone currency. I feel the attempt to dominate every aspect of money is what drives the adjustment of bitcoin transaction fees, which has seen reduction from 0.

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A brain wallet implementation is still under development and testing. I have updated github repo throughout the week and Fuzzy started publishing some test builds. Primecoin github reaches 9. Setup You need the Qt4 run-time libraries to run Primecoin-Qt.

Steemit is now Enterprise Source, meaning anyone can make a Steemit type website enterprise just Copying Primecoin and renaming it, and changing whatever they want to change.

Please invest only what you can primecoin to lose, thanks! Weekly Update Excoin https:. Weekly Update Peercoin 0. No need to upgrade if you don't use this feature. The Amsterdam bitcoin conference this coming week is cancelled due to lack of attendance.

Release schedule is now fixed as following: A brief read of the its pre-launch description indicates that the proof-of-work is now a slight variation of Primecoin's proof-of-work, searching for a specific type of prime constellations instead of Cunningham chains. It serves as a template for running crypto ventures or businesses, also known as DAC's. The biggest limitation of the official Zcash software is enterprise it only takes advantage of your CPU to mine.

We do not intend to run github marketplace websites as it's not our area of expertise. Each extension will effectively process an additional set of numbers github the sieve relatively cheaply. I have done another community interview this enterprise, transcript here: The software primecoin capable of data extraction, processing, data modeling and analysis. Primecoin newsletter 1 published:. The vulnerability has been known to us for a while and I have spent quite some time to formulate an improved hash protocol.

Proper review and implementation of the new protocol would take some time, and that's why I stress the importance of responsible disclosure as not all vulnerabilities can be fixed and patched in a day or two. The schedule of implementing the new protocol is tentatively planned as following: Yes the protocol change would be a hard fork and all clients are required to upgrade within weeks after the release.

Merry Christmas to all! December 31, , Weekly Update 19 Total money supply surpassed 15 million coins this week. This week saw the debut of freicoin on the bitcointalk forum actual release was the week before on Dec. I don't see the benefit of the concept of demurrage except for being more honest than the inflation tax, but alas, with even fellows at the Federal Reserve becoming fans http: Weekly Update 20 Release 0.

Given the current progress and to ensure the quality of the protocol upgrade we might extend the testing period by weeks before final release. So that means the release would be around end of January. Our seed nodes infrastructure recently experienced frequent outages. So for new nodes or nodes trying to redownload block chain you might experience connection issues.

Running nodes shouldn't have these problems as those can always connect to other operational peers. I am trying to check the seed node status everyday so generally if you cannot connect as a new node just wait some time and it should be able to. Have a fun week! Weekly Update 21 Release 0. First round of unit testing has been completed. Over this week testing on testnet is being prepared. Over the next two weeks we plan to migrate the seed nodes. Short periods of down time no connection is possible for new nodes and nodes attempting a redownload of block chain.

Existing nodes shouldn't be affected. Due to exchange rate drop proof-of-work difficulty dropped below We remind investors and traders be fully aware of the experimental nature of the project and the volatility in market, and manage risks accordingly.

With ASIC release looming the bitcoin difficulty is expected to rise quickly in the following months. Further volatility of exchange rate is expected due to this. Weekly Update 22 Testing continued with 0. I expect testnet testing on protocol switch to be initiated some time this week, when the core code is considered reasonably stabilized. The transition for users should have minimal impact as there is no effect on existing wallet balance, transactions and minting related protocols of the network.

The new protocol replaces the current proof-of-stake difficulty in the role of stake modifier inside the proof-of-stake hashing computation not to be confused with proof-of-work hashing, which remains unchanged. The stake modifier is a part of the hash inputs to scramble the computation so nodes cannot compute the future stake from a coin when the coin is first confirmed into block chain. The new protocol generates the stake modifier from roughly 10 days of future blocks from when the coin is first confirmed into block chain.

This should reasonably resolve all currently known vulnerabilities regarding stake generation. Due to the technical nature of implementing and switching a core part of the protocol, we feel it's prudent to thoroughly test it before 0. Meanwhile, I am also contemplating releasing an unpolished gui build with 0. Weekly Update 23 0. Testing continues on the release and I have just started testing with testnet protocol switch.

The hosting provider for our seed nodes infrastructure is undergoing some migration pain and the recent support has been less than stellar. I would need to look for alternative providers next week preferrably accepting bitcoin, recommendations are welcome. Meanwhile some downtime is expected over next few weeks, for new nodes and nodes redownloading the block chain. Existing running nodes shouldn't be affected.

If I manage to still have some extra time I might start looking into qt build for the release. Weekly Update 24 The seed nodes have been successfully migrated this week. The new servers have been running smoothly the last couple days. Also thanks for Andy and xchrix for volunteering their nodes. Hopefully the seed nodes would now have better availability for block chain download.

Testnet has been successfully switched to the new v0. The new code looks to have stabilized and I will continue testing on test network this week. I will also test building qt client in our official build for possible inclusion in the 0. The official build of ppcoin adopts bitcoin's verifiable build system gitian-builder. This system allows developers to verify the integrity of the final release binaries. In theory users can verify the build too by following the same build procedures but currently the process is quite involved.

This is part of the reasons why we haven't supported qt in release build yet. We believe that delivering trustable executable files is very important to our users. The first ASIC miner has been delivered on the market. Another milestone in the young history of bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Weekly Update 25 Testing of 0. System has stabilized and no significant issues have been found this week. Windows Qt build testing is successful this week, and works have been done so it is now confirmed that Qt begins support in 0. Current plan is to have a final week of testing. Barring further issues, v0. Weekly Update 26 v0. Qt UI begins support in v0. Release is expected to be published in the next few days.

This is a mandatory upgrade release and deadline for upgrade is scheduled for March 20th. This week the first ppcoin fork known as novacoin has been released.

The network hash rate of novacoin rose quickly, it's difficulty peaked over Despite the controversy surrounding its release and the subsequent DDoS attack on btc-e, market response seems quite enthusiastic. Please note I am not involved in novacoin in any way, but I am happy to see other developers valuing ppcoin design and forking from it. Recently we have also seen another project known as ripple released, with its own currency called 'Ripple' or XRP.

Even though I am yet to be convinced that the technicals are sound I will keep an eye on this interesting new development. Weekly Update 27 v0. Upgrade should be performed before protocol switch on March 20th. A block chain re-download is necessary for the upgrade. The blocks are grouped and 64 blocks are selected based on a 'selection hash'. Then each selected block contributes one bit to the modifier. The purpose of stake modifier is to prevent stake owner from manipulating future stake generation at the time the coin is confirmed into block chain.

Two other protocol changes are made: Overall I think the 0. Qt UI is now available in official build and supported from v0. User who prefers UI would enjoy the release I think, and I did give you a good treat by making the splash artwork myself and hope you all like it v0. An RPC command 'sendtoidentity' would allow users to send ppcoins to names instead of addresses.