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As the world's first 28nm GPU, this. In our ethereum mining hardware test. Windows 7 Mining software: R9 G Core Clock: The R9 X delivers astonishing performance and breathtaking. R9 x2 Core Clock: Windows 10 Mining software: Capable of performing on ultra. R9 Fury X Core Clock: Windows 10 Pro 64Bit Mining software Win 7 Mining software: R9 Nano Core Clock: Windows 10 64bit Mining software: Powercolor 280x litecoin mining contract 10 64Bit Mining.

Windows 7 x64 Mining software: R9 X ref Core Clock: Windows 10 64Bit Mining software: R9 Core Clock: Windows 10 Pro x R9 x Core Clock: Win 7 x64 Mining software: HD Core Clock: Win 10 Mining software: Windows 10 Insider Mining software: R9 X Core Clock: R7 Core Clock: Windows 10 64x Mining software: GTX Core Clock: Windows 8 Mining software: R9 x ref Core Clock: Windows 10 x64 Mining software: R9 X G1 Core Clock: Windows 10 Pro 64bit Mining software Windows 10 Pro 64bit Powercolor 280x litecoin mining contract software: Windows 10 Pro 64Bit Mining software: Windows 10 Pro Mining.

GTX x2 Core Clock: Windows 7 64bit Mining software R9 x RoyalQueen Core Clock: Windows 7 bit Mining software: AMD Radeon HD can be used to explore exceptionally powercolor 280x litecoin mining contract gaming worlds like you've never seen before. If you are interested in mining Ethereum but the task of building a mining rig yourself seems daunting, check out this article: You can also trade Ethereum, we have created a guide that teache you how to trade Ethereum profitably with out prior trading experience:

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I find that if I undervolt, works fine for a few days and then just locks up. Interestingly if you try to close the terminal window It freezers the whole machine. I am using this extender and am having trouble with crashes.. Use it in PCI x16 port motherboard. Can you be defective? There's no counter, you can reset. If you get an uncle no txs reward. Your hash rate is 46 mhs Doesn't matter whether its one rig or ten.

By the way if the number of txs gets very high, the gas spent is much higher than the block reward of 5 ether. Not at the moment, but when Olympic finished they drove txs as a test, as a miner you ended up with way more ether, than the 5 per block. It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! November edited November in Mining. See test results below and why you underclock memory, overclock core clock and undervolt VDCC. Hi guys, how much are you getting from a single R9 x?

I have three different models: I tested that on Win8, Win10 and Ubuntu. Post edited by farware on November They perform the best out of the box.

But out of the box they draw way too much power. My recommendation for x: Memory - Core clock 1. I have them all set to core clocks of and memory clocks of Most of them have core voltages set at 1. They all hash at MrYukonC After much fiddling and comparing how much energy the rigs use overclocked vs underclocked, I eventually decided to overclock my x's to memory and core 1.

The key is the cooling. Temperatures outsides are really going down now where I live so I can overclock and undervolt. So that's quite good. The x rig is far more efficient than my rig.. I change the memory clock using aticonfig at runtime I'm running Linux. Yes it was done right. Each time checking with --odgc. The hash rate was monitored in a separate terminal that was running ethminer a version that reports hash rate continuously.

Remained about the same throughout. Which is why I mentioned the change with altered core clock. Which means the commands were getting through to the graphics card in real time!

Yeah risers powered, had a molex plugged into the board, but mono failed so now no molex in the board. Its a HD card I have undervalued it to 1. Yeah, my combined hashrate for my and 2 x's has gone from Mhs down to around 96Mhs. Heliox Member, Moderator Posts: Hey, i know it's not a X but still want to add some info. So what is that? But of course, a FuryX is around 3x the price of a X. So as already confirmed by so many others. I just got a Nano card and did some testing. I reach exactly 25Mhz Windows 10 here comes the good part.

Mobo, cpu, mem included It's an i7 processor that eats around 75watt idle. So in other words, watt 25Mhz. So downvolting this is even more interesting i think! December edited December Try to use this config: Not to hijack this thread but i think they are relevant newbie questions pertaining to hashrates: Can I reset the miner during this period? Took 1ms So i know what uncles are and i know you do get rewarded for them, but how about txs?

Sometimes I see 0 txs, sometimes 17 etc etc.. I assume these are the actual txs for the current block, and I've somehow contributed to securing them via some txs?

Do we not get rewarded for these small txs? I'm currently mining with 2 x x with a hashrate of around 23 each, so does that mean my total hashrate is 46? I've run into a strange error today - had 2 cards mining successfully over days, but when i checked in today, black screen.

I rebooted the box and reinitialized the GPUs. When trying to start the miners, both would start but the second one would always cause a crash on the first guy, throwing a "Bus error core dumped. I initially thought this was to do with my forced reboot of the box and maybe it had DAG issues, so i rebuilt that but still no go. Has anyone seen this behavior? After starting the second miner it's working now.

Hope this helps someone. XX mhs hashrate but when i look https: Sign In or Register to comment.