Bitcoins, other digital currencies stolen in massive 'Pony' botnet attack

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News of the heist comes hard on the heels of Mt Gox withdrawing from the Bitcoin foundation and killing off its social media accounts. Pony isn't a horse of a completely different colour: The same botnet has now been successfully deployed as a crypto-currency stealer, according to a Trustwave Spiderlabs post.

Despite the small number of wallets compromised, this is one of the larger caches of BitCoin wallets stolen from end-users. This Pony bot net bitcoin values, Trustwave says, went after not only Bitcoin, but a bunch of other crypto-currencies. Trustwave notes that most users, it seems, don't encrypt their wallets, which seems somewhat rash to The Register. The Register - Independent news and views for the tech community.

Part of Pony bot net bitcoin values Publishing. Join our daily or weekly newsletters, subscribe to a specific section or set News alerts. The Register uses cookies. But I did log in to the portal, Dave. Blame everything on 'computer error' — no one will contradict you If you're a Fedora fanboi, this latest release might break your heart a little Microsoft's latest Windows 10 update pony bot net bitcoin values Chrome, Cortana LLVM contributor hits breakpoint, quits citing inclusivity intolerance.

Master Amazon Web Services: Get on top of reliability with our pony bot net bitcoin values practices webinar El Reg's Serverless Computing London call for papers shuts tonight Now that Kubernetes has won, DigitalOcean takes a late dip in K8s Software dev and deployment luminaries head to Westminster. If customers' data should be protected, why hand it over to Zuckerberg? My PC is on fire! Can you back it up really, really fast? Geek's Guide Pentagon in uproar: Boffins think they've found the evidence Shocking.

Lightning strike knocks out neuro patient's brain implant. Now for some security headaches Silicon can now reconfigure itself with just a jolt of electricity day drone flights? You are like a little baby.

How about a full YEAR? Verity Stob Mystery crapper comes a cropper The steaks have never been higher: Swiss Lidl is selling local cannabis Texas residents start naming adopted drains No top-ups, please, I'm a millennial: Lightweight yoof shunning booze like never before. More from The Register. To Russia, with love: Greek court now says Bitcoin fraud suspect could be tried at home US and Moscow both want to extradite Alexander Vinnik, 38, but minister of justice will decide. Russia, America dig into tug-of-war pony bot net bitcoin values Bitcoin laundering suspect We want him!

Google bans ads for unregulated currencies Bitcoin prices plummet. Vietnam bans Bitcoin as payment for anything What is it with mostly single party pony bot net bitcoin values and crimps on cryptocurrency? UK reaches peak Bitcoin as bin firm accepts cryptocurrency 'It's not a publicity stunt,' says BusinessWaste.

Junk food meets junk money: Bitcoin Foundation wants US Department of Justice investigated Bitcoin isn't money, so money laundering laws shouldn't apply. Massive backlogs, legacy debt, and scarce resources can hinder digital transformation efforts. So, how you can overcome these challenges? Before proceeding we must understand what the definition of the words Certification and Accreditation. Sponsored links Get The Register's Headlines in your inbox daily - quick signup!

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