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How poloniex dashi I withdraw USD from poloniex into my bank account? Or how do I even sell bitcoin and have the money put into my bank account? See this is one of the things that is holding back Steemit. The hoops you have to jump through to get to USD is the Number 1 reason people give me when I am trying to get them to come over here!

I am talking about mainstream, everyday Twitter and Facebook users that are not into crypto etc. That is a very valid pointi am pretty experienced with computersand figuring out stuffbut it was quite a hassle. When people see the candlesticks and all the numbers on bittrex and poloniexthey back offway to complicated!

If steemit finds a way to simplify this for mainstream usethat would be a amazing leap forward! They should develop a way to convert your steem directly into USD onto a debit card all within Steemit. They could charge a decent fee for the service. It's nothing to do with steem I've just sold some ripple and I want to withdraw the money from the exchange, I just can't figure out how to do it other then poloniex dashi the USDT to bitcoin then buy euros with it on bittylicious.

Is this the only way? The poloniex dashi are crazy poloniex dashii think even to high for you to want to sell. Ther are many sitescheck google. Oh I'm finding it difficult it withdraw it I think to do it quick I will have to accept a high premium. Check my pp method https: There's a few poloniex dashi that I am aware of to do this, all of which requires the converstion of poloniex dashi to BTC.

Here they are in the order of my preference:. Please follow me, you can talk to me on Steem. Chat or mention me in a comment on this post. Yes, same for Europeans. Dutch friends of mine use it too! Plus it even has a EUR wallet, especially for Europeans. Myself an multiple friends have been having a hell of a time with the 2nd form of authentication on Coinbase. I've been trying to get my Phone changed for about 3 months after performing the "change number steps" and their customer support is crap.

Oh I'm sorry to hear that, they helped me once and it was good, they even have a live chat. There are many alternatives but I mainly use Coinbase. Is there an alternative to Coinbase? They have been useless over the last few months for me trying to change my poloniex dashi number for my second form of verification. How to withdraw USD from poloniex. Authors get paid poloniex dashi people like you upvote their post. Can't even buy euros on bittylicious! How can Poloniex dashi sell bitcoin for euros?

Here they are in the order of my preference: The best way to poloniex dashi this: Open a Coinbase wallet https: Is it the poloniex dashi for us Europeans? Perfect ill look into this thanks.

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Tutorials on basic technical analysis and live Poloniex Trading reports. Sorry that the scoreboard in the video seems to be cut off on the side. It also does not usually hold onto other crap coins I don't want. Why Did We Switch From Subscription Model to Token Pricing.