Kinh hoàng các vụ giết người trộm chó

4 stars based on 45 reviews

Mt tn st th c s thch ung cht hn hp mu nn nhn vi sa ti, hn c cn bnh g c bit hay l con qu ht mu bt t nghn nm trong truyn thuyt? Trong thnh ph C lin tip xy ra 4 v cng hip git ngi, nn nhn u l nhng c gi tr thc t 25 - 35 tui, y rt cuc l git ngi tr th hay n gin l cng dm?

Hng lot ci cht b n thm khc ca nhng ngi sng trong trng i hc J lin tip xy ra. Trong hng lot cc v n ly k khin cnh st bng hong b tay, Phng Mc trm mc kim li t nhin b cnh st li vo cuc. Tn c qu giu mt ln lt git hi nhng ngi bn ca cu, v sao? Mt cuc u tr so ti khc lit y kch tnh n ra Ai s l ngi thng cuc? Truyn ca Li M lun c sc hp dn c bit i vi c gi bi ngi bt st bn vi nhng tnh tit ly k, li cun n trang cui cng For more reviews, please visit http: The first thing to note about this book is that it is gruesome.

From the very first few pages, there are graphic images described that were enough to make me wrinkle my nose in disgust. It got a little hairy, even from the beginning. Another thing to note is that this is a translation, so some of the For more reviews, please visit http: Another thing to note is that this is a translation, so some of the phrasing is a bit weird.

There are times when words aren't quite right and some of the punctuation is a bit off. This doesn't detract from the story too much, but it is something to be aware of if this kind of thing bothers you. The timeline in this book is a bit ambiguous, and it often left me feeling a bit confused on what had happened when. This does take away from the reading experience some because I felt like I couldn't quite keep up with what was happening all the time.

There are also times when Fang Mu is dreaming or having near hallucinations while awake, and some of those are also difficult to keep up with. By the end of the book, the timeline was much more clear, as were the divisions between reality and imagination. There were moments in the book where the author incorporated some personality and character development, which was interesting but often felt out of place.

The rest of the book was so clinical and to the point that these scenes were out of character for the author and didn't fit with the rest of the book very much. By the end of the book, the parts that were more personal and that developed characters felt more seamless. All of that being said, this book was really intriguing. Fang Mu works with the police to help profile serial killers, and of course he gets it right every time.

His skill set is impressive and when he explains how he came up with each part of the profile, I nod my head along with him because of how logical it is. I don't think this book is quite on par with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but it was worth reading. If you are interested in crime books, you should consider picking this one up.

Highly reading time recommended:

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