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Who needs second lunch when you can snack? Here are the favorite snacks you can easily find on any Saigon street. Bot chien fried rice cakes This is a street dish originating in China but made and loved in Saigon.

It can't be simpler: It is served hot and crisp with a mixture of sweet rice vinegar and soy sauce. Add some shredded green papaya to balance out the oil. Banh trang nuong rice crackers A specialty of the Central Highlands city of Da Lat, banh trang nuong has now stood among the kings and queens of street snacks in Saigon. Locals love to add a lot … [Read more Just this once, let's rule out 'pho' and sample the rising stars of Vietnamese cuisine. They've been catching the attention of foreigns visitors of late, and some have already made it onto the international culinary stage.

Regardless of their sheer weirdness or genuine quality, these dishes have moved the country's culinary reputation on past the traditional "pho". It was only popular in Hanoi because in other cities, even Saigon, people had never heard of it. But the dish's destiny has taken a turn. After the visit of former U. President Obama to Vietnam in"bun cha" noodles with grilled pork stirred up a social media frenzy, and now the dish is renowned among international visitors.

Unlike other favorites that contain secret spices like … [Read more Believe it or not, Tet is very much about how much you can stomach. Vietnamese don't "celebrate" Tet. Here's a list of some of the stuff you can expect to eat. Sticky rice cakes Everywhere you go, expect to an offer of banh chung. This meat and bean-filled sticky rice gets steamed and wrapped in a big dong Phrynium placentarium leaf.

To be honest, it's dense enough to stop a bullet. As the days of Tet wane, people take to deep-frying pieces of it, which naturally makes it better. Most shape these cakes into a thick square as a nod to the traditional belief that the Earth was square and the sky is round. Legend has it that the recipe was invented four thousand years ago while a king was trying to figure out online trading bot jam binary options does it work my pillow was next … [Read more Nguyen Thi Thanh tried to delay the story.

She poured water and passed some snacks around 30 South Korean visitors at her small drinks stand along a online trading bot jam binary options does it work my pillow in the central province of Quang Nam.

Thanh is among the few survivors of the massacres South Korean troops committed across several villages in central Vietnam in during the Vietnam War. She was eight when she witnessed the murders of her mother, brother and sister. A South Korean group has been holding memorial services this year on the anniversary of the massacres, and the meeting between Thanh and 30 people brought by the Korean-Vietnamese Peace Foundation on Monday evening was an emotional part of that.

The deadly attack on her village took place on the morning of February 12, just a few days after a South Korean jeep was … [Read more Lose yourself in Ben Thanh Market and the host of Vietnamese delicacies it has to offer.

Visitors can find almost everything here, from clothing, shoes, bags online trading bot jam binary options does it work my pillow jewelry, to kitchen ware, groceries, sweets and, most importantly, food. About eight other Vietnamese companies have shown interest in attending as well. The expo is expected to welcome 66, visitors and over 2, exhibitors from 65 countries, according to a representative of the organiser Comexposium.

The exhibition will showcase 21 kinds of products ranging from canned and preserved food to fruit, vegetable and seafood leading brands. SIAL China will see the first ever milk- and milk-based product zone where Belgium and Germany will introduce their prestigious products. Last year, 10 Vietnamese companies took part in the event displaying their products of rice, beans, fruit and snacks.

VietNamNet Online trading bot jam binary options does it work my pillow — As a good dish for cold days in Vietnam, 'banh goi' pillow shaped cake intrigues guests at first sight for its pretty baby pillow shape and its colorful sauce. Pillow cake - a favourite cake of Vietnamese people Like most cakes in Vietnam, pillow cake is not baked but deep fried to create a charming yellow pastry skin, crispy and fragrant. Firstly, water and rice flour are mixed to perfect ratio, making soft and moist dough.

Next, glass noodle, wood ears, kohlrabi and mushroom, all tendered and finely chopped, are blended with minced pork and seasonings; this is an easy recipe for a flavorful filling.

It is more interesting with the design task: It is not very difficult to make the delicious dish. Spreading all toppings over the rice paper and grill over char coal until the butter and cheese melted. Nhan Dan … [Read more And there are special dishes specific to each one of them.

Some photos of people in Hanoi celebrating the festival taken by Vietnamnet: Home Archives for Vietnamese snacks.

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