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It is one of the international financial centers, the freest economy, rule of law, large talent pool, a strong legacy of trade and work ethic. As well, Hong Kong is a very nice place to live in high efficiency and flexibility. The nature of the city makes networking and meeting people very easy. Together with a strong lead from the private sector, the FinTech ecosystem in Hong Kong has become more vibrant. In addition, as an economic center, this city is a place where East meets West, leading to a real diverse culture that is full of energy and passion.

Hong Kong has a strong and supportive community of FinTech authorities and investors, which includes: Being a highly competitive environment, Hong Kong is also one of the global locations for the most successful incubator programs and strong investors, such as: Being a highly competitive environment, Hong Kong is one of the global locations for globally oriented FinTech accelerators.

Hong Kong government strongly supports the startup community. Bitspark provides cash in cash out remittance platform for individuals and Money Transfer Operators to send money to emerging markets cheaper, quicker leveraging Bitcoin as the means of transmission. Currently, Bitspark allows users to send money to the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam with cash pickup at partnering shops, pawn shops and local bank account transfers, among other withdrawal methods.

CompareAsiaGroup offers a comprehensive overview of various financial products, and is a one-stop solution for price comparison needs in Asia. Currenxie was founded in and is based in Central, Hong Kong. The solution sources the rates for the conversion straight from the FX market — no more hidden markups and commissions. Valoot charges a small fee for providing the service, passing the vast majority of savings to the consumer and the merchant.

It is coming soon as financial service provider focused on blockchain technology solutions. It is a financial services company and full service international prepaid card issuer based in Hong Kong.

It also offers consumer and commercial lending, risk management, marketing operations, customer service and information technology. The company develops an electronic device that helps passengers at airports to get their excess remaining currency converted, processed or gifted before returning to their home country via an online payback platform.

The company offers cross-border RMB e-trade settlement services through service network in Hong Kong. The company offers an embedded security element and eSIM platform which uses mobile virtual SIM card for secure virtual currency transactions. It takes funds, transfers them to another format and facilitates transactions. They also offer event access, tracking and social media integration.

The company is developing a mobile application that lets users send, receive, and convert money from their phone. Same currency transactions are free, and exchange rates are close to the interbank rate. It offers payment solutions for merchants and MoneyExpress that enables users abroad to remit funds directly to UnionPay cardholders in China.

It operates discrete marketplaces between buyers and their suppliers where parties an agree to deals to accelerate payment of invoices. It enables small and micro businesses to use mobile payment technologies. The mobile app features instant money transfer, forex, bank transfer, global bill payment and global SIM top-up functionalities.

This network allows users to transfer money, via the Internet. The company was established by veteran legal professional, business owner, engineer, and banker. The company is simplifying insurance and simplifying medical insurance in Hong Kong to make options clear.

Employees can select a mix of insurance and wellness services from a range of providers to suit their individual needs. Gen Life uses artificial intelligence, distributed ledger technology, and the cloud to deliver the highest quality risk management, lowest distribution and transaction cost whilst delivering the most engaging and frictionless customer experience.

It offers consumers a free and transparent comparison process-based on their financial needs. It offers services including AI automatic policy underwriting, AI automatic insurance product pricing, e-policy management, and smart automatic renewal which are available in web, mobile and app. Seasonalife is an online platform for millennials to research, compare and purchase insurance products in a smarter way. The company aims to consistently deliver high-quality advice that can be scaled at a much lower cost compared to traditional distribution channels.

They deploy artificial general intelligence AGI technology to identify patterns and predict price movements in global financial markets. Their white-label solutions are available for retail, affluent and private banking segments. The company provides a software-based platform to enable fixed income investment managers with data-driven portfolio construction, optimization, re-balance, analysis and monitoring capabilities. The software runs on a flexible modular architecture allowing practical customization to perfectly fit unique requirements.

Users are given play money to invest in real companies in real time and have partnered with over clients to screen for potential recruits. It provides a combined order and execution management system for equities and equity derivatives. It is a hedge fund management and wealth management in the United States. Iwaitou helps Chinese investors prosperously navigate the U. They provide personal portfolio advice, investment insights and recommendations, a members-only hedge fund, and regular in-person events throughout China and Hong Kong.

The company offers consulting services for the building of portfolio analytics reporting platform performance database, portfolio analytics reporting, factsheet production and cloud-based report distribution solutions to asset management firms and pension plan sponsors.

Oxon also offers a number of pragmatic tools for performance and portfolio analytics reporting. It provides an online platform for wealth management, asset allocation, and product structuring tools to advisors, wealth managers, and other clients. The online platform enables users to invest in portfolios of stocks, funds and other asset classes across all major global markets.

The company brings the best technology practices to the financial services industry through research compliance and information management. Seed Alpha is established to address the challenges faced by investment managers, brokers, research providers globally. Launched inthe company caters mainly to large institutional investors like sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, private banks and family offices.

It aims to improve transparency and access to data in the fast-growing quant index market. SmartAlpha acts as a marketing platform for index providers, and an investment management platform for professional investors. It is providing various options for online fundraising including reward-based crowdfunding for projects, to direct fundraising for charities, to empowering people to start their own peer-to-peer fundraisers. FringeBacker also facilitates creative arts, innovative industries and charitable organizations to raise money efficiently.

Lenddo has developed its patented technology after four years of actual online lending experience that included collection, analysis and processing of billions of data points. The company uses advanced ML techniques to build predictive algorithms.

It is involved in finding various ways to utilize financial technology resources to improve the online lending experience. It allows companies to raise finance against their receivables by connecting them with investors interested in a new asset class.

The platform aims to make donating to charity easy; to connect people to great causes; to encourage online communities to help change lives, and to ensure nonprofits do not miss out on the opportunities offered by new technology. A platform makes expertise affordable, showcases the best of female entrepreneurs and taps into the deep knowledge of experts in a host of different fields.

No signup, no verification, no bank wire — simply cash in, Bitcoin out. ANX is a one-stop shop for blockchain technologies merging traditional payment networks with the new digital assets ecosystem.

The company offers a full front-to-back stack of services and managed solution to the global market. ANX customer can benefit from the flexibility of choosing only the technical modules that they require. From an operational perspective, the customer can elect for ANX to run all the core operational services such as customer service, payment processing, KYC compliance, AML monitoring, wallet management and more. The ompany provides the matching of customers to products, invoicing, facilitating payment collection, and confirming the transaction all without ever having access to or holding any Bitcoin.

Users can connect their CoinSimple account to the Bitcoin wallet of their choice and begin invoicing customers. It enables fast and easy direct transactions and allows instant exchange between different cryptocurrencies in one personal account. DigiByte enables lightning fast transactions with minimal or no fees.

Users can send and receive DigiBytes to or from any DigiByte address in the world in a matter of seconds with no required sign up, registration, or hidden fees.

DigiByte uses P2P technology to operate with no central authority; managing transactions and the issuing of DigiBytes is carried out collectively by the network. DigiByte is open-source; its design is public, nobody owns or controls DigiByte and everyone can take part.

They offer services in the finance industry with market insights, network of relationships, trading acumen, and trading strategies. It is the largest Bitcoin company headquartered in Beijing, China with an upcoming international office based in Hong Kong. OKCoin is committed to operating the largest Bitcoin exchange and using blockchain technology to dramatically improve payment systems. It makes the company shares to be coded onto the blockchain and transferable with the same ease as making a Bitcoin payment.

It offers credit card comparison, personal loan comparison, mortgage comparison, and insurance comparison. It is designed for the millennial generation and will come with a MasterCard for online and offline shopping. The service is currently in its beta stage and is releasing invites to its waiting list. Tapeke helps bitcoin enthusiasts see the full scope of their crypto-wealth at a glance. The dashboard displays customizable details and summaries of inflows, expenditures, and balances using the public addresses from any or all wallets a user may have.

It helps organizations to unlock financial services through the use of data, decisions, and infrastructure. It is engaged in offensive assessment, proactive monitoring and pragmatic managed-security which provides cost effective solutions to application security. Owners can protect their cards by logging images of valuable cards into Vaultarch database. The solution will extract a fingerprint from the fabric of the card, making it unique, and timestamped as existing today.

The chatbot is also platform-agnostic. Contineo provides multiple ways to connect, multiple APIs to choose from, and multiple issuers on the network. The company also works with other certified technology vendors to connect their products to its network. It offers a market-based cognitive computing platform, it helps companies capture hidden revenue opportunities, by recommending specific actions for customer-facing employees and placing recommendations.

WeConvene brings both the buy side and sell side onto a common platform; streamlining corporate access booking, eliminating the need for email, and returning to portfolio managers, analysts and salespeople their most valuable asset. Additionally, corporations and marketplaces can rely on PaynPaid mass payout services to send funds to their beneficiaries worldwide.

It is a data storage and sharing tool, mobile visual cards service to manage personal and professional brands and an aggregator of emails, news and social networks. The company works closely with clients to define a plan based on their specific goals and concerns within their risk tolerance and circumstances.

They are building an intelligent interface for the enterprise resources and helping companies re-think how their employees and clients access and use their datasets, analytics and workflows in the emerging robots era. The company explores and defines strategy and operations with the client; builds technology, and runs infrastructure allowing businesses to focus on what is most important:

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