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He made a lasting impact in his 15 years as the principal of Lewisville High School before becoming Assistant Superintendent of Student Services.

After serving 42 years in education, he continued to enrich the […]. The generosity of LEF supporters allowed the Physics students to utilize a more STEM based approach nxt robot glove instructions for formatting learning electricity, electromagnets and the workings of a motor.

By the time the end-of-year evaluation was written, Jennifer Shaw was in tears. The mascot at Vickery Elementary is the Voyager, so from the start it is clear these students are meant to go places.

After working with the equipment and producing videos for class projects, community events and competitions, students in the program, led […]. Hisey now attends […]. Farmers Harvest, the student newspaper of Lewisville High School, is a top-notch publication. But with the rapidly improving technological landscape of the 21st century, it can be hard for a student […].

Music students at Ethridge Elementary had a great opportunity — and a problem. Their music department was well-equipped with 12 Orff glockenspiels, small xylophone instruments that help students learn rhythm and tempo as well as other music concepts. But they had no place to put them — these incredible instruments were constantly being moved from […]. Thanks to your generosity and support of LEF, students at Nxt robot glove instructions for formatting Elementary enjoyed an exciting and unique opportunity in their art class last year — and will continue to enjoy it for years to come!

Hearing from Marcus Alumni and LEF Scholarship recipient Sarah Smith Lueking reminds us that often it is less about the amount given and received and more about the investment. For Sarah, the scholarship she received from LEF was small in comparison to the overall cost of her education. However, it was a direct investment in […]. Thomas Hammerle Memorial Scholarship Endowment: But Remembered Forever… How can you capture the essence of a little boy? Words are simply ineffective.

Tom was filled with joy and never hesitated to share it freely. Like most seven-year-old boys, his life revolved around family, friends, play dates, sports, and fun. My journey with LEF began in when I was a 4th grade teacher at Donald Elementary and desperately wanted a place to grow plants native to Texas. That year, I was awarded my first […].

Nominate a Special Educator Today! Cain lived for 24 years with Down syndrome and heart defects. He died on March 7,of a heart attack. Cain spent 18 nxt robot glove instructions for formatting under the […]. That makes the instruction a bit more daunting.

Growing up, many kids play with Legos. But nxt robot glove instructions for formatting have changed, and kids today have a whole new plan for Legos. Vickery students enjoy enhancing their science and engineering skills at the Lego robotics club made possible thanks to a partnership with […]. Many people remember it fondly as the place they could find a book to transport them to another place or time, a place to find a book in whose pages students could get lost for hours… Today though, the library is a little […].

She is Gia Clement, a first-grade student at Lakeland Elementary. Like most of the students, she was really excited about digging in the dirt and […].

Hebron Valley Elementary second-grade teacher Tina Montegudo had an idea. And as she frequently does when she has an idea, she shared it with her friend and Highland Village Elementary second-grade teacher Shana […].

When Wellington Elementary School teacher Gina Alday had the opportunity to transition from teaching fourth grade to working in the Specials Rotation as the Science Discovery teacher, she was ecstatic.

But on the heels of the excitement came a moment of panic. Marcus Physics Lights It Up! Can You Hear Me Now? Bulldog Bytes Sure Can! An art teacher, pounds of clay and a school full of students… Thanks to nxt robot glove instructions for formatting generosity and support of LEF, students at Polser Elementary enjoyed an exciting and unique opportunity nxt robot glove instructions for formatting their art class last year — and will continue to enjoy it for years to come!

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Discover the many features of the EV3 set, and learn to build and program your own robots! Remember the MinuteBot Baseplate Kickstarter project?

It was funded successfully, so the base plates have been turned into a real product. This project is based on my universal balancing robot code. These small balancing robots are fun, but I wanted to make something that more closely resembles a real Segway.

The Segway program turns these signals into movement. Then I thought that one wheel might be enough to stay up right, and it was. I know this is not a true unicycle, This machine plots drawings on standard A4 or US letter paper.

The robot is featured in the NXT 2. It can be built with This 4 legged lizard walks around and shows different behavior, depending on sensor readings. It is featured in the NXT 2. This Jeep style vehicle has front wheel drive and front wheel steering, and it is featured in the NXT 2.

It can be built Throughout the book, the basic robot is expanded to SentryBot and Table-Bot shown above. Most NXT contraptions that move with wheels go forwards, backwards, left, or right. This robot can do none of this, but instead it can go up and down. This robot is featured in Chapter 15 of the Discovery Book. Other chimney climbers in this series: Every time I created a new climber, I tried to This robot is featured in Chapter 14 of the Discovery Book.

Other brick sorters in this series: Every time I created a new brick sorter, I tried to tackle a new design challenge. This improvement would make This autonomous robot finds, grabs and lifts objects, and it is featured in Chapter 13 of the Discovery Book.

It is especially used frequently in robotics competitions because of its versatile grabber design. Website Maintenance Robotsquare is currently being updated, which means that it may look a little different and not very polished for a while. All the content and pages should still be there, though. It should be back and fully operational soon. Thanks for your patience!