Monero AFTER PARTY - May 15th! hosted by Cake Wallet, QWKMonero, MorphToken, and xCubicle

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Everything you need to know about Monero XMR in a 20 minute video! What is the most dramatic way you could describe the last thing you did? Want to get the GUI point release faster? Next Monero Sheffield meetup is tomorrow Tuesday 8th May 1 day ago.

Feedback and volunteers wanted. DefCon 26 Workgroup Meeting: Next Monero Coffee Chat: I really liked fluffy's yacht sail sponsoring, but I am more into racecars Looking for input to help me develop this for the community. Share your thoughts in the original post please. Anon hits the gym 4 hours ago.

Long exposure of some incense today 3 hours ago. Hope she sees it. TIL Anthony Hopkins, when asked what he loves best about making movies, answered: It gives you time to think and have a cup of coffee. It's my favorite part of the day. Having somebody dab things on your face, I love that. Then you go out and say things and they pay you.

The City is Alive: Trump decides to exit nuclear accord with Iran 2 hours ago. This post with an extremely exact and concise title getting removed for not having an exact and concise title 2 hours ago. Chromatic Aberration 7 hours ago. What Comes Next 7 hours ago. Cancer warnings to be served up with coffee in California 7 hours ago. CollegeBoard reuses Subject Tests too 7 hours ago. CollegeBoard reuses Subject Tests too. New to me Schwinn Competition Peloton 7 hours ago.

Sylvester Stallone still has the turtles from Rocky they are currently 44 years old 7 hours ago. Currently Africa by Toto is winning for our graduation song and someone doesn't approve 1 hour ago.

My dad with my older brother above, and my brother and his firstborn below. I painted The Zucc 3 hours ago. My wife drew Samus Equifax reveals full horror of its data breach - " There were also 38, US drivers' licenses and 3, passport details. My neighbour's dog is desperate for attention 5 hours ago.

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Your money is stored with your broker в whether Etrade or Interactive Brokers or another broker. ICO Flipping An ICO (initial coin offering) is like an IPO where a company is selling its shares on the public market for the first time. Spreads among gateways are too large, transactions too slow and matching of orders inefficient. Bitcoin Png Logo Oregon Cex Bitcoin Address Cex Bitcoin Address Bitcoin Png Logo Oregon.