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It was started on 6th of December It has a very fast distribution minerd litecoin bathrooms and will thereafter grow minerd litecoin bathrooms.

Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. Tagged Questions info newest frequent votes active unanswered. Learn moreā€¦ Top users Synonyms. Does the block size issue also apply to Dogecoin? I understand that makes block sizes less of an issue Unfortunately most calls I try return "Method not found" error for example: How many Dogecoin-satoshis will ever exist? This means there be a maximum: How do I generate a bootstrap file on Ubuntu? I would like to generate a Bitcoin and Dogecoin qt bootstrap file on my ubuntu machine.

Is there any way to do this? I know it's possible with Windows but I'm on Ubuntu. It can generate minerd litecoin bathrooms address, bitcoin address, litecoin address, Through dogecoin-cli, I sent half the dogecoins I own to an external address. Now, when I call the listaccounts function, I get this: Check how many blocks dogecoind downloaded I just started to run dogecoind, and I am wondering how I am able to check how many blocks I have currently downloaded vs.

I found this handy script for Can I mine cryptocurrency using Javascript? Is it a good idea to mine a Scrypt-based cryptocurrency, like Dogecoin or Digitalcoin, using Javascript instead of having paid ads.

The script would mine using all computers visiting my website. Where can I get minerd litecoin bathrooms dogecoin for work? Sol Crenshaw 1 2 How could the minerd litecoin bathrooms increase the limit of money supply? As far as I know, Dogecoin will only have ,, coins in total. But how can the supply of coins remain uncapped? How could it produce unlimited dogecoins? Is there any specific skill to make How do exchanges decide on cryptocurrency trading pairs?

I'd like to comprehend on what basis they are minerd litecoin bathrooms. Sap 1 7. What are pros and cons of Tendermint? The writer describes it as a "solution to the blockchain consensus problem that does not require mining. I am currently working with a number of altcoins and and I need to support deposits and withdrawals in currencies with very large coin number minerd litecoin bathrooms like Dogecoin.

I am wondering whether the Bitcoin Core Stack Overflow for Teams is Now Available. Bitcoin Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled.

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After experimenting some more, I have a solution for the writing problem. There seems to be a feature where you can reassign the trigger at will to any gesture, and trigger gestures don't have the delay. By starting the writing gesture and then pulling the trigger, I can write with just the trigger after that. Very fast and easy. So, that problem is actually a non-issue.

The rest is still an issue. Luckily they're talking about bringing a toggle back in. Driving me up the wall. What we gained wasn't worth what we lost, in my opinion. I was excited that there were changes made to the movement scheme, but then when I found they weren't working for me very well after some hours of trying and wanted to switch back until adjustments may be made, I was dismayed to see that there was no option to go back.

The added granularity to movement speed is certainly appreciated in many circumstances, but it can be a problem when trying to do something like a jumping puzzle, where rapid changes in direction are required.

Being able to gesture while moving is also welcome, but wasn't worth losing the ability to gesture quickly. Double tapping on the pad to make a very slight adjustment or because your finger went off the edge too far now stops you dead in your tracks. This is frustrating when doing a wide variety of activities that require a lot of movement.

If your finger, for whatever reason, lifts off the pad for even the shortest moment, movement doesn't resume until you press the pad down again. This happens to me quite a bit. It isn't always easy to tell when your finger is making juuust too little contact, as well. You can't quickly go from no input to a little input because of this and the previous item, either. The delay on gestures is probably the worst thing for me.

My primary form of communication isn't my voice, it's my marker. This has slowed down my writing, drawing, and erasing considerably. I'd like to keep the granularity in movement speed, and I don't see why that can't be done with a scheme like the old one. Sensitivity curve and deadzone adjustment would be welcome options as well, and help alleviate issues that the scheme could encounter when doing things that require a lot of jumping around at maximum speed.

Having to press the touchpad down to move was fine, in my opinion. I'd be just fine keeping it that way. I started using VRChat just before the update that changed the Vive controls, and although at that time I had issues mainly with movement being changed, I think I am now used to it and movement is not really an issue for me.

This is my new current problem. I can't figure it out at all. The controls are just horribly unintuitive. I've found that I can change gesture selection by lightly moving my finger over the right controller's pad. All in all it's very confusing and hard to use. Makes gestures like drawing uncontrollable half the time, I run around drawing random scribbles without even realising it.

Activate the gesture, and while the gesture is active, pull the trigger. Then release the gesture and keep using the trigger. Writing isn't a problem for me anymore. The delay on the gestures is still unfortunate though. They also said they'd be adding an option for the old controls and then never did. Probably just placating people until they got used to it.

I spent some time last night and figured it out, but the delay is a bit annoying as is how easy it is to trigger gestures using the left vive controller when moving around. Lots of issues here, it seems that people are having issues, take a look at my last few posts in similar topics. I'm yet to find an avatar with complex gestures that can be controlled sensibly on Vive. This is still driving me nuts and seems to make it impossible to control avatars with several creative gestures, is there any solution?

Using Vive here if that matters. I'm used to the movement now, but the hand gestures are impossible to figure out. They just seem so random and buggy. It's blocked, not bannable. Originally PlayerUnknown himself said it was allowed, so they can't go and make it a bannable offence given how many players used it. I love how they decided to finally block reshade just now in the 1. So basically we have to play with washed out colors and blurry graphics.

Nvidia knows they screwed up the latest drivers and released a hot fix for them that has to be installed manually. The version I am running is I found the DL in the nvidia forums.

This happens to me all the time It's quite frustrating honestly, so I don't really bother with the search feature anymore unless I can't find the world in the main browsing screen. I hope they fix it. There are now a lot of worlds and it can be hard to find the one you want. Consider for example if you have a list of favorite avatar worlds, the search feature should really be able to help out here, but seems to break a lot.

But i have found that sometimes old versions get 'stuck' and you should delete the cache or it will cause a lot of bugs and problems in game.

Just nit-picking but scrypt an old now-ASIC mined algorithm and scrypt-n supposed to be ASIC resistant, used as the algorithm for Garlicoin are very different, and the difference may confuse newcomers.

It confused the hell out of me I just found out via discord an hour ago that Garlicoin is not a straight fork from Litecoin but uses scrypt nfactor11, and the minor detail of scrypt: It is very easy to get confused between 10 or 11 because of syntax and how the miners are set up, for example:. Growing up and seeing how britney spears was portrayed at 16 was pretty disgusting, also I think they had her on talk shows talking about her virginity and stuff.

Its super fucking weird. I heard the girl who plays Eleven from stranger things was put on a list of sexiest women, wtf. Another thing that's fucked up with hollywood is how girls in their 20s maybe even 30s can play young college freshmen or high school aged girls. It really fucks up perspective of children when they are portrayed as sexy and really young in media.

But they are actually fully matured women. The TV show Teen Wolf is guilty of this in a big way. Interesting the way this is presented in sections, as though the teacher decided to maximize the number of potential sections their students could create.

In professional scientific reports that my colleges and I prepare, there is only a background and short introduction, followed by methods incl. In professional and research science streams, no one has the time or effort to write separate data, results, discussions sections, it's just "Results and Discussions" because you can write your discussion or comments immediately as you present some particular data result.

A conclusion is needed but MUCH more importantly is a concise summary of what the outcomes meant, usually placed at the start of the document as a Summary or Key Findings or Executive Summary. The real answer is fire regulations. The door has to open outward from publicly accessible rooms. Is rubberbanding when you randomly teleport a few steps back every so often? I've been getting that every single game and I'm a new player.

Don't know if it's normal or not but it happens at the start without fail and watching people "parachute" down by teleporting is pretty funny and frustrating. Its happened since 1. Erengel old map doesn't have rubber banding, in my experience.

Fix the new map please! Still only a workaround until they fix the AA. I couldn't stand that blurry shit.

There are no servers close to Australia so we are all rubber banding all over the place, makes it almost a waste of time. The horrific lag and rubber banding in OCE servers is really getting to me too Brisbane, Australia here.

If you are ever asked to convert cash or bank funds into a non-traceable, 3rd party payment card, pre-paid card, or use a wire service then it's probably also a scam. Last winter a catalyst was discovered that could convert atmospheric CO2 into ethanol, both removing the gas from the atmosphere, and creating a process by which a carbon neutral fuel could be obtained for internal combustion engines.

You fail to grasp the scale of greenhouse gas emissions and the vastness of the atmosphere that they're accumulating in. I've always been VERY hesitant to cry hackusations, but this week has been awful. I've recorded 4 blatantly obvious hackers in the last 2 days alone, and a couple more in the past couple of weeks.

It's getting pretty bad. Other two were far more game breaking. One instant killed our entire squad with an S12K. He wasn't close enough for us to hear the shots. I don't have the video uploaded right now, but can post it if you're curious.

Other landed 4 Kar98 headshots in a row well, the one would have hit my head if the roof wasn't in the way on moving Dacia. As we were knocked, he headshot another team out of a moving UAZ. There's just no way the guys aim is that good. This is my experience as well, it's been very bad in the last days, last night was a huge let down as we were destroyed by blatant hackers.

Needs to be fixed ASAP.