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Mirta Toledo born is an Argentine artist painter, sculptor, print maker and writerthat promotes diversity through her artwork. Mirta Toledo was born in the Almagro neighborhood of Buenos Aires. Since early childhood she was conscious of the ethnic diversity within her own family that later on influenced her artwork.

Toledo cites her father as the driving force in her art, who "instilled in her qualities maria mena just a little bit letra traducida de love strength, ambition and values, normally reserved for men in her society. In January Toledo married Dr. Papini in Buenos Aires, Argentina. From —82 they stayed in the United States in MinneapolisMinnesota, where their sons were born They returned to Maria mena just a little bit letra traducida de love Aires from —, moved to Honolulu from —, and then to Fort Worth, Texas from — Toledo completed two residencies specializing in hand-made fine art serigraphy at Coronado Studio [4] in Austin,Texas: Her themes and inspiration are often similar.

The sculptures have indigenous faces, they are people who affirm her past, and they are the characters of hundreds of stories that he told her as a child. Her works affirm her ethnicity.

In Toledo traveled to the United States for the first time. With those works " she tried to express the transformations our world is passing through in three aspects of our everyday life experience: Religious, Humane and Technological and representing these aspects are the angels, women and machines".

Toledo moved back to the United States to Honolulu, Hawaii in where she joined the Hawaii Potters' Guild [14] working on both figurative sculpture and vessel-oriented raku pottery, the latter embellished with designs inspired by the indigenous people of her homeland.

Toledo exhibited pottery and figurative sculptures that allows her more range in developing metaphorical potential. This series of paintings deepen in her belief that cultural differences are the "treasure of humanity". Pure diversity reflects the focus of the artist and shows her awareness of the ethnic, cultural and individual diversity within society and her own experience and heritage.

There is not such a thing as "universal beauty", Toledo said. I always said that it is my answer to the vision of a submissive Latin America and the assurance of seeing a diverse evolving world without racism". She approaches different themes to celebrate the difference among the world's society. Diversity in Religion portraying gods and goddess from prehispanic Latin America, Caribbean, Africa and European saints.

Flowers, Women and Birds portraying women from all over, symbolically using birds and flowers to give hidden messages about them. In such conferences her message was clear, that "diversity is a global phenomenon and the only hope and reality for the future".

As if it were a huge hug to a diversity present full of beauty, she is moving away from those fears and rejection that causes all the unknown, even if is close to us.

She is oblivious to the theories of racial purity, she questions maria mena just a little bit letra traducida de love idea of "pure" as opposed to the "different ". In she had a Solo Show with her Pure Diversity: The flavor of an open mind,Toledo believes that there's only one race, The Human Race, so, if you truly believe it, then you have to believe that the human race is pure diversity.

Placing it in terms she was familiar with, she considered how multicultural her doll collection had become and how dolls were a common element in maria mena just a little bit letra traducida de love societies, past and present.

Pondering the whole idea gave birth to her signature theme, people and diversity, and to her series, children and dolls.

Since then, that theme has been the topic of Toledo's short stories and conferences, and it represents the intellectual level of her paintings during the past 14 years. Her dolls have assumed the role as ambassadors of diversity. Reacting to the California Propositionin Toledo created a mixed media triptych of big dimensions: The three canvasses presented glued and hand sewn collages of her drawings about Aztec, Mayan and African significant art, and the portrait of family members.

There were also empty panels where immigrants were invited to write about their feelings and experiences in the country. This piece marked the beginning of the series Track of Feelings. The Colors in the paintings do not blend, but bleed. There is orange and there is blue and the ugly compromises we must make, the shades of meaning where people equivocate and bury the past, these things are not there.

The moldy blending of hue is traded for sharp contrast, clarity, the exact point where night and day play shell games is now captured, again, in a reflection of what has collected in the brushes of Mirta Toledo. S ilhouettes of men and women who once maria mena just a little bit letra traducida de love alive but had no outlet. To the left of the canvas is glued a newspaper article where a woman related how she was tortured while a priest near her was praying.

The red acrylic stroke left by the glued brush symbolizes the blood leaving and covering an Argentine ID In a corner of the canvas a phrase reads: The weight of memory. This work shows colorful bodies silhouettes of men, women and children of all sizes and colors made with the Mexican hand cut paper technique glued to the canvas on a blood red background.

There is also a color blue sky section, where a photograph of a black maria mena just a little bit letra traducida de love shows in white letters a claim: Justice and Memory, along with the list of victims of the attack.

As falling from the black wall there are three signs of "Fragile" and, again, the black wall with white lettering claiming "Justice and Memory", and, below, a request: Many of the mixed media pieces were looking back from Argentina to Texas, with a developed visual vocabulary meriting a full "Retrospectiva".

El arte de Mirta Toledo [27] October What it is Mail Art? It is essentially non commercial art sent out via the postal system. This art takes the form of envelopes, post cards and often 3-D objects, anything that makes it through the mail. Mail Art is International, with an extensive network of people involved in this compelling form of artistic communication.

Mail Art is also democratic and nonjudgmental. Her first participation was in October in the call: In the same line of her paintings and drawings about the women murdered with impunity in Juarez, [35] Toledo answered a call about the "Elimination of Violence Against Women" participating with four artworks: Her paintings investigate the enigma of the self, propose possible worlds, and questions the complex situation of women's in today's world.

How do women see themselves? And how do others view them from childhood? Thus, a range of women seem to look back at the spectators asking, "What do you see when you look at us? With the body of artwork that she called Art is a magical tool that I use We, humans, do not see what is beyond the simple things, not with a pure look.

What I see beyond these beliefs full of prejudice are my motivation And the message of my work is fighting for the tolerance of diversity. In her print The tree of life: True to her celebration of diversity, Toledo painted a series of portraits of Argentine of African descendants [47] who, even though contributed in many fields to the making of the nation, were invisible by the Argentina history.

To tell you the truth, is a beautiful project that shows the African roots in Argentina, part of a story that unfortunately has maria mena just a little bit letra traducida de love lost for many reasons. On those wars many African descendants lost their lives. Essentially this exhibit seeks to work in this so important for democracy that is the process of cultural integration.

Mirta Toledo started to send her manuscripts to literary magazines inwhile living in Fort WorthTexas. Even though she always has focused on her career as a visual artist, never stop writing and publishing. Her first book is a novel, La Semilla Elemental The arrival of the conqueror, powers, rights, relations with the inhabitants of the New World, mutual respect, ignorance, neglect, disaster, are some of the peaks on these stories.

It is largely a work of denunciation. Spanish blood mixed with Guarani Indians and Blacks, the "new mud" in which the protagonist of the epilogue written, unlike the all novel, in first person discover "the elementary seed. Eleven of her short stories previously published in literary magazines of Canada, United States, Brazil and Argentina came together in the book Dulce de Leche To put it more precisely, memories that are the treasure of her writing, provided with a poetic imagination convener.

In her stories most of the characters are marginal, like Juancito, a boy from a slum Magic Slips ; or Griselda, living between marginalization and the look of a compassionate eye The Hunchback ; or the child who writes with his left hand and traumatizes his father who considered that hand "evil" The left hand. Some three hundred voices were selected[64] Mirta Toledo, with her poem " The two organizations together edited the book Ecos del grito — Volume I.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Awards Estrella Award for Outstanding Woman in the Arts by the Hispanic Women's Network of Texas Mirta Toledo born is an Argentine artist painter, sculptor, print maker and writerthat promotes diversity through her artwork. New Providence, New Jersey: Retrieved 10 November StoneMetal Press — Homepage.

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