3D Scanning Software for the MakerBot Digitizer

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When I was a kid I was amazed by advances in makerbot digitizer. As a kid who grew up with tapes and later floppy disks, this was close to magic. A few makerbot digitizer later I got a dot-matrix printer and Print Shop. All of those were like making love makerbot digitizer Hogwarts — surprisingly close to magic. Nothing since has truly amazed me. Now we have real magic. The Digitizer is essentially a turntable, a webcam, and some lasers.

It works best with light, matte objects like ceramics, clays, and non-glossy plastics but with a little glare-reducing baby powder you can scan just about everything as long as its taller than two makerbot digitizer and small enough to fit on the platform. To scan you simply load up the Digitizer software — an excellent, intuitive system that should be a model for all 3D printer and scanner makers — and, once you calibrate the system using an included, laser-cut object, you press Digitize.

Nine minutes later you have a scan. The system interpolates missing information which can be good or bad, depending on the lighting, and then asks if you want to take a photo of your object. You then slide away a filter over the camera to reveal the bare webcam, shoot your, photo, and then share or print your object. The process is addicting. When you put one object on you want to put another and another. It will be amazing, then, when we get to the laser printed version of object teleportation.

Are the scans perfect? Because of vagaries of materials, reflections, and ambient light a perfect scan is impossible. This scan, for example is far from a perfect replica of the original statute. The Digitizer is like a mimeograph machine rather than a true scanner. It grabs only the important parts of an image and reproduces the rest the best it can. I makerbot digitizer able to scan the lens by turning the camera on its side.

Take a look at this statue makerbot digitizer. I printed it fairly small just as a test but it grabbed a certain amount of detail on the statue but elided quite a bit more. Makerbot digitizer the end I created an approximate, not an exact, copy of the statue. Or take this beer stein for example. The handle sort of disintegrated but I suspect I could have makerbot digitizer a far better scan if I dusted it makerbot digitizer in baby powder.

Is the system perfect? When it works it works wonderfully. You can see more of my scans on Thingiverse. There makerbot digitizer better, far more expensive scanners out there but this hits the sweet spot at the intersections affordability, usability, and utility.

Can you do this all yourself? A Kinecta webcam, some lasers, and even your iPhone can create passable 3D makerbot digitizer.

I could makerbot digitizer an archeologist taking this device to digs, an artist setting this up in a studio, or an engineer using this to model aerodynamics. What the Digitizer gets right is that it hides away all of the vagaries of 3D scanning and just leaves the magic. The system itself looks like something Makerbot digitizer Bridges would use in Tron and the lasers, the ticking turntable, and the black case make it clear that this object is from the near future.

This product leaves almost every other home computing advance in the dust and I feel like a kid again, amazed at hard drives, printers, and the makerbot digitizer to create things out of thin air.

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