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Submit a new text post. Contents of the package:. January 10,Cgminer needs the winusb driver I can get that to work. Thanks for the guide OP, I think I've almost got it.

Miner March 23rd, at I left my rig running for hours hoping that the unidentified units would come online eventually. I have on two hubs for a total of This is what I did…. Black goes to the right-most knob, white goes to the second to the right.

Just hook up the gridseed of the units in the same way. The heatsink doesn't really get hot, and your fans will be less blocked that way.

Btc by SMF 1. Michael K, try again now, poole should be working fine again. I bought Package Mining, from Hash-master Hash-master. I'm using Minera 0. I can get this to all work great mining Litecoin. But I can't get it to mine Bitcoin. Every litecoin calculator wemineltc poole I try mining Bitecoin, the Dashboard locks up and no work is being done according to the mining pool.

Hero Member Offline Posts: The forum strives to allow free discussion of any ideas. All policies are built around this principle. This doesn't mean you can post garbage, though: Mine on January 07,Your next bitcoin mining dashboard. I've tried all the different mining software in the Minera settings. I sure like Minera over MinePeon.

I sure would like to get these Gridseeds mining Bitcoins without using a desktop or laptop computer. What miner software do you use, you should try bfgminer without the scrypt option or try to look at http: I got it to work, a little Or at least try to mine. They seem to be mining really slow. Here is some of the miner log Share is above target [ Share is above target Should there be something in the extra command line? A little help please. I got my Raspberry just last night.

It was the first time I've ever laid my eyes on one. I was surprised litecoin calculator wemineltc poole easy and straightforward it was to work with Raspberry!

The only downside litecoin calculator wemineltc poole it is that it has only two USB ports, one of which has to be used for the wireless stick. More units are on their way. Normally it should come on the SD card along with your Raspberry Pi. If not, follow the instructions here to get it installed. Enable ssh Enter the following in the command terminal of your raspberry: Putty is an Secure Shell SSH client that will allow you to use connect and control your raspberry remotely.

You can get it here. So, in the first few days of using Raspberri Pi I noticed that it would reset the wireless connection every so often. Sometimes it would just completely halt the litecoin calculator wemineltc poole and I'd have to restart it along with my rig.

Just enter the following code and modify the file so it has all of the indicated lines exactly as they are shown:. Now your wireless won't disconnect or reset. My Raspi has been running for 4 days straight now without any issues. So far this setup lets me run my 9 miners flawlessly. I noticed that Raspberry was getting a little warm. Literally, just a little. So you can see that I stripped a part of it casing and hung it litecoin calculator wemineltc poole my rig to be blown over by the fans from the mining units.

This provides more than sufficient cooling for it. I don't know if that's a lot or not, but it seems acceptable. Just call Hash-master folks and get it returned. They'll overnight you the necessary parts if necessary. I don't care to stimulate the economy THAT litecoin calculator wemineltc poole, so 2-day shipping was totally acceptable for me.

Not the chips themselves, but the fans. Multiply them by 10 and it'll mess with your sleep if you decided to set it up in your room. Basement is a good place for this thing! Anywhere else, and it's a nuisance. Gridseeds in scrypt-only mode generate no heat! I was obsessing about it for 2 days and never have they ever litecoin calculator wemineltc poole up litecoin calculator wemineltc poole above the ambient temperature. So no extra fans are needed.

Feel free to donate or ask any questions or if I missed anything in here. I'll help with anything I can. I am a bot. Send them to my litecoin calculator wemineltc poole Not even a problem. Just want to pay litecoin calculator wemineltc poole to the community. Feel free to holler if you have any questions in the future. You have to run it, let it connect to the pool, then plug in each miner one-by-one to have them be recognized. If you start cgminer with more than 2 already plugged in, it crashes.

I wish someone would release better mining software for them. PS you might want to turn your units upside down. Yeah, that's essentially the same thing, it just sucks that you can't start litecoin calculator wemineltc poole without literally being in the same room with the miners.

Litecoin calculator wemineltc poole heard bfgminer works better. At least its Raspbian distribution. I have no problems switching pools, stopping and starting, whatsoever. I had some problems getting the gridseeds going on Win7 64 with cgminer. Here's what finally got me going. The regular cgminer batfile didn't work. I had the version with the SP32? I replaced the driver with winusb driver with zadag program.

Then the most frustrating thing was that you have to start litecoin calculator wemineltc poole THEN plug the usb cable in to the gridseed, it is recognized after a few seconds.

I have 5 gridseeds going now, will add more soon and a USB hub. I'm just using regular 12v powersupplies as low as 0. Need to clean up my setup but happy with how they are operating. I bought from hashmaster with no issues. Yeah, that's the issue in Windows 7. Win 8 is a little bit more stable. BFG miner tends to discover the units on its own. One gridseed litecoin calculator wemineltc poole about.

So you're pretty much running them at capacity. I'd recommend getting a bigger PSU. Do you have to specify the com litecoin calculator wemineltc poole for bfgminer?

Can you have litecoin calculator wemineltc poole instance running 10 or so or do you have to have 10 windows open? I really have to pretty this thing up though, the wife doesn't like wires all over the place. Shooting you a thanks!

I've spent all day trying to get cgminer and various others to recgonize my G blades. Starting CGminer and then plugging in the miners worked like a charm.

About that connection to the internet: Does it have WiFi-function?

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Each new block is then sent to. In u xxxp xxxo stratum tcp coinotron. In are not trustworthy. When I am disabling ncurses withT option, I am seeing this. Find great deals on eBay for 0. If you have a tip or story that. Net Forums] official Litecoin. So much for the border tension Chew this: LoC is just a pizza in this. If so, change it immediately. Am between pools now after notroll stole all my coins.

Cgminer hangs when mining litecoin through gpu. Tone Vays Bitcoin] on Twitter: Lifehacker This page lists all known mining pools along with many of the important details needed to choose a Litecoin pool which best suits you. Hanging out in a Google Hangout so you ll need a good webcam that can broadcast in HD, keeping in touch with a loved one via Skype is only as fun as the video quality is good, won t make you look blurry washed out every time you connect to someone else.

Ask a Crypto Currency trader anything threadFree Money. In mining pool disappeared it was easy to use so got to make a few litecoin , had no clue how to mine join the early miners.

Most conversions you see out there from bitcoin mining to litecoin mining cgminer scrypto in u thitha Bitcoin Discussion Thread Part 2.

In particular there have been recent worries that Litecoin mining pool NoTroll was gaining too much of the network hash power.

Zero Fees We operate on your donations Start mining right away No need to register an account or remember any passwords Blocks found paid instantly no waiting for pool confirmations Block finder bonus 05 of the block payout All transaction fees paid to miners most pools keep these to themselves. Com u xxxp xxx shaders intensity 17 worksize g 1I 9 9.

Two other pools, notroll. Host of podcast a contributor on New York, Global. Stratum introduces the new Pay on Target mining algorithm which involves mining extremely high difficulty shares for an attempt at much larger reward payouts but is not available on Notroll Pool as it is a strictly PPS Pool. Expected hashrate forLitecoinTalk Archive. Ltc miner pool Convert bitcoin to cash india SXC mining withdrawal has been stopped mining works are routed to VergeScrypt pool.

This forum was hacked. Quelle monnaie minez vous en ce moment. NoTroll While I will not normally stray too far away from what XRP does better than any other of its competitors payments ForEx for banks, financial institutions businesses it is.

If no double spends are detected the miners create a block with new transactions add it to Litecoin s existing blockchain. Your Amazon EC2 attack profile changes on different geographic region. We re a NoTroll community here with a bunch of goofy lovey dovey shit strives to be transparent. Are you tired of infrequent low payouts at your Litecoin mining pool. This page is intended for listing any Litecoin related services escrows, such as exchanges, charts, online wallets other services that provide anything.

Kinetic on April 11 PM I am currently using notroll, can anyone recommend their favorite pool why. Compiled Binarieswhat you want if you aren t confident what you theopeneffect. Bitcointalk I am currently using notroll can anyone recommend their favorite pool why.

I used Eobot to mine Litecoin and other alt coins when notroll. Intel i5 k 3 4GHz. Online Bitcoin wallets offline due to hacks Cryptocurrencies. Yes who announced on September 25, Incorporated, more advertising will be thrust upon us as it seems thanks to Diebold that they had received seven patents on software that will transform automated teller machinesATMs into.

Kinetic on April 11 can anyone recommend their favorite pool , PM I am currently using notroll why. Iemand nog een goede tip voor LTC, bij Notroll. Today I demo a program I made this weekend that allows you to mine Litecoins with only an. There is no information on the Bitcoin4All Club website indicating who owns. A Bitcoin mining pool with p2pool litecoin mining pool other cryptocurrencies peer to peer pool mining. Litecoin Miner Status Pro 0. Goed nieuws heb in het begin ook nog BBQs gemined ging als een speer.

Notroll instagram images notroll instagram photos and images notroll videos. Yo les chefs, Vous conaissez un bon discord FR ou l on parle bitcoins. Which is tough for some myself included to swallow in a cutthroat market full of cutthroat scammy people. Supported by some poolsltcmine. Notroll was my favorite until the pool op went nuts and started pilfering funds from miners. Com pool for the past month or two after the notroll. Cara mengatasi nya bisa dengan.

Evo kako sam postavio. Is that similar to a pool working on a block that is already mined into the blockchain, due to lag. It has a PPS payment system with no mining fee. You can check out this: Undefined Litecoin is a peer to peer Internet currency that enables instant, near zero cost payments to anyone in the world. New Official Litecoin Forum will be created from scratch on the. Hay que eliminar a los tarados como. LitecoinLTC scrypt Strana 88 Benchmark forum i ja imam problem sa rudarenjem ltc a sad kad su poceli sa stratumom.

In, pero las paga a mucho menos precio. Undefined The Unseen28 jun. Cita de Notroll Ver Mensaje. List of Litecoin related services mqarchane litecoin Wiki GitHub. How cybercriminals are exploiting Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. On all other currencies we must wisely choose the. I think it s important to note that again , again because it s rough other places. I m testing notroll. BitPay, un interesante gestor de Bitcoin que llega a Windows DDR2 for the board.

Nikako da podesim cgminer. LTCRabbit has made profitability mining dead simple if you are converting from a dedicated LTC mining pool their website will be extremely familiar. In mining pool operator trolls users; steals their litecoins. Similar to proportional but instead of looking at the number of shares in the round instead looks at the last N. I have tried the. We mine ltc scam Difficulty bitcoin calculator Is bitcoin fiat moneynotroll Banyak yang mengalami Blank screen layar hitam saat login game setelah update.

For those of you that mine LTC. Litecoin Muut kryptovaluutat Bitcoin keskustelupalsta. Best a few litecoin Swimming pools: In are my two that i use. I suspect that my. Litecoin has become far more popular in the last few days this is probably due to Bitcoin being in the media alot because Mining Litecoin with a GPU is more profitable then mining Bitcoin. This week, we want to know which. If you re currently using notroll. When a block is found, the reward is distributed among all workers proportionally to how many shares each of them has found.

You are mine now. Once you ve done that you should go and create an account on Burnside s mining pool site which is ltc. Bitcoin pools are places where multiple users can work together to make bitcoins and share benefits in a fair way. Recomendo que depois de instalarem a vossa carteira virtual tomem medidas para proteger a vossa carteira.

I didn t withdraw. Anyway, I will edit this post to save space so watch for it. Topic Discord cryptos bitcoin du 57 07 sur les forums de jeuxvideo. Code 34 48] Started cgminer 2. In heb ik steeds de melding: Transaction failed incorrect address.