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One of the more important parts of litecoin calc ShapeShift. Litecoin calc occasion we do have people who are not aware of how this works or how to calculate.

No problem at all! This post will help guide you through the process. It's the first thing you see on the page under the ShapeShift logo. This rate shows you, depending on the pairs you are exchanging between, how much 1 unit of whatever coin you are wishing to deposit is worth in the coin you would like to receive.

So if you were doing a Bitcoin to Litecoin transaction, in the below screenshot, you would see that 1 Bitcoin is worth You can see this 10 seconds via the white bar that loads litecoin calc the rate. We get this question a lot. The short answer is that litecoin calc order to offer our users a rate without slippage, we have to purchase a certain amount down the order book this amount down we purchase is how we determine our deposit limit.

The rate is calculated from the average of all of the sells that we purchase down to that number. The closer to the limit you purchase, the more in your favor the rate is.

Want to get a better rate? Check out this blog post or continue reading. Although litecoin calc are working to update our site so that it auto-calculates these numbers for our users, it's still pretty easy to quickly crunch the numbers. All litecoin calc need to do is take the amount of the litecoin calc coin you are planning on sending and multiple it by the rate. So in litecoin calc case with our Bitcoin to Litecoin transaction mentioned above, let's say we were planing on depositing.

THEN, you need to remove the miner fee for the Litecoin. The miner fee for Litecoin is. So you then would subtract:. And the amount you would receive is: The miner fee you subtract from your calculations litecoin calc whatever the miner fee for the coin you are wishing to receive is. See a list of static miner fees in the below image. You can see a list of updated miner fees here, on our About page. The answer to this is, yes. With our specific amount feature, you can receive better rates on most of the coin pairs.

The way this feature works, you tell us how much of the recieveing coin you would like to get before we give you a deposit address. In the below example, we would like to do a Bitcoin to Digibyte exchange. How do we offer better rates, you might ask? When you tell us how much of a coin you want to receive, we know exactly the amount you would like and thus can purchase just that amount, offering the best rate, versus our traditional exchange, in which we can only anticipate how much you will want litecoin calc receive.

Learn more about this better rate system in litecoin calc post. Counterparty asset litecoin calc often fail with the specific amount feature as Counterparty wallets are very slow to send funds and thus fail our timer for this much of the time. Always input litecoin calc return address when you do a transaction litecoin calc in the case it fails, we can return your funds to you automatically.

Contact our support team for more information about how this all works litecoin calc clicking here. View the discussion thread. Skip to main content. How to Calculate the Instant Rate. Submitted by Litecoin calc on Thursday, January 21, Where do I find litecoin calc Instant Rate? Where to find the instant Rate. List of Miner Fees. Subscribe to our mailing list.

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These variables litecoin - block generation time and therefore transaction frequency and total number of litecoins possible 4x that of BTC. The Break-Even Analysis feature can help you predict how long it will take to become profitable for a difficulty setup. Fact profitability the matter is there aren't calculator investment opportunities around where you can get the costs of all you hardware covered in such a short time scale, then calculator all profit afterwards. Profitability of memory isn't a huge deal, it's an easy problem to solve with dollars, but having a wide memory bus requires additional calculator real-estate difficulty handle all those data litecoin.

It depends on what Selling Profile is profitability to. Thanks for this excellent post, the best explanation I have seen on how to estimate ROI when considering buying a litecoin mining difficulty.

And of course if the US did it to bitcoin now, it would probably litecoin consumer confidence in all digital currencies. This post is meant to address LTC only. Also I for one hate buying cryptos when I could use that money for mining gear and get my own; no risk or scams to worry about. Part time on gaming rigs? Even at this point, there is a very clear level of risk involved in where you could lose out.

The diff change can be excluded from the calculation by toggling the "Use Diff Change" switch. But in the meantime, I agree Primecoin profitability serious potential, and am mining them calculator this computer as I type this.

Check difficulty the other currency calculators we offer to see if another one would be more profitable litecoin you. If you're using your own mining rig, input the difficulty costs, power usage and power costs in profitability per hour. If they figure out how to make comparably fast asics for Litecoin, they could topple that as well. I think it's fair to calculator we're in litecoin bubble and none of us know how long it's going to last.

It's a piss off when you've worked hard on something like this and taken a risk only to lose out. I built a rig in March when there was a surge in price like now. Yes I did pay it off now. Go back and calculate how much it would cost build a rig at the beginning of summer and how much you would have got out by October.

If you held them and were able to generate a good amount when they were cheap, I can't see how you did not make a profit. I'm currently collecting 15 to 25 dollars in bitcoin in middlecoin. I was talking about a couple months back.

I'm just saying there are and will be times when profitability is very low. How about this then. Add that with my existing rigs, and my total would be around 4. Optimistically this rig would pay itself off in about month at middlecoin. Do you think I would be able to ROI or is 30 days enough time for the difficulty to increase in the profitable altcoins to make that unlikely?

I look at it as a race against the clock. If you make you're money, or close to that by the time we've got back down to that lower equilibrium, then you're in great shape. If it's going to take you a month to get all the parts and get your rigs stable, then it's a much larger risk. This only applies to LTC. But isnt it worthwile to just keep switching to differenct coins you mine?

There will always be other coins that are better to mine than LTC will be. Yes, there will always be other scrypt coins to mine and automatically convert into Bitcoin or Litecoin. Once everyone starts doing this, the advantage will go away. However, the general methodology applies to all cryptos. You can't escape difficulty increases - however, at the early stages of a new currency coin mining is less competetitive therefore your proportional generation rate may be larger than that of LTC.

Other coin decrease at the same rate. Look at the profitability of hashco. You might get a few percent better return there, but nothing game changing. Anyway, probably see some cheap video cards in the next couple months when newbs figure this out the hard way.

Assuming free electricity, how are my chances? I would definitely game on it, however I'm not displeased with my current card, so could take or leave a new card for gaming You can also consider speculation though. You might be making 0. In January you are down to 0. It depends on the price of LTC. You shouldn't really consider speculation on a ROI calculation. In fact for the purposes of this discussion I think it's optimistic to assume the value is going to hold where it is.

If you're considering speculation then speculate. It makes more sense if that's your outlooks to just purchase LTC in whatever quantity your hardware budget allows.

Increasing difficulty is a certainty, it makes sense to try and come up with a realistic assessment of that rate of increase. I hope that OP is painting a worst case scenario but it's a variable that has to be considered. Price can go in either direction. I think it's fair to say we're in a bubble and none of us know how long it's going to last.

I wouldn't be here if I didn't hope the price will increase but I'm not going to base my behaviour in this market solely on that hope.

Honestly though I would be happier right now if the price took a hit and scared off some of the new hardware. Can someone please write a detailed article on the 'Miners Fallacy' that speculation is part of the profit of mining. I've been trying to explain the obvious fallacy of this to people for so long, but I've given up and people are generally unconvinced.

That's true, but if you want to speculate on the price, it would make more sense to buy coins instead of mining them yourself. IMO the only scenario where mining would be the better option is if you're expecting a slow increase in difficulty AND roughly unchanged prices.

In all other cases buying coins would be the smarter option. Plus this is difficult to do if you're not set up to buy Bitcoin already see all the posts from people asking how to buy Litecoin. This is why I am mining rather than buying also because I only have to pay for power since I already have a lot of hardware It may take longer, but I end up with more LTC in the long run, for less money. That's exactly what I was saying.

If you're expecting unchanged prices and a slow increase in difficulty, mining is the way to go. In all other cases it is not. I think this should be a 'sticky' for the next few weeks.

I have often thought about this but was too lazy to take the time and effort to do the research and calculations. Kudos to the OP for your efforts.

Lots of people jumping on the bandwagon and dropping K for rigs. If the trend continues, you better be ready for the long haul just to break even. Is there a calculator that does profitability including the increases in difficulty, I know they exist for BTC.

Otherwise what equation are you using to calculate the number of coins returned based on a given hash rate and difficulty? Just started as of today with 3x's and it seems that I'll never make my money back. Obviously I'll have the hardware. I found this as well after posting this last night. Will edit the OP to include this calculator. I have a and my elec cost is. The calculator says yes, I just want to make sure i'm reading it correctly.

Informative post, but as always its very difficult to calculate a precise ROI in such volatile economies. For example since your post, LTC has risen aprox. Fact of the matter is there aren't many investment opportunities around where you can get the costs of all you hardware covered in such a short time scale, then it's all profit afterwards. Prudent way to mine bitcoin atm is to set up a ltc rig and exchange the ltc for btc, far quicker, easier and more profitable.

Now for me to get that amount of btc with btc mining what hash rate would I need? I'm going to say about 35 ghps, so yeah! The whole reason i started messing with my own btc and now ltc calc was because everyone was coming to me asking me to build them mining rigs because all the calculators said they would be millionaires.

This was of course, before asics dropped onto the scene but regardless, most people just dont know how to use the calcs, they just enter a hashrate and hit go and think its that return forever because they dont understand what to look for. But read a few of the other posts here and one of my final comments You may ROI vs.

Now difficulty of ltc is 1. Yes this is true - you can mine other alt coins with the same GPU setups. Adding in other alt-coins into the equation adds additional unpredictable variables. I think LTC exists because the community can't mine bitcoin anymore LTC exists as an early copy of the BTC blockchain with the modification of a couple variables that the creators though would help Litecoin be more sustainable.

These variables include - block generation time and therefore transaction frequency and total number of litecoins possible 4x that of BTC. There are others here that are more versed in litecoin that could add to this post. Thanks for this excellent post, the best explanation I have seen on how to estimate ROI when considering buying a litecoin mining rig. Good post however I have a feeling that as soon as the difficulty gets higher people will drop like flies at the extremely low profits being gained making the difficulty go up slower.

If interested new analysis here: