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Male from Lacey, WA. Have I made that clear, yet? Because if not I'll tell you right now that I do. And no, I don't think it's a Satanic holiday just because it's got Pagan roots, which really has very little to do with Satanism at all. Hell, almost every Western tradition we have has some sort of non-christian origin, like Christmas trees.

But anyway, I love Halloween. Only 3 days, 7 hrs, 35 minutes, and 20 seconds until the Eve of All Saints. I just saw Doom last night, and Liquidgeneration com sabotage pumpkin carve asp liked it. Now to make this clear, this movie's not for everyone, it deterred from the main game a bit and it set me off but aside from that it was a hell of a time.

Also to be clear, it's not a 'good' movie, as in the original Star Wars or anything like that, but rather a 'fun' movie like the new Star Wars movies. If you don't care about storytelling and just kickass gun battles where everything just fucking goes to hell in a hand-basket, then consider checking it out.

Well, Jack Thompson has made another cheap shot at Penny-Arcade, two actually. I guess in response to the outcry of gamers that led to the Florida Bar Association investigating the retard, Ol' Jackie boy has sent another letter to law enforcement authorities.

This time he's trying to get the Feds on his side fat chance with a letter to the Office of Attorney in Western Washington to try and shut down our PA allies. I doubt the Feds will actually act on Jack's letter, but you can't be too careful with this guy. After all, crafty weasels are predictable, it's dangerous retarded dumbasses that you need to worry about. I found this letter in a webcomic, and I think you should take a look at it.

I've always held nothing but disdain for this geezer from the moment I first read about him. It seems that he thinks that God put him on this earth to create a massive censorship and to allow teenage murderers to get off scott-free on the excuse that "Grand Theft Auto made me do it". He consideres video game companies to be worse than Saddam Hussein, he refers to people with research that contradict his own as whores, anyone who has an argument against him or even a different opinion are either called Nazis or threatened with lawsuits of harrassment, and he considers all gamers to be drug addicts with minimal frontal lobe activity.

He has painted a negative image representing game-makers and gamers alike, portraying us as lazy, jobless, irresponsible drains on society. As far as you're concerned, I'm just eventually gonna kill or rape somebody, and only then would you be on "my side" because then you'd be able to use me as liquidgeneration com sabotage pumpkin carve asp sacrifice to sue game companies. And now he's really done it this time. Just a few days ago he proposed the idea of an uber violent game where the father of a murdered teenager goes on a killing spree against game company and game-store employees, often using grotesque means of defacing their carcasses.

And then you wanna know what the guys liquidgeneration com sabotage pumpkin carve asp Penny-Arcade did? They made that donation in his name. And you want to know what they got as thanks, a letter from Jack Thompson to the Seattle Police Department requesting that they be arrested.

I've liquidgeneration com sabotage pumpkin carve asp enough of his liquidgeneration com sabotage pumpkin carve asp and his slanderous lies! Most people say that he's not all that scary and that it's best to not listen to him. Well, as Gabe from PA has said, the fact is that Jack Thompson himself isn't at all scary, the fucktard has the grammatical skill of liquidgeneration com sabotage pumpkin carve asp ten year old in an online chatroom.

It's the fact that people in the mainstream media actually listen to him that's frightening. And I know that with the upcoming releases of the next-gen systems has reignited the console war, but this is something that we must all stand together against. From owners of the Microsoft, to Nintendo, to Sony systems, we are all being threatened by this mad-man! Just as our brave grandfathers stood with the Russians to destroy the Nazi war machine, we must all stand together to bring about the downfall of Jack Thompson and bring light to his dark shadow of ignorance!

Together, we can make a difference! Don't let this liquidgeneration com sabotage pumpkin carve asp win! Bringing down all threats to the gaming world, one ass-hole at a time. It features quite a few helpful liquidgeneration com sabotage pumpkin carve asp as well as a funny little simulated carving.

I bought the following: A copy of Ninja Gaiden Black also a kickass game! And the third volume for the Chrno Crusade series kickass anime! I can't wait for the movie to come out next week. Until then I'll continue posting new pictures of frightful themes. For now, let's look at some random similarities that don't belong into a single subject.

First off, there's Kaji and the Heretic Leader. Both are, in my opinion, very interesting characters. His one goal in life is to reveal the truth about the Human Instrumentality Project and stop a possible Third Impact, hoping that it would atone for an act he did in the past that led to his brother's death. The Heretic Leader, on the other hand, is a former Elite, defecting from the Covenant because he knows the truth about the so-called "Great Journey", and knows that the Prophets are merely using Halo as a genocide weapon.

He's not a particularly well-known character, appearing in a total of two levels from Halo 2, but his actions leave a big impact on the Covenant. Both knew that eventually their actions would lead to consequences, their only hope was to get as much done in their short time as possible to prevent an unwanted disaster. This is my way of Getting it.

They use kids to carry out their operations and use state-of-the-art technology. One specific similarity that I can think of is that both the Spartans and the EVA pilots were roughly the same age when they went liquidgeneration com sabotage pumpkin carve asp active duty. Apparantly they've made some sort of secret deal, and now one of the characters from Halo will be a playable character in DOA4 Please, God, let it be Cortana!

But here's the coolest coincidence I've come up with today, and that's the comparison between the live-action movies, which now have one thing in common: What's even better is that it's also been announced that Peter Jackson will executive produce Halo That's pretty much all I have to say on that matter. In the mean time, look at my horribly drawn fanart of the Arbiter kicking a miniaturized Liquidgeneration com sabotage pumpkin carve asp ass.

Today I woke up at 7: That's a sad thing about my life, I've reached a point where something as special as this just seems trivial to me, I shouldn't feel this way until I'm thirty. And just for the record, she's not really my aunt, but I don't really know how we're related, and so I just see her as that way.

So on my way home I went to the Halloween shop and bought myself a new mask to add to my collection I've accumulated over the years. Let me tell ya, nothing relieved my stress better than shopping for Halloween supplies because it has always been my favorite holiday. October is like late December for me. And no it's not the stupid candy, it's all the other stuff that make Halloween great. I don't care if I'm fifty years old, you can never grow out of wearing cool masks.

Another interest is the mythology, such as the traditions of jack-o-lanterns, trick-or-treating, and dressing up as demons to ward off evil spirits. And finally there's the wierd time aspect I've come up with. The celebration of my birth begins October, the month when the seasons make the full transition from Summer to Fall and when Germans get drunk off their asses in Munich, and ends with Halloween, the Eve of all Saints. I don't know about you, but I just find it very interesting that I was born on the day that kicks off October, while Halloween brings it to a close.

To further understand my point, take a look at my current liquidgeneration com sabotage pumpkin carve asp of Inuyasha surrounded by the various positions of the moon and you'll know what I mean.

Also, I saw Serenety last night, kickass movie it was. I've only seen one episode of the series, but I was still able to understand it, and I just loved the action scenes. And finally, with a new year of my life beginning, I thought'd I'd show you all a picture of me.

Well, imagine no more, my friends The face of sachiel, the 3rd Messenger of Destruction! Here's the normal me: I then realized that these two stories were at the opposite ends of spectrums, comedy versus drama, action versus situational humor, Red vs Blue versus EVA.

Unlike traditional currencies such as dollars bitcoins are issued. Note that installation from ZIP archives isn't supported any more. The chart above shows an estimation of the Bitcoin hashrate distribution amongst the largest mining pools according to the Blockchain website. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below, especially if you have any liquidgeneration com sabotage pumpkin carve asp hand experience with the company.

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Oct 10, It has really great tracers for your pumpkin carving. Oct 11, You're missing a "p" in that link, but yes I always enjoy carving pumpkins. I have some tracers from a local store that I use every year. My favorite was the Raven, it came out great. Thanks for the Zombie Pumpkins link, Ellen! If you want to take your pumpkin carving to the next, level, check out these pumpkins , and how to make them. Heres one even better,http: Homo vult decipi; decipiatur http: Here's one my son and I did in My brothers and I made one by our selves one year, and we did it better that our parents have ever done!

Where I live is the pumpkin capital of the world. We have the biggest ones! Martha Steward was supposed to come to do a show about it, but her flight was cancelled due to weather.

They had a bunch of pumpkins sawed in half and they painted them all up, then they made boats out of them, and they where gonna race them across a lake. Martha was goin to be one of the paddlers. So maybe it wasnt the weather, maybe she chickened out! Jordini Inner circle San Francisco Posts. Scott Cram Inner circle Posts. I'm quite proud of my work. This page was created in 0.