How to Make a Syphon Without Getting Anything in Your Mouth

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Beckson's answer is the patented Siphon-Mate TM pump; a combination displacement lift pump and siphon pump with valves suitable for transferring fuel. Pump half strokes to start flow. Once flow begins, fully extending the handle will allow siphoning provided liquid siphon pump the source is higher in elevation than the receptacle. Supplied with clear tubing to allow versatile application. Cut tubing for desired length of intake and discharge hose.

When finished siphoning or pumping flammable liquids, be sure to drain siphon pump of liquid before storing. The major dangers in storing or handling flammable liquids are those of fire and explosion.

Containers should be grounded if made of conductive material and should not be near sources of sparks, open flames or hot surfaces. The container should be kept in an area where spillage liquid or vapors will not flow to an ignition source. Liquid siphon pump sure to provide adequate ventilation to prevent concentration of fumes. Remember, fumes of flammable liquids are liquid siphon pump explosive.

Fire extinguishers of proper type to handle Class B fires and of proper size and quantity to handle the potential hazard should be readily available.

Water is generally not suitable as an extinguisher of a Class B fire. Ensure means of safe disposal of any liquid siphon pump before transferring.

Liquids should only be transferred to an appropriate tank. If such a container is conductive then it should be connected to the liquid siphon pump with a grounding strap to prevent static electric spark. They are designed to handle all the routine pumping jobs, plus the unusual ones. They can pump water out of toilets, washing machines, hot tubs, aquariums, sump holes, bilges, water trapsdrain pipes and from one tank to another. The Beckson utility pump is made entirely of tough liquid siphon pump grade plastics.

It will not rust or corrode, is non-sparking for safety, and requires no priming to start pumping action. Nos, ;; ; ; and

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